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From Desk Of Brad Stevens

An open letter to any man struggling with erections…

Are You Man Enough To Read This?

“Look, your penis is gonna DIE.

“If we wait much longer, I’ll be forced to amputate it.

That’s what the ER doctor said to me that night as I sat there on the ER table, pants around my ankles, nurses giggling, and with a purple hard-on that pointed to the sky.

This was, without question, THE most humiliating part of my life. And it’s a story I rarely share.

But today, as mortifying and as it is, I feel you have to hear it.

Because if you, or anyone you know, is suffering with any erection problems, you’ll want to hear every word. As this is the unusual story of how I discovered the answer to:

  • Naturally eliminating any form of erectile dysfunction
  • Getting hard and staying hard when you want
  • And giving you lasting power that leaves women awestruck.

Because contrary to what people have told you, it’s NOT age… it’s NOT “low testosterone”…

it’s NOT diabetes… it’s NOT any medication

you’re on…and it’s NOT just a problem with your circulation… that’s causing your problem.

And after you listen to what I say, you’ll discover what the TRUE cause of ED is, and turn it around and be able dive right in to the sack and do it over and over again as many times you want.

And all without any drugs, devices, or nasty side-effects.

…and started to study the actual science of erections. Like actual scientific research. What a concept, huh?

What I found was astounding.

The Different Types Of Erectile Dysfunction.

There are actually different ways ED shows up:

  • There’re men who can’t keep their erection. Which means they CAN get it up, but it doesn’t stay hard and they can’t complete sexual intercourse…
  • Then there’re men who cannot get hard enough to have sex…
  • There are those who find it takes a very long time to get hard…
  • and there are those who can’t get hard at all.

Now before you start wondering what’s causing your particular form of ED, here’s what’s most important: ED shows up differently for different men. And there’s more than one cause for each type of ED.

Now, get this: if your solution addresses ONLY one of those causes, not only will it fail to work, it can make things much worse.

Just like me, most men who have some form of ED eventually experience each type of ED until they cannot get hard anymore.

And only those who absorb what I’m about to tell you will see that if you don’t address the TRUE root causes of ED, you could lose the ability to get one at all.

So now, let’s get into what causes each of these symptoms. I call them “Erection Killers”

and there are those who can’t get hard at all.

“I thought I’d suffer in silence for ever. It is degrading. You’ve given me back my pride.”

Dan, former E.D. Sufferer for years

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The “Double-Barreled” Erection Killer

Penile erection is a complex process in which the brain, nerves, muscles and blood vessels play a major role. 

Physical issues like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and smoking can all cause erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, depression, anxieties, stress, relationship problems, and other mental health concerns can also interfere with sexual feelings.

 The most significant risk factors for erectile dysfunction included age, obesity, diabetes, depression, heavy alcohol

There are actually TWO causes of ED. Not one. Every single solution out there only deals with ONE and that’s why results are usually so hit and miss.

Once you learn how to fix the TWO causes of ED at the same time… THEN you can have the assurance that you can get hard when you need to, stay hard as long as you need, time and time again.

So what are these two causes?

Erection Killer #1: The First Half Of The Story

Erections mainly involve the blood vessels. And the most common causes of ED in older men are conditions that block blood flow to the penis.

The first cause of ED is: NOT enough blood going into your penis.

Once you get aroused, your brain sends a signal to relax the blood vessels in your penis. This causes blood to flood in and that’s what makes you hard.

But if those vessels don’t relax, then I’m sure you can imagine, blood either does not go within, or not enough blood will go within, right?

This is what happens when you can’t get an erection to begin with, or when you can’t get hard enough to have sex.

If you experiencing no erections… an abnormally long time to get an erection… or a partial erection (that isn’t as hard as it used to be…)

…this is YOUR Erection Killer.

So What Stops Your Vessels From Relaxing When They Need To?

It comes down to one chemical called Nitric Oxide, that your muscle tissue produces.

Remember that signal that comes from your brain when you’re aroused? When your muscles get that signal, they release this Nitric Oxide.

If you are not producing enough of this chemical, your vessels won’t relax and open up. Then blood has a hard time filling up your penis.

Yet, like I said, that’s just the 1st part of the equation.

Erection Killer #2 The Other Half Of The Story

The other Erection Killer has NOTHING to do with vessels relaxing and opening up. In fact, your blood vessels may relax just fine.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that blood is rushing out more than it’s rushing in!

Think of it like a long balloon. In the first Erection Killer, not enough air is going into the balloon. With this second Erection Killer, air is escaping the balloon.

You see, the way you are designed, is to have blood rush in when you’re aroused AND to stay in there until you’re not aroused anymore.

Just like your muscles produce Nitric Oxide to cause your vessels to relax, and therefore allow blood to rush in and get you hard…

…your body ALSO produces another chemical that forces blood to leave your penis. This chemical is called phosphodiesterase type 5. (Or PDE5 for short)

Now, PDE5 is meant to be released only after you’re finished having sex when you no longer feel aroused.

But for many, it’s released all the time, or released too soon, or released at random times.

If you experiencing erections but you get soft too soon… even right before you go inside… or even while you’re inside…

…THIS is your Erection Killer.

In this case, it obviously won’t matter how much blood vessels relax. No matter how much blood will travel inside, it’ll rush back out anyway.

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Why Other E.D. Solutions Don’t Work?

The reason every other solution out there either doesn’t work, is because it deals with only ONE Erection Killer.

Pills like Viagra and Cialis are a class of drugs called “PDE Inhibitors”. Remember that chemical I told you about? PDE5? The one that pushes blood out of the penis? Well, a PDE-inhibitor is a drug that stops your PDE chemicals from killing your erections.

But that’s also why a side effect is that painful and DANGEROUS priapism. Blood can’t escape!

Testosterone therapy is not a solution either.

Most men who have ED, in fact, have adequate testosterone! And testosterone therapy has been shown to increase the risk of stroke!

Pumps work only because they expand the vessels. But they won’t stop blood from leaving. And they are cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. And the same applies to every other gadget.

Herbal Pills work just like Viagra. They increase blood flow in… but they don’t stop blood from leaving.

And if you’re like the men that I’ve come to know who suffer with this, you already know, besides being painfully expensive, they just don’t work.

Hard On Demand – The ONLY Working Solution For ED!

Hard On Demand is the only working solution to :

  • allow your body to naturally relax its blood vessels when you’re aroused, AND
  • keep your blood from leaving too soon. And do it naturally, without dangerous or harmful side-effects.

When you can allow your body to do those two things naturally, you can be hard on command.

Now, that I had the “bulls eye” to hone in on, I started looking for every natural way to eliminate BOTH of these Erection Killers.

It wasn’t easy.

I’m no health guru. And frankly, all the health “goo-roo’s” out there seemed to be an expert in only one thing – taking my damn money!

So I wondered…

..Is There A Supplement… A Type Of Food… Or Some Way Of Changing My Lifestyle That Eliminated BOTH Erection Killers?

One That’s Easy To Find?  One That’s Inexpensive? And That Doesn’t Have Any Side Effects?

Turns out, the answer to all those questions is…


After you discover where to look… how much and when to take… and most importantly, what combo to take them in…

…your bedroom problems will be over.

It took over a year of looking, being willing to try different things out, thinking “I’m not even sure this will work.”

There were days where I practically screamed “I have it! I have the answer to erection problems!”

Then the ED would come back. Yet, those small results told me I was on the right track.

So I started journaling what I did and I marked the consecutive days I was able to have NO ERECTION PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER.

Hear What The E.D. Sufferers Says!

“When I tried the stuff you taught in your ‘Last Forever’ and ‘Make Her Scream’ manual, I thought there’s no way it could work. But man does it ever.

In fact, it works too good!!!

It’s the perfect icing on the cake for getting my hard-ons back. Thank you so much for making this available.”



“Brad, thank you for what you’ve done. My husband is one of those men who won’t talk about his problems.

We tried many times to have sex and it just wouldn’t work because of his ED. “That was years ago. I resigned myself to believing we would never have sex again. Not because there were no solutions. But because my husband is not one to ask for help.

But with your help, I was able to help him without him even knowing about it. The foods, the recipes, the advice, it all worked. And he didn’t even know I was doing anything. Seeing the change in him is a relief. I had no idea how much this was affecting the both of us until it was fixed. Now we are closer again.



“Hi Brad, I was hoping this was only going to help me with my ED.

I was skeptical but it worked. I’ve been able to get hard like I used to. But I had no idea there were so many other benefits. 

My blood pressure is down, I sleep better, I have more mental focus, I just feel relaxed… it’s like I feel younger in general. Thank you so much for making this available. And for answering all my questions…



You have a chance at all of this right now. There’s no reason anymore to wait. There’s no point allowing all the fears, disappointments, and failures of the past make decisions for us. You can let them all go and stay where they belong – in the past.

You will see, right on the other side, a page waiting for you, and ready to take you where you and I know you want to go.

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