Hey, currently nowadays we are getting blackout warnings in major news headlines like….

  • Russian virus attacking US power grid
  • Russian power grid warning
  • Russian Attack On America’s Power Grid “Imminent”
  • Shocking Truth About The Biggest Threat To Come
  • Is The Prediction From The 45th President Coming True?

Bloomberg just published an unsettling report.

It seems that U.S. utilities have found Ruski malware deep inside our power grid.

What does this mean?

It means we could be facing one of the biggest catastrophes in history.

Something that could push America into the dark ages.

So forget about the downfall of digital currencies, a crumbling economy, or anything else the media is brainwashing us with.

Pretty soon, none of that is going to matter.

This is what I mean.

This strange video surfaced online a few months ago.

It has made a few startling predictions, each of which has come true.

But the biggest prediction is yet to come.

And according to this video, it’s going to happen next week.

All I ask is that you review this information so you can protect your loved ones while there’s still time.

Dark Age Defense power bill

The Committee on Homeland Security recently declassified a shocking report.

This reveals Big Tech could be doing way more than demolishing the First Amendment.

It seems they’re actually withholding lifesaving information from you and I.

The declassified report contains a chilling warning:

A disastrous attack on patriots is imminent.

And I’m not talking about a head cold invented by the powers that be.

I’m talking about a single catastrophic event that will target American patriots.

Leaving us without power, gas, food, water, telephone, internet.

It could make every single patriot an outcast from society, scrambling to survive.

Many of us could die in the wake of this event.

And, if reports are correct, this event could happen within weeks.

But if you search the internet or social media for warnings I’m almost certain you won’t find anything.

That’s why I’m sending this alert.

Because one brave patriot has found a way around Big Tech’s censorship.

He’s created a short video exposing the truth about this upcoming attack.

But since this message runs on their systems, it could be blocked at any moment.

That’s why I urge you to watch his short video to protect yourself and your family.

Then tell everyone you know about this.

>>>> Watch the shocking report

Dark Age Defense Big Tech Energy company

We’ve already seen the 45 predict our future with startling accuracy.

Back in 2017 he said that the left would take down statues of our Found-ing Fathers.

The liberal media mocked his prediction.

Then in 2021, NY City Hall took down their statue of Thomas Jefferson.

But it seems that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s coming.

You see, he made another prophecy.

Something that could do far more than erase our history.

It could exile patriots from society.

And those who don’t react early?

I don’t know if they’ll see the other side.

Once again, the liberal media laughed at him when he said:

“We’re not going to have a country left.”

But if this prophecy is as accurate as his last one.

The laughing is over…Watch Video

Dark Age Defense Video

Electricity generators have a shorter life expectancy and need fuel to generate electricity, so backup power generators are not always a suitable power source for a blackout.

Solar panels and generators may be broken in a natural disaster, You will never know whether you will have access to fossil fuels to keep the electricity running. Besides solar Panels, or propane generators will help KEEP power in your home for more than a few hours only.

So , as common American citizen do we have anything to protect ourselves from upcoming dark ages??

What I found that having your own source of energy is the best start.

Ya, you can now unlimited energy of source without depend upon costly backup generators and solar panels!

Read below to understand this system known as Dark Age Defense

This article covers all the details of this survival system and what you should expect from it in those dark ages or blackout days .

Dark Age Defense | Prepare For Blackout Days!

Dark Age Defense eBook

Dark Age Defense is a survival guide which teaches people how to prepare themselves for any emergency, such as natural disasters, wars, epidemics, famines, and apocalyptic events. Not to mention, the price of electricity, fuel, and gas is at an all-time high. It is up to you to learn how to cope and survive to the best of your abilities.

This survival eBook helps you build an endless coil named an “Infinite Coil” that produces electricity without any generator or solar panel.

The Dark Age Defense is a manual that guides you through generating and sustaining electricity in a natural disaster or any other emergency. It teaches you about a technique inspired by Nikola Tesla’s research.

They called their technique “Infinity Coil.” An infinity coil is a device that helps you generate and sustain electricity without using a generator. The inventors have said that this technique will take ten years to reach the general public.

You can learn this new technology to generate electricity in your hour of need. Surprisingly infinity coils found to be outperform all available electricity sources, including generators and solar panels.

It may be hard to come by a power alternative during catastrophes. However, the infinity coil is durable and is just what you need. It can help run any appliance in your home without a hitch and additional expense. Hence, it is an excellent alternative during a power outage, making it a significant component to learn from the Dark Age Defense book.

Why Should I Choose Dark Age Defense?

Lets say you are at home, and suddenly a power outage happens. You do not have any other energy source and no backup, so you have to wait it out.

Dark Age Defense guides you on how to handle such a crisis. It offers you an edge that serves as a free compass to navigate through natural calamities by being prepared.

Dark Age Defense | What’s Inside?

You can find the following information and topics covered about the program in the Dark Age Defense ebook:

  • Using a legal “Felony” approach that increases the infinity coil’s efficiency by 261% more than any other source.
  • Use a completely legal “Felony System” that revives dead cars.
  • You can read the instructions about building a strong “Force Field” around your house.
  • Measuring the size of your house to create an “Infinity coil” according to your house’s power demand
  • Teaches you how to make the infinity coils.
  • It will guide you about a pencil trick named “Pencil Squared” and how to create seven safe havens using this approach.
  • Learn to create the “Cosmo Generator” that uses the technique to generate electricity from the air around you.
  • Create an inexpensive infinite coil generator using a Fisher-Price toy.

How Does the Dark Age Defense eBook Help During Blackouts?

Dark Age Defense is a “compass” to navigate times of blackouts. Moreover, you will learn how to build an “invisible force field” around your house to protect you from outer forces.

Using the basic technologies described in the Dark Age Defense, you can generate a force field to protect yourself and your family. This guide will provide details of different programs to help you survive natural calamities.

Dark Age Defense Pros

  •  ONLY blueprint on the planet that leverages the coveted Infinity Coil technology to give you a reliable, renewable, self-sustaining power source that doesn’t depend on the grid…
  • designed to combat the invisible threat on the horizon
  • Survival guide in natural calamities
  • Learn exactly how to prepare for what’s about to happen to our country!
  • Has a guide to building an infinity coil
  • Risk-free investment as it offers a 60 days money-back guarantee

Dark Age Defense Cons

Dark Age Defense Book is only available online through its official website.

Dark Age Defense Price

You can purchase this book from the official Dark Age Defense website and enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee.

It is not available on any other store except its official website. You can purchase this book for $67 from their website.

Moreover, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you buy now. (limited offer). You can enjoy a full refund of your money if you do not find it helpful at all. However, the price may fluctuate accordingly.

It is a magnificent eBook that provides a complete guide on how to make energy using the most basic materials. Moreover, it helps save you and your family in any catastrophic situation.

When you often experience blackouts, you can make your own power by making an infinity coil. The coil produces electricity, so you do not have to worry about outages anymore.

Dark Age Defense Bonuses

Dark Age Defense eBook bundle

Dark Age Defense program comes with 4 additional bonuses (worth $236 in bonuses). These are free PDF’s when you buy the Dark Age Defense eBook guide.

  • Water On-Demand – Water On Demand includes everything you need to know about making… filtering… transporting… and storing… clean drinking water.
  • Produce Oasis – Produce Oasis will show you how to grow your own produce — even if you live in a tiny apartment and don’t have a backyard. You don’t need acres of farmland to enjoy months of hearty, nutrient-dense food.
  • Bulletproof Bugout – How to make your own 72-hour Special Forces survival kit. (This military-inspired, ELITE kit will help you THRIVE for 72-hours — or longer — in full-on riots, war-torn areas, or even “Purge-like” scenarios.)
  • Off Grid Escape -In Off Grid Escape, I’m going to show you 7 safe havens that are immune to Blackout Day… that are freedom-friendly, have state-of-the-art power grids, and will allow you to live like a King.

Plus if you order now you can join B.O.S.S. ( Blackout Survival Specialists) which is a tight-knit, 24/7, online community made up of true patriots who’ll do ANYTHING in their power to keep their loved ones safe once America plunges into darkness.

You’ll get the latest updates on Blackout Day, as government information about this impending threat either leaks or becomes declassified. You’ll also get your questions answered by top experts who’ve been living the “off grid” lifestyle for decades.

Remember, this is the only invitation you will EVER get to join the B.O.S.S.

>>> Get instant access to Dark Age Defense, the 4 life-saving gifts, and your exclusive 24/7 access to B.O.S.S.

Dark Age Defense is a digital survival guide that teaches people to thrive in unfavorable conditions such as power outages, extreme weather conditions, etc. The world is becoming more unpredictable by the second. There are wars breaking out, a global pandemic, climate change, and more! You need all the help that you can in order to continue functioning.

>>> Buy Dark Age Defense eBook along with free bonus for $67 (Regular price $303 Limited Time Offer)

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