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Fresh Breathies | Get Rid Of Bad Doggy Breath Naturally!

Is bad doggy breath normal? Even if your dog seems normal…??

Most owners think it is, but that’s far from the truth… 
New research proves bad breath is the #1 warning sign of a life-threatening condition called Digestive Dysfunction.

This condition can wreak havoc on your pup’s health… destroy their joints… keep them bedridden… and even shorten their life by years!

Do you resist kisses from your dog or apologize for the smell of the breath? Dogs can have a variety of issues, including unpleasant odor, poor digestive health, digestive dysfunction, etc.

Dog breath is a common saying when describing someone’s bad breath for a reason. Pups often have bad breath especially as they age. While it’s quite normal for your canine companion to have different smells on their breath sending on what they’ve recently eaten or what toys they’ve been playing with, but their breath can become stinky enough to repel all but the bravest dog owners. 

And while you may be tempted to just grin and bear the smell, more often than not the stink in your dog’s bad breath is actually a sign of an underlying health issue that is causing the smell.

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There are a number of different possible causes of bad breath in your dog, but the most common are kidney disease, liver disease and oral health!

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You should brush your dog’s teeth every day, spending the time when they are young to help them get used to the experience of tooth brushing. There are also a wide variety of dental chews and dog foods designed to promote oral health that is available to you.

You can now finally kiss bad doggie breath goodbye with these tasty breath freshening chews!

What is Fresh Breathies?

fresh breathies pet supplement

Fresh Breathies is an all natural dental dog chew that helps eliminate bad doggy breath by getting to the root cause – digestive dysfunction. By rebalancing your dog’s gut microbiome, Fresh Breathies protects their health from the devastating effects of digestive dysfunction while also eliminating their bad breath without brushing their teeth or adding chemicals to their water.

Pup Labs Fresh Breathies are a delicious chew designed to support and reduce your pups bad doggy breath. This chicken flavored dental chews support healthy GI function to keep your pup’s breath smelling fresh.

Warning: Most pet foods primarily contain ingredients like dehydrated corn meal and wheat meal. In reality, dogs should eat a meat-first diet, just like their wolf ancestors!

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Fresh Breathies Ingredients


Fresh Breathies is a nutritious supplement to the dog’s health.

Each fresh breathies chew contains all natural ingredients including spirulina, yucca extract, parsley, cinnamon and champignon mushroom extract which can work together to support dental health and benefit your pups digestive system.

  • Champignon Mushroom: This element might help the dog’s digestive system stay in good shape. The microbiota contained in this component might encourage a beneficial inflammatory response, which might improve the dog’s health in general.
  • Cinnamon: This concludes the product’s components. The dog’s heart and mouth health may benefit from this. These factors could all contribute to the dog’s overall improvement. Because they are free of chemicals, people might not encounter any problems as a result.
  • Spirulina: This substance has the potential to strengthen the dog’s immune system. To ensure that customer’s dog doesn’t have any health issues of any kind, it might promote heart and gut wellness.
  • Yucca Schidigera: This element might be able to assist people to get rid of the offensive dog scent. The dog’s bad breath may be lessened and its mineral absorption may be improved, preventing any digestive health problems.

You must frequently take your dog to the vet so that he can receive care. also you must check out your beloved dogs periodically so that any issues with his breath or other issues relating to his intestines can be identified and addressed right away.

Fresh Breathies pet supplement Benefits

Fresh Breathies  is the first ever pet supplement made with safe, high-quality ingredients in an NASC-approved facility. It has several potential advantages for the dog. Its numerous advantages could include:

  • Decrease bad doggy breath – The Fresh Breathies may help with unpleasant dog breath. When a dog has terrible breath, it is embarrassing for owners and is quite bad. So, don’t be concerned; this product might be able to provide them with some relief.
  • Improve Dog’s digestive health – Dog’s digestive problems may have an underlying cause that Fresh Breathies can identify. As a result, dogs may enjoy a healthy and long life and be protected from several health issues.
  • No known side effects! – Given that it is chemical-free, Fresh Breathies might not cause any adverse effects. A dog is prohibited from eating several things. One of them is corn and wheat. Do not be concerned, since this product is devoid of any ingredients that dogs are not allowed to consume. As a result, this product might only help a dog and have no negative effects.
  • This product is free of artificial additives, wheat, maize, and other items that may be detrimental to the dog’s health in some way.
  • With Fresh Breathies, the yard will be less messy and the microbiome and digestion will be supported.
  • Your dog will be happier, healthier, and more active than ever before!

If the dog weighs less than 50 pounds, customers must give it one chewable pill each day. If the dog weighs more than 50 pounds, they must give it two (2) chew pills each day.

Fresh Breathies Precaution

The mouthwatering chicken flavor of Fresh Breathies dental chews is sure to charm a dog. The dog will gobble up the tasty PupLabs chews in no time; however, it’s important to stick to the recommended dosage to avoid any unfavorable side effects.

The PupLabs Fresh Breathies official website advises feeding the dog one chew per day if he weighs less than 50 pounds. Each dog over 50 pounds should get two chews every day, according to the manufacturers.

The Fresh Breathies dental chews may, however, in extremely exceptional instances cause a dog some slight discomfort. The situation is unimportant, and things will return to normal in a few days. But if the condition doesn’t get better, stop using the medication and schedule a visit with a vet immediately!

This pet supplement could aid users in overcoming all the problems their dog is experiencing. This product was created using only premium ingredients and is devoid of any chemicals. This product has already been used by many people on their dogs, and they all had good things to say about it. This item may be easily purchased from the official website and could shield the dog from any harmful effects.

What actions can people do generally to ensure their dog’s health?
There are numerous things people can perform every day to assist their dog with various health issues. They must frequently take their dog to the vet so that he can receive care. They must have him checked out periodically so that any issues with his breath or other issues relating to his intestines can be identified and addressed right away.

How does the health of people’s dogs benefit from this pet product?
This product has no negative side effects for a dog and only potential beneficial ones. It might function by getting rid of the dog’s unpleasant smell and boosting its immune system.

It might assist in identifying the underlying cause of intestinal dysfunction so that the dog can enjoy a happy, trouble-free life. The goal of this product may be to address all these problems and promote the health of the dog. The dog might feel energized and be able to carry out all tasks without experiencing any kind of exhaustion after chewing on healthy pills from this product.

The dog’s gut is a complicated process. While taking steps like changing food or adding a supplement seem like big changes, remember to institute them slowly over time. This will make them feel more manageable for you and your dog!

Fresh Breathies Price

fresh breathies dog dental health chews price
  • Fresh Breathies price for $49 for 1 jar of this pet supplement. 
  • Fresh Breathies price for $39 for 3 jar pack. 
  • Fresh Breathies price for $29/bottle for 6 jar pack.

Customers have 180-day period before the refund policy expires after the merchandise is delivered to them.

Fresh Breathies FAQs

When should one start seeing results?
People must be wondering how long it takes for Fresh Breathies chews to stop dogs from having bad breath. Many users of the product claimed that within just the first week, their persistent bad breath started to get better.

The Fresh Breathies soft chews must be used continuously throughout the treatment; otherwise, only small benefits may be noticed early on in the course of the treatment. The natural composition of the gut, which is enhanced with prebiotics, gradually improves the microbiota there.

Because of this, it could take some time before the first effects start to show. To achieve the intended results, the makers of Fresh Breathies dental snacks advise using them consistently for at least two months. The best news is that these effects will last for more than two full years, giving a dog plenty of time to benefit from them.

How Will I Know It’s Working?
For many dogs, their breath and energy are the first things to improve. Often after just 1 week. After a few more weeks of use, expect a thicker and shinier coat, firmer poops, and less itching and scratching. The best, long-lasting results seem to stick around for good after 6 months of continued use. Remember, daily consistency is the key!

Where can one purchase this supplement?
you can check official website here for limited discount price offer! After getting payment confirmation the company will begin the shipment process shortly.

How are Fresh Breathies to be used?
One soft chew per day should be given to dogs under 50 lbs., while two soft chews per day should be given to dogs over 50 lbs. One chew is recommended for every 50 pounds of body weight, according to Pup Labs.

This dental chew supplement for dog is not a veterinary medication. If a dog is showing any signs of illness or is currently receiving medicine, the owner should seek the opinion of a licensed veterinarian before giving the product to their dog.

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