High Carb Fat Loss

High Carb Fat Loss | Lose 5-10 Pounds in Only 14 Days!

High Carb Fat Loss – Learn secret diet strategies to lose 5-10 lbs in only 14 days!

We all have heard of carbohydrates as ‘the bad food‘ for health and weight loss. You open Instagram and every other fitness expert is bragging about a low- carb diet.

However, numerous researches in this regard have repeatedly quashed their claims due lack of scientific data. In fact, the very opposite is true. A balanced diet should always include all the three major food groups, i.e., carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates accounting for over 50% of the total calories consumed per day.

So obviously you may have some more questions like:

  • Can you lose fat on a high carb diet?
  • Does high carb diet help lose belly fat?
  • Do high carb low fat diets work?
  • Can you gain muscle on a high-carb diet?
  • Do carbs make you fat?
  • How can I bulk without getting fat?

So let’s starts with a few of them!

Does high carb diet help lose belly fat?

Including whole grains- rich in carbs, may help reduce the total body fat and that stubborn belly fat. Eating a breakfast comprised of foods those release carbohydrates slowly such as oatmeal or bran cereal may help burn more of your body fat.

Do high carb low fat diets work?

Many people look to low fat diets to help them lose weight and boost fat burning. Nonetheless, emerging research shows that low carb diets may be just as effective. What’s more, low carb diets have been shown to increase fat loss, reduce hunger, and balance blood sugar levels.

Is a high carb diet good for bulking?

Determining the necessary macronutrient ratios is critical when bulking. Higher carbohydrate, moderate protein, and lower fat ratios have been shown to promote bodybuilding and muscle growth. Recommended percentages of total caloric intake: 40-60% carbohydrate.

How to Lose Weight Feasting on Delicious Carbs?

Your body RARELY stores carbs as body fat to any significant degree. Almost ALL of the fat you see on your body comes from the FATS you eat.

We have been tricked into believing that carbs are the reason so many people are struggling with excess body fat. Here’s the solution.

…into believing that carbs are the reason so many people are struggling with excess body fat.

We are told to reduce carbs and increase fats if we want to lose weight.

Almost all of the fat you see on your body comes from the fats you eat.

Your body doesn’t even change or convert the fat you eat before it gets stored as body fat.

Eat a lot of saturated fat?

Saturated fat is what will get stored on your body.

Use a bunch of vegetable oil?

Your body fat will contain that same type of fat.

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Where does the body store carbs?

Excess carbs get stored in your muscles as glycogen.

The only time your body attempts to convert carbs into fat is when your muscles are 100% full of glycogen.

Your muscles rarely reach this point.

The average person can store up to 1,500-2,000 calories of glycogen. It takes sustained extreme overfeeding of carbs before your body begins the process of converting carbs to fat.

Low carb high fat advocates like to point out that carbs raise insulin.

This does cause the excess fat you eat to get stored as fat.

It is the fat you eat that gets stored as body fat, NOT the carbs.

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Will lowering fat, lower my Testosterone levels?

There have been studies showing that drastically increasing dietary fats, will cause a small increase in testosterone levels. The negatives of this approach is the increased possibility of clogged arteries which can lead to heart disease, ED, etc. The body only needs a modest amount of fat for optimal hormone function. 

Don’t carbs cause type 2 diabetes?

It is excess fat clogging up insulin receptors that creates insulin resistance. This increases the potential for diabetes. If fat is drastically reduced, the body needs to release less insulin to get the job done. This is why type 2 diabetes is almost unheard of in places like Okinawa where fats are kept extremely low and where carbs are the main fuel source.

But isn’t sugar the exact thing that spikes insulin production and unlocks the cell, making it able to store energy as fat?

Yes, insulin is a storage hormone that is stimulated by the increase of blood sugar levels. That is a good thing because the blood sugar should be level – neither too high, nor too low. Insulin directs the nutrients from food into the body’s cells.

However, when the food consumed is low in fat, the insulin spike will not result in the body storing dietary fat as body fat to any significant degree. Remember, carbs primarily get stored as glycogen. It is the dietary fat that gets stored as body fat. This is why societies who limit fat typically don’t have issues with obesity.

What if carbs make me feel bloated?

Whenever there is an increase in fiber compared to what you have been eating, the body needs to adjust. This is especially true when coming from a low carb low fiber diet. Additional fiber may make you feel bloated at first, but then the body adapts. Fiber feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut which helps you digest all food better.

Fiber not only helps to increase healthy gut bacteria, it can reduce the chances of getting certain types of cancer. Recent studies have also shown that fiber has the potential to slow the aging process. Those on a high fiber diet have longer telomeres than people who eat very little fiber.

Is this a vegan diet?

This way of eating works well whether you are a vegan or include meat in your diet. Mark is vegan and Rusty is not. Our Facebook Group has a mix of people getting awesome results with vegan and non-vegan approaches. This is easy to follow with either style of eating.

High Carb Fat Loss – A program for Rapid Fat Loss By High Carb Diet!

High Carb Fat Loss Program
High Carb Fat Loss Program

Here are just a few highlights from the course:

  • Why the LOW fat dieting method of the 1980’s was ALMOST correct… but there was one flaw. If we would have fixed this flaw, it would have made it the main fat loss method we use today.
  • A lot of diets work well for fat loss, but CRUSH your metabolism in the process. Why a high carb low fat diet gets you lean while INCREASING your energy output.
  • The story about an MD who has helped hundreds of patients lose 100+ pounds while eating a diet of refined carbs and sugar (we still recommend whole foods, however).
  • Mark doesn’t even track protein and believes “PROTEIN guilt” is the #1 reason people have a tough time getting lean. The amount of protein it takes to maintain muscle while dropping body fat. Hint: it’s less than you think.
  • Examination of studies where people ate 5,000+ calorie days and 2,000+ calorie meals and STILL had a tough time getting the body to store carbs as fat.
  • Why the Western diet of eating around 35% calories as fat is a MAJOR contributor to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. The 2 zones you will want to stay in to ensure a long and healthy life.
  • A doctor who SUCCESSFULLY treats diabetic patients with a specific high carb diet. After switching to this special diet, many of his patients no longer find the need for insulin or oral medication.
  • One potential PROBLEM with ketogenic diets is that beer or alcohol can pull you out of a ketogenic state. Why this diet is “BEER friendly” and works well even with moderate drinking.
  • How carbs ramp up calorie burn and energy expenditure, and why fats do NOT. A study comparing carbs vs fat when it comes to increasing the metabolism.

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High Carb Fat Loss – Learn Secrets For Losing Fat And Gain Muscles!

Here are a few more highlights from the course…

  • A secret “hack” to quickly scan an ingredient label and tell if a food has an optimal amount of fat.
  • Why many people mistakenly give up right when their body is primed to get rid of stubborn body fat and get lean. The COUNTERINTUITIVE way to tell if you are losing body fat.
  • Health ADVICE from a doctor who trained cardiac surgeons until the age of 95. He lived to the age of 104 and STILL drove at the age of 103!
  • What happens when you combine too many FATS with carbs. The reason this can cause insulin resistance and diabetes… and how switching to a high carb low fat diet can quickly correct this problem.
  • The precise STRATEGY to make yo-yo dieting a thing of the past. How to steadily lose weight without EVER backtracking and regaining that body fat.
  • For those wanting to drop fat rapidly: A simple, yet extremely effective meal plan to follow Monday through Thursday. This leaves flexibility to eat more and socialize on the weekends while making progress each and every week.
  • How to successfully follow this diet whether you are a vegan or a meat eater. Mark is VEGAN and Rusty is NOT.
  • Mark’s whole food vegan diet template for getting lean without hunger. How he is able to stay lean eating a surprisingly large amount of calories.
  • Rusty’s diet template of mixing in more processed food along with meat. How to get lean shopping in the “regular part” of the grocery store.
  • …and MUCH more.

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Hear From Real Customers

Incredible Results Shared by users of High Carb Fat Loss program!

“My lifelong, problematic pooch has dissipated quite remarkably, and I’ve never looked leaner and streamlined. I’m not aspiring to become a fitness model or to compete, and I’m not looking to have 6 pack abs. I am loving my dancer physique and cannot be happier for sticking to this diet that is completely sustainable for the rest of my life.”

Nami O.

“I’m proud to say that after three months, I’m down 19.4 lbs and most importantly, feeling very motivated and positive about the continued road ahead. When does anyone on a “diet” ever feel that way?!? I have so many friends and acquaintances that I see struggling with LCHF and I only wish I had a way to show them the much more livable (and healthy) alternative.”

Kelly M.

“After following this style of eating for quite a few months, and going from lean to shredded, I was pretty concerned about my T levels, so I went and got them checked. I’m 35 years old, sport single digit body fat (from following this eating strategy), and my T levels were 815ng/DL. That would put me in the high reference range of natural testosterone levels for any age group.”

Adam D.

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