Body For Golf Get In Perfect Shape For Golf

Body For Golf | Secret to INSTANTLY Improving Your Swing and Hit More Explosive Shots!

Body For Golf – Learn Secret to INSTANTLY Improving Your Swing and Hit More Explosive Shots!

I do find often armature golfer do wonders like :

  • How to focus on proven strategies guaranteed to help you get into the shape of your life and improve your game faster than you ever dared hope possible!
  • How to increase the effectiveness of your golf exercise!
  • How to set the right weight and performance goals and then not only achieve them but exceed them!
  • How to easily bust through fitness plateaus and keep getting stronger with each tournament or competitive round!
  • How to skyrocket your energy levels!
  • How to avoid the cardinal sins that hinder the game of 98% of golfers!
  • How to develop the mindset that will ensure you get and stay in great shape and consistently improve as a golfer!
  • And much, much more!

Here’s what all golfers are looking for…(yes, even tour players)

  • Increase drive distance by 15 to 20 yards or more, although many would be happy with an additional 10 yards (just ask a tour player how important a few more yards would be to their game)
  • Increase energy levels so they feel refreshed and ready for the back nine. Some even wanted to finish with more energy than when they started! (ever been in a situation where it was hotter than expected, playing time was longer than expected?)
  • A lean, strong and flexible body to ensure powerfully maximize every shot and feel so hot they’re on fire.
  • The edge in their golf game so they can be fierce competition for even the most serious golfers (There will always be another level of competition. How are you staying prepared?)

Body For Golf |5 Steps To Improve Your Game!

These 5 Steps reveal the things you MUST AVOID if you want to play low scoring golf, drop your handicap and achieve your ideal golf body.

Step #1: Take Care of Your Massive Energy Leak

Golfers have one very powerful center of force and it’s called the core.

The golf swing relies upon core strength, endurance and proper engagement for any kind of reliable distance off the tee. And, it’s just not off the tee, but it can affect every shot you make leading to the green.

Core conditioning is very important for a golfer because all movements in your entire body stem from the strength in this area.

Wherever you find a weak core, you find a major source of energy leaks in the golf swing.

The core is where the body’s center of gravity is located and where force production begins.

Most people have a very weak core, and as a result, chronic posture problems. Over time, this creates wear and tear on the body. A golfer with a weak core is vulnerable to injury and struggles with efficiency in their swing.

Step #2: Stop Neglecting the Three Vital Body Parts

Can you guess the top 3 areas of concern on the body for most every golfer? That’s right. It’s the shoulders, hips and spine!

Most people don’t know the right techniques to activate their powerful trio.

Every great golf instructor will tell you that your body rotates around your spine. It acts like a pivot point in the golf swing.

Without the correct method of shoulder rotation, you have very little chance of getting your arms in the proper position in your backswing and, sadly, this limits your follow through.

And the hips?

Top players initiate their downswing with the powerful muscles of the abs and hips. Once the desired momentum is generated by the lower body, they use their arm muscles to effectively “fine tune” the swing.

Recreational players, on the other hand, use their arm muscles right at the outset. As a result, they are unable to recruit the latent muscle-power in their lower body, while the arm muscles work extra hard both to power and guide the club.

No wonder it leads to an inconsistent swing!

just a few reasons..

Step #3: 99% of Golfers Don’t Know HOW to Get the Right Posture!

Every golfer is continually in search of that elusive feel of the perfect swing. Books are written on the topic. Instructional videos promising the “secrets of the perfect swing” sell like hotcakes by mail order and on the internet. Everyone everywhere wants to know what they need to do to swing like the pros.

“Remember, the power base in every athletic golf swing is the turning motion of your body-your pivot.”

David Leadbetter (excerpt from The Golf Swing)

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The truth is you’ve been lied to…

There is no “perfect swing” – at least there’s no one method for achieving it.

If we’ve learned anything from years of watching professional golfers showcase their skills in tournaments around the world, it is that the “perfect swing” varies from player to player.

That doesn’t mean the cause is lost and you’ll never find “that” swing. It just means that you have to find “your” swing.

One of the most important components of a good golf swing is your posture at address. If you have poor posture, your search of the perfect swing becomes more challenging.

Once you learn how to start building strength in the right areas, good golf posture will come easy. Then, you need to build endurance so you can repeat the same winning swing, over and over again.

Step #4: Amateur Golfers Eat Foods that HINDER Their Game

Golf nutrition is among the most important things you should look after. Do you know it is one of the main culprits of a disastrous back nine?

Poor nutrition affects mental focus and judgment as well as energy management. One minute you’re playing fine and you have a good eye for the target. Next you know, your game is falling apart hole by hole, even stroke by stroke.

“Training and competition place a lot of demands on your body. The right diet can improve your performance and help you recover quickly for the next workout. That’s especially important for me because I train all year round. I make sure I get enough calories and consume the right kind to fuel my workouts, which can last for hours.“

Tiger Woods (excerpt from his website,

You will never play to your true potential if you don’t learn how to eat like a champion with a solid golf nutrition program.

Step #5: Stop Engaging in Workouts That Cause Injuries

Some golfers need a simple stretch routine they can perform a few days a week. Other golfers may need a short duration strength and stretch routine.

But, sadly, most golfers don’t even know where to start.

I’ve noticed from the thousands of golfers I’ve trained through the years, the golfers who need training the most are not always the ‘obvious’ ones. For ages, overweight golfers have gotten a bad rap. So, everyone thinks when we talk about training, we are only talking to golfers who need to lose weight.

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

It is tall, skinny golfers with tight shoulders who are incapable of achieving peak performance. It also includes golfers with a history of injuries and problems related to the way they swing the club.

Body For Golf – INSTANTLY Improving Your Swing and Hit Shots

FINALLY Learn The Real Secrets To Improving Your Golf Game And Regret it Forever!

The Body for Golf Program is 100% Guaranteed to Work For You, Even IF…

  • You’ve been playing golf for more than 2 years and have not seen any decrease in handicap.
  • You’re always ‘out driven’ by another golfer half your age (or more) and/or a fraction of your size!
  • You’ve NEVER achieved your FULL potential in golf.
  • You lack energy while playing and often feel fatigued.
  • You always have one nagging injury after another that takes forever to go away.
  • You constantly feel weakfrustrated and tired both on and off the course.
  • You just started playing the game of golf.
  • You have bad habits that are impossible to break.

This program will challenge you. But for those willing to accept that challenge the rewards will be tremendous.

  • You’ll increase your drive distance!
  • You’ll burn fat!
  • You’ll lower your handicap!
  • You’ll build lean muscle!
  • And you’ll look and feel and play better than you have in years!

We aren’t looking for golfers who want to get better but who aren’t willing to do the work.

We want driven golfers who want to work and reap the benefits of playing the golf of their dreams in JUST 6 WEEKS.

So will you get the help you need, or will you fail by going it alone?

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I know how you feel, you’ve tried absolutely everything to improve your golf game so you want to make sure this will actually work before you spend another penny on more golf training.

Just Imagine Your Results When You Act Now…

  • Being able to step up to the tee with complete confidence in your conditioning and your swing.
  • Being able to hit towering drives off the tee that will leave other players with their mouths hanging open.
  • Being able to enjoy playing golf even more than you do now (because we all know that we have more fun when we play better).
  • Not just being able to beat your friends but being able to crush them.

>>>> Learn Golf Secrets to get better body and better swing in just 6 weeks!

Act now so you can live out your true golf potential.

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