Body Armor | MMA Bodyweight Program

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Body Armor MMA Bodyweight Program is the ultimate Bodyweight Training Program which Harness the strength within you to create an unstoppable force of power and performance!

This bodyweight training program was created so the world’s top fighters could keep training in any condition without any of the fancy equipment.

Eliminate all excuses with the same program that MMA champions are using to keep in shape at home, in hotels, and any time they can’t access a gym. 

Coach Phil Daru of American Top Team teaches you the bodyweight methods he uses this to increase his fighters’ mobility, power, flexibility, and overall strength.

This program is provided to Phil’s fighters such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, King Mo Lawal, Will Brooks, Edson Barboza, Junior Dos Santos, and many others every time they aren’t able to get into the gym.

This program was developed out of necessity because we all know it sometimes isn’t possible to access the gym, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Those weeks off are the difference between champions and losers. If you have a championship mentality you’ll get started on developing your own body armor right now!

here is a sample video about this bodyweight training program for you.

Performing This Program will Result in:

  • The modern athletic look that EVERYONE is pursuing
  • Increased Knockout power
  • Incredible, absolute strength
  • Speed that Kills
  • Increased overall MMA performance
  • Core stability that will prevent injury and keep you looking shredded
  • And a Rock-Solid Structure

Body Armor Bodyweight Program – Smart Workout To Achieve Goals!

S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting – Before you start off the program, Phil Daru makes it clear that goal setting is crucial if you are to see the results from the program.  The most successful athletes, coaches, business owners have used the S.M.A.R.T formula to reach short and long term goals for many years. Before you start off the program Phil challenges you write out your goals using this system. Here is what each point stands for: 

S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Achievable, R – Relevant, T – Time

Research shows that by having specific goals you are more likely to motivated to carry through and achieve your goal. Personally I think this is good touch to the program to help you know your targets from the beginning. 

Body Armor Bodyweight Program – Weekly Schedule

The great thing about this program is that it all mapped out for you and there is no need to change too much up for this as you go along. 

Phil also explains about supersets and tempo so you can perform the program correctly which will give you the proper stimulus.

Here is an example of what a workout session will look like:

V-Sit ups510until 90% recovered3.1.1
Pull Ups310none3.2.1
Leg raises410until 90% recovered3.2.1
Push Up (close)410none5.2.1
Side Plank Crunch310until 90% recovered3.2.1
*This is just an example to show you the types of exercises

How long can I follow this program for?

As long as this program is helping you progress you can continue to follow it. Make sure that you are recording your progress for every workout that you perform.

Where is the exercise database for me to perform the exercises?

 If click on any of the exercises on your PDF it will take you to a video from body armor exercises library & database database. This is show you exactly how to perform the exercises with proper techniques.

How To Perform Bodyweight training?

It is important to follow the program correctly In order to make sure you are receiving the right stimulus to increase performance as an athlete. Here is a simple guide to make sure you are performing correctly that will allow you to have the proper stimulus needed!

Body Armor – Why Do I Choose This Over Other Bodyweight program?

This program is best for people who don’t have access to a gym or can’t afford huge amounts of equipment. You equally still get quality workouts sessions that will help you get massive results (if followed). 

I also think this is great for someone that is in need of a plan, as this is already mapped out for you. What’s not better than having that schedule all in place by a world class strength and conditioning coach? It’s a no brainer! 

Another person I think this would be great for is personal trainers or coaches who train fighters. It will really help to give you and your clients a structured process to make the most of their training without weights,

Body Armor MMA Bodyweight Training Program – Pros and Cons


  • You don’t need much/any equipment 
  • The schedule and plan is all mapped out for you
  • Can be used by both beginners and professionals
  • You can start feel a real difference in strength after a couple weeks


  • Bodyweight exercises can only get you so far 
  • You have to stick to schedule to see results
  • Lots of back and forth between videos and ebook
  • You have to be self motivated

Body Armor | MMA Bodyweight Training Program

Body Armor MMA Bodyweight Training Program Package

This is a 6-8 week strength and conditioning program, designed to increase your strength, speed, power, agility, power and overall MMA performance.

Inside this program you’ll have 4 Strength and Power sessions along with 2 Conditioning sessions. (this is all mapped out for you)

Each exercise within the Body Armor program changes with slight variation to avoid accommodation or anything that would hinder your progression. 


  • Body Armor: MMA Bodyweight Training Program.
  • Complete Body Armor Exercises Library & Database
  • Scientifically proven MMA training regimen used by the most elite fighters (invaluable)
  • Lifetime Access to the Body Armor Membership Hub
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re doing EVERYTHING YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS!

To make the most of this program, I highly recommend printing out a copy of the ebook so you can tick off each exercise as you go along. This will make it much easier for you to follow and track your progress as you go through the training schedule.

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