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Have you ever find wonder about how to add drop down list in excel?

or how to add multiple column in excel?

or finding difficulties to add checkboxes or trendline in batches in excel?

If you regularly do a deep dive into your Excel spreadsheets, you know how much time is taken up performing functions.

Dose for Excel Add-In is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that lets you quickly perform functions faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Well, that’s why you need to sit up and hear about today’s software, Dose for Excel Add In!

Are You Struggling With Excel And Inefficient Work Performance?

What are Microsoft Excel add ins?

An Excel add in allows you to extend Excel application functionality across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iPad, and in a browser. Use Excel add ins within a workbook to: Interact with Excel objects, read and write Excel data. Extend functionality using web based task pane or content pane.

Why Do I Need Excel Add Ins?

There are some Basic Set of Skills required for proficiency to master excel like:

  • Sum or Count cells, based on one criterion or multiple criteria.
  • Build a Pivot Table to summarize date.
  • Write a formula with absolute and relative references.
  • Create a drop down list of options in a cell, for easier data entry.
  • Sort a list of text and/or numbers without messing up the data.

Dose for Excel add in makes these professional skills very easy to use and saves you tons of time!

How do you enable add ins excel?

Steps to activate an Excel addin

Click the File tab, click Options, and then click the AddIns category. In the Manage box, click Excel Addins, and then click Go. The AddIns dialog box appears. In the AddIns available box, select the check box next to the addin that you want to activate, and then click OK.

Where are Excel add ins stored?

Usually, Excel addins are installed in Excel’s default folder for Addins. If you prefer to store addins in a different folder, go to the Use a Different Folder section.

How do you enable or disable add ins in Excel?

Procedure to enable/disable add ins

  1. Click the File tab and then click Options. (In Microsoft Excel 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Excel Options.)
  2. On the Excel Options window, click Add-Ins.
  3. From the Manage list, select Disabled Items, and then click Go.
  4. Select the check box next to the add-in.

How do you view Excel Add In code?

Hold the Alt key, and press the F11 key, to open the Visual Basic Editor. In the Project Explorer, find your workbook, and open the list of Microsoft Excel Objects. Right-click on the This Workbook object, and choose View Code

I personally find Dose for Excel Add in (although it’s a paid excel add in) is best choice for its 100+ features. It is one of the best excel add ins 2021.

What You can Do with Dose for Excel Add In?

With Dose for Excel Add-In, you’ll be able to access features from the command ribbon that either simplify existing features or make your life better with brand new functionality.

What are some of the amazing functions you get with Dose for Excel Add-In?

How about mentioning some of more than 100+ features:

  • Compare sheets based on column or peer to peer.
  • Advanced built-in formulas, use more than 100 formulas without even write them.
  • Advanced functions: apply functions directly into cells without writing any VBA code.
  • Delete rows (blank, empty cell, certain value, duplicated rows, and hidden rows)
  • Delete columns (blank, empty cell, certain value, duplicated rows, and hidden rows)
  • Merge (cells into one, merge rows, merge columns)
  • Split (first and last words, words separated by)
  • Change Case to (UPPER, lower, Proper, Capitalize each cell) for selected cells.
  • Write out amounts by converting numeric values into words, this is mostly used by Finance and Account departments.
  • Remove spaces (leading, trailing, all, extra)
  • Remove characters or numbers or both from selected cells.
  • Comments assistant (convert cells to comments and vice versa, replace a value in the old comments with new values, list all comments in sheets in one column, etc.)
  • Date Picker (A calendar will pop up from the right side so you can pick a date and it will fill automatically in the selected cells with the date format you specify for it.
  • Insert Empty multiple rows or columns.
  • Insert before or after cell values any value you want and also you can insert a serial number to serialize your cells values.
  • Random generator (numbers, strings, date, lists, etc…), could be used for testing Excel formulas and functions.
  • Batch insert checkboxes and option buttons.
  • Delete illustrations and objects.
  • Navigation: easily navigate into worksheets that include charts or pivot tables or pictures, etc.
  • Select specific cells.

The software is described below, arranged by the Ribbon group in which they appear.

Utilities locating in the Dose Editing tab:

Utilities locating in the Dose Editing tab

Utilities locating in the Dose Pro tab:

Utilities locating in the Dose Pro tab

And much more features, all the above features are just a few of what this Add-In can do.

>>>>>Get Dose for Excel Add In to saves countless hours checking spreadsheets line by line!

Pros and Cons for Dose for Excel Add-In

Every products has it’s own pros and cons and so does Dose for Excel Add-In!


  • Simplifies everything to an order. If you need to organize several groups for mail, sales, ratings, just about anything, this product is definitely the one.
  • Massive time savings. Saves countless hours checking spreadsheets line by line.
  • It has all the functions you so often need that isn’t in Excel’s functionality.
  •  It helps you do stuff easier and faster than by using the stock application alone.
  • Dose for Excel Add-In will help any Excel user from starter to advanced use, which saves time and effort for all organizations.


  • Some users find It makes excel load much slower and sometimes it hangs for a few seconds while exporting or saving. But it may also happen due to old pc machines and bad memory management of the computer. also if you open a lot of programs simultaneously. So I give the benefit of the doubt here to the product!
  • Also some users unable to integrate properly with Office 2016 and Windows, which is now improved for compatibility as office 2019 and office 365 products are now in the market.
  • You have to know the program and its functions to be able to operate it since it has countless functions! (too many functions could be confusing for some beginners!)
  • Currently, It can be installed on the Windows system only. (Sorry Mac users you have to wait…or they can try to run on the virtual environment for windows with MS office installed. Warning – You should know what you are doing, Use at on your risk only!)

Dose for Excel Latest Version

Dose for Excel Latest version is 3.5.6

Can I Find Here Dose for Excel Crack?

We are only providing 100% genuine software here!

here you can get 14 days free trial. So no need to search for crack version!

Dose for Excel Price

Dose for Excel Add-In

Dose for Excel pricing starts at $39.95 as a one-time payment for 1 license per 1 computer.(Limited offer only $9.95 for 1 PC)

For small companies or medium accounting work Agencies, they offering for 3 PC’s for $99.95 (Limited offer $19.95 for 3 PC)

And for the organization fully involved in accounting works or tax consultants companies offering for 10 Pc’s for $199.95 (Limited offer $29.95 for 10 PC)

So I feel it’s an excellent choice for novice and expert alike!

Best Offer – Dose for Excel

buy Dose for excel now and you can get this software for Up to 85% mega discount! (Limited offer for our readers only!)


Technical support is included, no maintenance fee.

The price is a one-time fee, not a yearly subscription. A licensed version will never expire or require renewal and can be transferred to a new    computer or other user within your company (you can request a license transfer one time per month for a lifetime)

You can get its full version at a very cheap price with 60 days money-back guarantee for a limited period!

So, if you are not satisfied with this software you can return it anytime within 60 days!

Dose For Excel

review by blogbuddy

dose for excel software
Microsoft Excel Add-In Software

Compare sheets based on column or peer to peer
Advanced built-in formulas
Advanced functions
Delete rows
Delete columns
Change Case
Remove spaces
Date Picker
100+ features to improve your productivity


Dose for Excel is an Microsoft Excel add-in that lets you quickly perform functions faster and more efficiently than ever before. With Dose for Excel Add-In, you’ll be able to access features from the command ribbon that either simplify existing features or make your life better with brand new functionality.

It is advised for anyone who want to Save time, use advanced features and functionality of Excel must use Dose for Excel. Visits the official site to ensure to get the latest version of this software.


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  1. My favorite feature is one of the simplest: a way to merge cells by row or column while keeping all the data

  2. Simplifies everything to an order. If you need to organize several groups for mail, sales, ratings, just about anything, this product is definitely the one

  3. I work with Excel a lot, and it is essential to have handy Excel editing functions. Dose provides those functions to me . For example: I can remove line that contain some specific value or remove specific row with just one click. It helps increase your productivity.

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