Dare To Discover Course | Proven Goal Setting Formula To Achieve Goals 10X Faster!

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Dare To Discover Course Review – Proven Goal Setting Formula To Achieve Goals 10X Faster!

According to a estimate only Only 8% of people actually achieve their goals.

Do you ever wonder how some people achieve incredible things time and time again, while others just seem to spend their entire lives stuck in the same place?

And no, it’s not privilege, good luck, superior capabilities or divine intervention.

 If you ask any person who has achieved success in their professional life, personal life or in their own personal development what their secret is, they will all tell you that their road to success started with a truly compelling vision for their life.

Or in other words, they set clear, empowering and deeply personal GOALS.

The Goal Setting Problem!

The problem is, the vast majority of people set their goals in one of the following ways:

  1. They don’t and they have no goals at all
  2. They set uninspiring, easy or mediocre goals
  3. They set goals that don’t align with THEIR OWN values. For example, they set goals based on the influences in their life, like their parents, partner, society and even social media. They design their goals to suit other people’s expectations and not their own.


Dare To Discover course is a new breakthrough life purpose and direction finding program!

This program is designed to take students on a transformation journey and help them become their own life gurus. It guides students onto their own transformational journeys to start discovering their true life purpose. It is for anyone who is truly interested In discovering what they truly love, discover what really inspire them and help them create a blueprint to turn their goals and dreams into reality.

Dare To Discover is a 6-part video mini course that allows you to go beyond typical goal setting and create and crystallise an exciting, clear vision for the life you truly want to live. 
Through a series of proven, practical exercises, you will take a deep dive into yourself by exploring and assessing the 10 key areas of your life, with the purpose of discovering and setting deeply personal and empowering goals.
By the end of the course, you will have built your very own personal blueprint to follow. This will help you create a life full of excitement, joy, fulfilment and success.

>>>>>Learn a powerful, proven goal setting formula that you can return to time and time again whenever you want to refresh your goals

What Are The Skills Taught Inside The Dare To Discover Program?

  • Learn the secret formula to success
  • Create the blueprint to your dreams
  • Unleash a new zest and drive for what you REALLY want to do in life
  • Reconnect with forgotten talents
  • Reignite your core values in life
  • Connect with what you truly love right now
  • Solidify and cement those dreams and create a plan of action
  • Discover your principles, true self and crystalize your vision!

>>>>>Learn the secret to achieving even your most daring goals

What’s Inside The Dare To Discover Program?

This Course contains 6 video that will help to achieve your any life goal!

  1. The Big Introduction
  2. The Big Ten
  3. Loved and Love
  4. Do, Be and Have.
  5. The Bucket List & The Big Story
  6. The Big Secret Bonus

You will get Over 2 HOURS of motivational, practical content that walks you through the methods and exercises you need to discover who you truly are and what you really want.

PLUS a Bonus ‘Success Secret’ Video

PLUS the Dare To Discover workbook

>>>>>Discover and set deeply personal goals that truly excite you (and therefore you’re 10x more likely to achieve)

FAQ’s For Dare To Discover Course

Here are some frequently Asked Questions for our readers!

How long will it take me to complete Dare To Discover?

That is entirely up to you. This course is yours for life, to revisit as much as you wish, so there really is no rush or pressure.

Focus on digging DEEP. Completing each section of the course to the very best of your ability and you will reap the greatest results. For some that may take a few hours, or maybe a few days or even longer. It all depends on the time, energy and focus you can commit.

Is there any support as I’m doing the course?

Dare To Discover was created to be as simple and as effective as it could possibly be. Everything is incredibly easy to follow and you receive an email upon enrollment outlining everything you need to know. Should you need any further assistance, we are always available in the chatbox on official website or via direct message on Instagram (@mindwave_meditation).

My life is pretty hectic. I don’t think I’ll have the time or proper focus to complete the course.

Everyone can find a few hours to dedicate to themselves. This mini-course can be completed in just a few short hours or maybe over a weekend. I designed it to be as easy/bite-sized and accessible as possible.

There are thousands of people in the world who have families, manage several businesses and still find time for self-development, because they understand the true value of investing TIME into themselves.

It can be hard to shut off and focus when you live a busy lifestyle. That’s why this program gives you MindWave FOCUS.

It’s A FREE Audio track you can listen to whenever you need to concentrate.

A link to MindWave FOCUS will be included in your welcome email, along with instructions on how to use it. (after you purchase this program!)

>>>>>Discover your true Self and crystallise your unique vision

Dare To Discover Course Testimonials

Hear From A Course Learner

Ali and his Mindwave programme has transformed my life. Literally

The unique practice and life skills I have learnt,
and continue to learn from Ali have aided me in so many ways. I first met Ali after going through something of a breakdown, and instantly his warmth, humour, and intelligence won me over. He tailors everything for the individual – and what began as a meditation lesson for me turned into life skills and goal setting.

He has taught me so much, and seriously got my life back on track. I now cope with anxiety in a completely different way, which consequently means I don’t suffer from it very much. My depression has lifted, my motivation returned – and jobs, life, and people suddenly came into my life at the right moment. Ali has become a true mentor and friend.

I feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to him.

I urge anyone to contact him and feel things change.


Christian – Actor

Meditation Session/Transformational Coaching & Guidance

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Price Of Dare To Discover Program

This full course along with bonus video comes for £89. (Price excludes VAT)

>>>>>Visit Dare To Discover official Website

Our Verdict on Dare To Discover Program

Dare To Discover Is A Practical Six-part Video Course That Takes You Beyond Goal Setting & Allows You To Dive Deep Into Yourself And Discover What You Truly Want To Achieve. The Course Enables You, Step By Step, To Build A Blueprint To Your Dreams.

Never quit yourself! Trust in You and Go get your Dream!

Discover Who You TRULY Are And What You REALLY Want In Life