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Hi, I’m Donna Nicholson.

And the message I have to share with right now is essential for anyone struggling with ANY health challenge that keeps them feeling like they’re in a constant uphill battle.

That’s because in the next few minutes… I’ll share all about a chance encounter with a near-ancient grandmother…Who helped me get the edge on my bad cholesterol trend… almost overnight…

Using 100% natural herbal remedies I grew in my own backyard.

I’ll also share with you the multiple clinical studies backing up these all-natural ingredients and remedies…5

I’ll tell you all about how my family threw away 7 different Rx meds and OTC pills… in less than a month. We’re now healthier and happier than ever. (*results may vary)

And I’ll share with you the one simple secret I learned in that chance encounter… that can help empower ANYONE to:

  • Easily address virtually any health challenge… 100% naturally… from the comfort of their own home6
  • Avoid the unpredictable and often life-threatening side effects of preventative drugs7
  • Take control of their own health… so they’re not at the mercy of the industrial-medical complex8
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from supporting your health… with scientifically-proven and time-honored all-natural ingredients

Now I’ll share more about these scientific studies in just a minute…

How much is it worth to you to see your family… healthy… safe… and free from the unpredictable side effects of traditional remedies?

If this book helps eliminate just ONE side effect…

If it finally allows someone to kick an expensive prescription medication to the curb…

Saving hundreds each and every year…

And providing the satisfaction that you weren’t lining the pockets of the big pharma fat cats…

And if it finally give you the peace of mind that you deserve… knowing you’ve done your best to keep your family healthy, safe, and strong…

How much would that be worth?

You could try buying all these health-giving plants and herbs from a retailer…

Which could cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars…

But remember… MOST of what you can buy at your local health food store…

Doesn’t have near the level of health-giving nutrients your HOME GROWN produce will.

Remember what I mentioned earlier… over-farming… has ruined the nutritional value of MOST store-bought plants and herbs.

Or, you could spend months and months researching for yourself… spend countless hours of trial and error… trying to get the planting system just right… and trying to find the healing remedies that actually WORK…

And still be right back where you started.

But honestly… the costliest approach… is to do nothing.

The truth is… most people will simply sit on their hands…

And maintain the status quo…

Risking their health… and their family’s health…

To big pharma’s profit-pushing experimentation and mystery side effects that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

But… once you take in “Backyard Healing Herbs”… the possibilities are endless.

Now, I had a “marketing expert” approach me and tell me he could turn Grandma Mary’s knowledge into an exclusive weekend seminar… and charge $1250 a seat.

With so many health-conscious rich baby boomers out there… I’m pretty sure we could sell it out.

But frankly… Grandma Mary and I have very little interest in traveling around giving seminars across the country.

We honestly love spending time with our families way too much to do that.

Backyard Healing Herbs lets you spend your time and energy where it counts MOST.

Not only do you NOT have to spend countless hours figuring it out for yourself… but you can be up and running in a matter of days.

If you truly want nature’s bounty to be your health’s best friend…

I’d strongly encourage you to consider the third road… the one less traveled.

It’s the one road that can… and will… make all the difference.

Because the results are real… so real, in fact, they’re guaranteed.

Backyard Healing Herbs is the most complete, simple, and easy approach to a healing garden…

Because it’s based on two centuries of healing remedies gathered from around the world…

And now backed by modern research.

Grandma Mary’s system doesn’t require a lot of time to set up and maintain…

It doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion…

And it doesn’t require any gardening experience whatsoever.

What it does require is an open mind.

Give Backyard Healing Herbs a try.

Remember, you’re getting two centuries of healing remedies… in the most beginner friendly system imaginable…

Price of The Backyard Healing Herbs Guide

These remedies were born from the idea that ANYONE…


Should be able to grow their own remedies… right where they live…

No matter their socio-economic status!

So, there’s no way we’re going to ask you to invest $1250 in this system… even though I know this information is THAT valuable.

It won’t cost you $600, either.

Truth is, it won’t even cost you $275, even though my husband tells me that’s what I should charge to replenish his 401k.

Grandma Mary and I decided to do something that might sound a bit “off” to sales and marketing “sharks.”

We’re going to set the price of “Backyard Healing Herbs” at just $69.

I can include these 4 Secret Healing Guides as a FREE GIFT to anyone who orders today.

FREE GUIDE #1: Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans – Retail: $39

FREE GUIDE #2: Wild Edibles – Retail: $39

FREE GUIDE #3: Veggies You Can Grow in Your Backyard for Self-Sufficiency – Retail: $39

FREE GUIDE #4: The Shoe Box Garden – Retail: $39

You have a full 60 days to money back guarantee!.

But… while this very FIRST EDITION of the book is available… we’ll let you have Backyard Healing Herbs” including all 4 free guide for just $39 today.

Plus unlimited email access for a full 12 months.

Click below to get Backyard Healing Herbs

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