How To Stop Random Fake Followers On Instagram!

You need people who like your Instagram account, who engage with you, and who connect with content. A lot depends upon your content too.

Unfortunately we naturally see after some time their is almost very less engagement in comparisons of our number of followers?

What am I’m gonna do with 10K followers with 20-30 likes and 2-3 comments?

Which 1-2 will be send your picture here @xyz for promotion?


Are some  bots diversifying their follows to hide from detection algorithms, or just some sad people hoping for attention via Instagram?

Let’s discuss this with a real life case!

OP: I used to post a couple times a week on Instagram and I was getting 200-300 followers a month. Now we hired someone to run our account and we’re posting every day.

This first month we got 900 new followers. This is great, but I noticed that engagement didn’t really change so I started looking through the new followers and a majority of them are fake accounts. I don’t think she is paying for fake followers because this happened to me years ago.

I started the Instagram, grew it to 300 followers then went inactive for 2 years. A year into that inactivity we randomly got 2,000 fake followers over the course of a month. Didn’t post anything, didn’t even log into the account for a year and that happened.

I didn’t really care about that because I wasn’t active, but now we are actually trying to grow the page and I am worried these fake followers will impact my reach. Anyone else experience this?

Nbloglinks: There are several tools available that can help you identify fake followers on your Instagram account. Here are a few options:

  • Followercheck: This tool allows you to analyze your followers and identify accounts that may be fake or inactive.
  • Socialbakers: This tool offers a suite of social media analytics tools, including a feature that can help you identify fake followers on your Instagram account.
  • Hootsuite: Hootsuite’s social media management platform includes a feature that allows you to identify and remove fake followers from your Instagram account.
  • Followerwonk: This tool, which is part of the Moz suite of SEO tools, includes a feature that allows you to analyze your followers and identify fake or inactive accounts.

Once you have identified fake followers on your account, you can remove them by blocking or deleting them. This can help improve the overall quality of your followers and increase engagement.

It’s important to note that no tool is 100% accurate, and some fake followers may not be identified. However, using these tools can help you get a better understanding of the quality of your followers and take steps to improve it.

OP: Thank you, I’ll definitely look into those. Any idea why this happens?

Nbloglinks: All i can say is that fake followers generally do not engage with the content on the account and can actually lower the account’s overall engagement and reach.

OG: Do they hope I start following them back or? And what would the purpose of that be?

Nbloglinks: Possibly that, yes. It’s not uncommon for smaller Instagram accounts to feel this sense of reciprocity for accounts that follow them, so it’s possible for a malicious actor to take advantage of that feeling.

Their fake accounts having more followers (from real people) would give them a false sense of credibility to others. For example a malicious party could then use that well-followed account to attempt to post/comment things under the guise that they’re a reputable source. Those things could include advertisements or socially-divisive political rhetoric.

OG: I get a lot of attractive women in undisclosed areas wanting to be friends and sending me messages on social apps. Some of them want to talk about crypto. They also found me on the Telegram app or uhive app. They are all Asian with names like Lisa or Alyssa, schooled in Hong Kong, live in NY, work in fashion, have a handful of generic selfies and voice messages they send out.

Nbloglinks: I just feel those women are much advance than me! now I almost feel disappointed by comparison :)-

Our Assessment on Fake Instagram Followers!

People who farm followers follow everyone in hopes of getting followed back. Then they unfollow to create a positive follower to following ratio. It makes their own accounts seem more popular or in the case of bots, looks more real.

Some gain followers by using bots in exchange for money, to boost certain topics or derail others.

So who is your competitor? or maybe your growth wisher? find out :)-

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