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The 15 minute weight loss program claims to loss of your weight by listening an audio tracks, basically through a method called hypnosis.

Sound Unbelievable, right?

15 Minute Weight Loss System features 3 rules which are the core of working of the program; they are scientifically proven techniques that will help you lose fat in no time. Let’s check that in detail in this 15 Minute Weight loss review. The rules are as follow:-

Rule 1 – Pretend  That it is Subconscious Mind Which Gets You Flat

Rule 2 – Your Brain Waves Need To Be In Sync

Rule 3 – Repeat the Process until Permanent

These rules are listening to one audio track for one week and move on to the next one after you have finished the last one.

You do this until you finish all the audio tracks, which will be after 21 days.

How does it really work?

The 15 minute weight loss program works with reconditioning your subconscious mind to a level where it is effortless for you to lose weight ( as per what the program claims).

You will only get 3 audio tracks which are specifically designed to work with the mind. The tracks have sound and subliminal hypnosis which have music or sound over it.

The 3 audio tracks that you will get will be responsible for reconditioning your mind very fast if you follow as per what the program tells you, which is following the program and the sets rules that your mind can be controlled by.

However, the sound that you will be hearing has been developed through huge amount of research so you should know you are dealing with the best.

The audio tracks are meant to be used independently (meaning you must do one track per week) for a period of 21 days.

The reason for the 21 days is because your mind works with a habit so after 21 days your brain should be conditioned.

So what is this reconditioning that your brain/mind will get? and is it good for you?

ha ha do not worry it is not harmful at all as it will not have any side effects at all as this is natural. In fact this way has been used by many ancient people to improve their well being (more about this later).

The only difference now is that this time it is being given to the public to help them improve their lives for losing weight.

So the program works by using cymatics (through audio frequencies) to synchronize your left brain with your right brain to reach a theta state.

Once it has reached this state your brain will do a good job in making effortless make you start losing weight.

Main advantages of 15 Minute Weight Loss Audio

When it comes to the advantages offered by the course, there are more than a dozen of them, 15 Minute Weight Loss bonuses and 15 Minute weight loss price, being the advantages on the market shelves while the advantages you get for your betterment are : –

  • Lowers Stress Hormone – It lowers your stress hormone which makes you feel energetic and your count of calories burn rises twice as it was initially before you started listening to the hypnotic soundtrack.
  • Proper Sleep Requirement and Work Efficiency – Using this program you can kill your insomnia to fulfill your proper sleep requirements which will abstain from gaining weight by sheer laziness and your food will be digested better than before and the end product of these will be you working overtime to fetch more financial success.
  • Diet and Exercise benefits – Could you imagine a hypnotic session a day will make you love the taste of vegetables and will force you to hit the gym and burn some calories, jokingly, there is no program such as 15 Minute Weight Loss foods but it will make you eat stuff which is healthy for you.
  • Body on Autopilot – As mentioned earlier in 15 Minute Weight loss review, it puts your body on the autopilot mode where it will start doing things that are useful for it such as dieting, physical activities while the result obtained will be trimmed belly which will make your friends begging you for the ‘life hack’ you used to get this far.
  • Customer Satisfaction – 15 Minute Weight Loss by Anthony Swailes is a program which came into the market with the single motive of helping the ones who are struggling with health conditions like obesity, belly fat, stress, etc and for customer satisfaction, 15 Minute Weight Loss Anthony Swailes comes with a 60-Money Back Guarantee

Why 15 Minute Weight Loss is Useful?

15 Minute Weight loss comes with several uses as it improves your sleep requirements, makes you lose body fat, helps you reach the theta state and guess what, you are risk-free as you are getting a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee which assures you that all you have to do is try out this product and on requesting a return in case of any problem, you will get to keep the bonuses.

The course is compact and concise as all you have to do is listen to audio tracks to put your body on auto-pilot mode. Remember, there is no 15 Minute Weight Loss eBook or 15 Minute Weight Loss PDF, the explanation being that the 15 Minute audio tracks are powerful enough to resolve all underlying problems related to your body.

Here is one of such audio track for our readers for illustration purpose. (actual audio tracks are much more effective than this!)

Just listen and surely you love the idea for easy weight loss!

Pros and Cons of 15 Minute Weight Loss Program

This is a neutral 15 Minute Weight loss review. So here is both the positives and negatives of this program


  • Set your body on Autopilot Diet Mode.
  • Improve Sleep Quality and Working Hours.
  • Turn you Proactive from Procrastinating.
  • Lesser cravings for Junk Food.
  • Money-Back Guarantee for customer assurance.


  • Not available in the offline stores other than its website.
  • you need to use it daily.
  • Only in digital form
  • No real author/creator (At least i didn’t find any!).
  • Looks too much promising! (at first glance sounds unbelievable)
  • Results are not consistent (some may get benefit too early rather than others!)

So, Who is the Creator here?

Anthony Swailes is the creator of the 15 Minute Weight Loss program. Rewinding in time, he wanted to be a professional soccer player who played in the 5th Division.

As a side hustle, he started researching hypnosis, NLP, Timeline Therapy, Meditation and other body practices it was just a matter of time that he went from Division 5 to Division 1. He got players paying him for help despite zero credentials.

Later, he started hypnotizing soccer players which made them MVPs of their team and looking at the effectiveness of his research, he went and graduated from the Academy of Hypnotic Science to help people all over the world.

The fact that other hypnotherapists help you reach Alpha state of mind, Anthony discovered the miraculous formula of hypnotic science to help drop your brain in the theta state.

Anthony started giving Skype sessions or 15 Minute weight loss video sessions to his clients who lost as much as incredible 70 pounds. 15 Minute Weight Loss reviews received positive responses from the public which led to Anthony thinking about expanding this program.

Note : I personally didn’t find any profile of Anthony Swailes in net searches!

15 Minute Weight Loss Bonuses

15 minute weight loss System

The product comes with three bonuses. The bonuses are quality courses which will help you with rectifying often more problems which you must or must not be facing in your life. Here are the bonuses as per 15 Minute Weight loss review: –

  • Deep Sleep Now

It is a course that will help you with sleep-related issues and improve your work efficiency and keeps you away from issues such as anxiety and stress. It will extinguish the root cause of your insomnia which makes it a program in it.

  • Look Great at Any Weight

This bonus consists of all the instructions related to life hacks which will turn you into the heart of the party, and it does not matter what is your body weight.

  • Look Younger Now

This bonus will make you look younger up to 5 years. It is another one of the crucial bonus with the other two which are going to play a handy role for you.

15 minutes Weight Loss System Price

Along with bonuses this product regular price is about $450.

For today only this product price is $37 (limited time offer for our readers !)

This products comes with a 60-Day Money-back Guarantee. So if you are unsatisfied for any reason you can return it any time within 60 days period and you will get 100% refund!

No question asked!

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