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Effortless Conversation System | Be A Master To Attract Women!

Effortless Conversation System – Ultimate System For Having Amazing Conversations With Hot Women!

Mostly guys feels having common problems while talking to a pretty girls or women like..

  • How to have effortless conversations with ANY woman ?
  • How can you improve your ability to talk to women?
  • Are you looking forward to dating that girl of your dream?
  • How can you improve your ability to talk to women?
  • What do I talk to a girl about, if I don’t know her very well?
  • Or you are looking for shorten the time between meeting a woman and getting her into bed!

Why do I struggle talking to girls?

You tried your best to pull yourself together and gather the courage to talk to her, but nothing came out of your mouth.

It is quite embarrassing when your yes could be speaking, but your tongue gets stuck and cannot move; however hard you try.

I cannot stress this enough – half the problems that people face when talking to someone of the opposite gender is that they can’t shake off the fact that they are the opposite gender!

Girls aren’t that different from you. They pee and poop and eat potatoes and txt like this. They comprise of half the population on this earth. They are people and all people have something or the other in common – and you need never fear someone who you have anything in common with.

5 Major Problems When Talking to Women!

Mostly if you are insecure about yourself and have the mistaken belief that just because a woman is pretty, she then is superior to you and must be pleased for her to accept you. The fact that you have never had too many chances to speak with girls, also mean that your social skills aren’t too well developed neither.

Here are 5 major problem when talking and attracting your desired woman!

  • Problem #1 – Starting the Conversation
  • Problem#2 – Running Out of Things to Say
  • Problem #3 – Weirding Girls Out
  • Problem #4 – Chasing Way Too Hard
  • Problem #5 – Can’t Spark Natural Chemistry

Tips While Talking to Women

Don’t think of the female as an opposite sex. Think of her as a person.

Phrases like, Opposite Sex cause a subtle psychological rift which causes you to see a person as completely foreign to you, when in fact they are just about the same. You’re practically siblings, and definitely cousins.

  • Don’t try to impress women, because you don’t need to!
  • Don’t watch romantic comedies or Disney movies – they are all fantasies and what happens in those movies doesn’t happen in the real world.
  • When a woman doesn’t seem to like you, just smile, tell her to call you when she realizes how awesome you are, and move on to the next girl, don’t even try to convince her or persuade her to pay you attention. It looks more cool when you are willing to walk away from women when they reject you.
  • Go out and talk to many women, the more the better.
  • Act as if you knew you could get any woman, and don’t be afraid of losing any woman’s interest.

What if she realizes that I’m pretending to be confident?

This can indeed happen very often and is a big turn off for women!

It might happen when you…

  • Ask a girl if she likes you.
  • Ask a woman why she ignores you.
  • Are scared of making a move like not going for a kiss, or trembling when you try to touch her.
  • Brag so much about how amazing you are or how interesting you are.
  • Change your opinion of something just because her opinion is different.
  • Over pursuit a woman (over pursuing a woman might make you think it is devotion for her and romantic and all that, but for a mature woman it will come across as try hard and needy, because if you were confident, you wouldn’t need to pursue, since you would be confident you could find other girls faster and easier and would just stop pursuing.
  • Send a double text to a girl, because she didn’t reply to the first one.
  • Think about what to say that might impress her.
  • Try to put others down to make yourself look superior.
  • Try to be nice or likeable (because if you have to try on purpose to be nice or likeable is because you are not sure that you are).
  • Try to impress her.

So, how can you to confidently talk and attract your desired women?

Women might need attention, but not the unwelcome ones. Sometimes, irrelevant questions, constant poking, trying to know too much than she wants to submit… these things screw up the conversation.

3 Steps to Effortless Conversations

Let me introduce you to a powerful 3-part system that’s going to solve all of your problems when speaking to women.

  • Step #1 is all about building comfort before attraction. We’ll talk about why that is, what I mean by that, how these things differ and why all that is important in just a minute.
  • Step #2 is to flip her chase switch. Once we got her comfortable we want to start building attraction. But we want to build attraction by getting her to chase us. It might sound very complicated, but it’s very easy to do. Actually, shockingly easy when you know what you’re doing.
  • Step #3 is to create that instant chemistry. You want everything to click. So she feels like: Oh my god we have so much in common or that she’s known you forever. You can create that. It’s not some weird ethereal coincidence; it’s simply a combination of a few elements put into a formula that you’re going to learn right now.

I’m very excited for you, so pay attention, take a few notes and get ready to put this powerful conversation system into effect the next time you talk to a girl

My friend Jon Sinn has some amazing hottest conversation techniques For Having Amazing Conversations With Hot Women!

A conversation with an attractive woman is great, but that conversation being but the first of many is even better!!

Using his technique you will learn….

  • 3 tactics for creating instant chemistry even when it seems like you two don’t have anything in common!
  • The one question you can ask when you’re first talking to a woman that lets you know whether she’s worth talking to longer or if she’s just wasting your time!
  • Ways to create that “I feel like I’ve known you for years” feeling with a total stranger! Plus, I’ll show you exactly how to create explosive chemistry with women who you already know.
  • How to stay completely relaxed, with a clear head, and with no anxiety at all when talking to a beautiful woman (no matter how beautiful she is)!
  • How to quickly create real, genuine chemistry with the women you’re attracted to!
  • The 3 magical conversation topics that you can ALWAYS fall back on to create an instant connection! You’ll never feel like you’re “grasping for straws” ever again!
  • The 4 reasons why guys run out of things in the first place… and how to make sure you’re not a victim of these conversation killers ever again!
  • The #1 thing that stops attraction dead in its tracks… and how to avoid it!
  • 4 No-fail tools that make it literally impossible for you to run out of things to say. You’ll never be “tongue-tied” ever again when you have these tools in your arsenal!
  • How to develop unshakable confidence so beautiful women see you as a cool guy and respect you from the very beginning!
  • The secret to becoming outrageously successful with women even if you’re the “shy” type!
  • And MUCH more!

Do you want to get the secret out…


You will be able to create effortless conversations that will see you achieve whatever you want. Once you master effective communication, ladies will always warm up to you and open up, putting you at an advantage to get what you want.

You don’t need to talk to thousands of women to become a MASTER at attracting them with only your words.

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