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Hypothyroidism Revolution | Diet Secrets To Stop Your Underactive Thyroid Naturally!

Hypothyroidism Revolution – Learn Diet Secrets To Stop Your Underactive Thyroid Naturally!

Can hypothyroidism be cured by diet?

If you or loved one us suffering from hypothyroidism there is a hope…

There is new hypothyroidism diet and treatment research…

If you want to overcome Hypothyroidism – Don’t Do This!

I’m sure you are well aware that there’s no shortage of information on the internet, especially when it comes to Hypothyroidism.

The good news is that all of this information helps to bring much needed awareness to Hypothyroidism and the DEVASTATING effects it can have on your life.

But what if I told you that 95% of hypothyroidism sufferers, like yourself, are using treatment options that are actually causing more harm than good… making you more hypothyroid every day?


Because they are based entirely on misinformation instead of sound and scientific research.

The real question is… How can you protect yourself from this misinformation and from becoming just another one of these 95% of sufferers who are doing it all wrong?

Well, I just found this great hypothyroidism resource which will really help clear up the confusion for you. The following video I’m about to share with you contains a lot of great information on how to naturally overcome hypothyroidism by stopping it directly at the source.

The best part is that it’s actually based on scientific research… Scientific research that I will bet that you have never even seen before.

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I know this will open your eyes as much as it did mine.

Are you still missing the BIG picture?

If you did watch it already then you were introduced to one of my favorite authors on the subject of hypothyroidism, Tom Brimeyer.

One of the reasons that I really enjoy Tom’s work and his “Hypothyroidism Revolution” is that he uses a completely unconventional approach to hypothyroidism that I’ve never seen anywhere before. He’s not pushing some magic pill solution and it’s not one of those “run of the mill” approaches that we both know doesn’t really work.

You’ve probably tried everything and regardless of what your lab tests say, you still feel like something isn’t right. Well, there’s a reason for that and it’s because you’ve been doing it all wrong… this information is definitely for you.

Here are just a few of the great topics that Tom gives some closure to…

  • Which foods you are eating on daily basis that are damaging your thyroid and which foods you need to be eating instead to help jumpstart your thyroid and energy levels…
  • 2 extremely important hormones that are stopping your thyroid from working properly and how to balance them properly so that you can sleep soundly and wake up refreshed…
  • Why your liver health is most important and should be your #1 priority in overcoming hypothyroidism…

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with Tom’s scope of knowledge on this subject. This is MUST-SEE info for anyone who suffers from hypothyroidism and who really wants to learn the truth about how to permanently overcome hypothyroidism and enjoy life again.

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I’m sure you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Is this 1 food causing your Hypothyroidism?

If you’ve done any research on how your diet can influence your thyroid health, you’ve likely stumbled upon a number of foods that can directly hurt your thyroid.

Today I need to warn you that there’s a BIG one that you don’t know about and it’s the worst of them all because it suppresses your thyroid on 3 different levels!

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But, what makes matters worse is that this is one of those “so-called” health foods that everyone is eating, including you. Even your doctor is recommending that you eat more of it.

If you want to know the #1 thyroid damaging food that is in everyone’s diet, including yours, then this video is for you…

I can’t help but wonder why more people don’t know this.

Hypothyroidism Revolution banner

Massive weight gain is rarely associated with hypothyroidism. In general, 5-10 pounds of body weight may be attributable to the thyroid, depending on the severity of the hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid doesn’t produce enough hormones. Symptoms may include a loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, decreased motivation, mood swings, a short temper, depression, and overwhelming stress.

Best Exercise For Hypothyroidism!

It can include walking, hiking, running, swimming, or working out in a gym.

A program of low impact aerobics exercise and strength training is probably the best type of exercise for hypothyroidism

Also Low impact aerobics can increase heart rate without putting too much exertion on your joints.

Can Hypothyroidism Go Away It’s Own?

Mild hypothyroidism may cause no symptoms.

Without treatment, however, the disease can become disabling over time.

There is an new hypothyroidism diet and treatment research which claims all symptoms of hypothyroidism will go away in a few weeks. In most cases, however, you must continue this treatment for the rest of your life.

The Hypothyroidism Revolution | Natural Therapy To Stop Hypothyroidism at the Source!

“Hypothyroidism Revolution” is a unique solution designed by Tom Brimeyer specifically to treat the aforesaid condition. This guide claims to offer you a natural and permanent solution to hypothyroidism so that you can reclaim your healthy life back.

It claims to be able to tackle the condition right at the source, thus eliminating it permanently. The Hypothyroidism Revolution guide comprises various phases that must all be followed to improve the overall health of the user.

Besides the main treatment section, the guide contains several tools that make it easy for users to track the progress of their treatment. With these tracking tools, you will witness firsthand how your thyroid gets better.

Unknown to many people, diet plays crucial role in the functioning of your thyroid. There are certain foods that have direct impact on the thyroid’s ability to produce metabolic hormones and the body’s capacity to utilize them.

Moreover, what most doctors will tell you is that the health of your thyroid is not affected at all by your diet.

But the truth may shock you.

As you start digging deep into the well-research information presented in this guide, you’ll realize distinctive story.

The information presented in this guide, you’ll realize distinctive story. The information you’ll get from Hypothyroidism Revolution is so rich and eye-opening that most doctors wouldn’t want you to know anyway.

You will learn..

  • Foods that contain certain nutrients can help maintain proper thyroid function, such as iodine, selenium, and zinc.
  • Other foods interfere with normal thyroid function, such as those containing goitrogens and soy, so limiting these can improve symptoms.
  • Some foods and supplements can interfere with how well the body absorbs thyroid replacement medicine, so limiting these foods can also help.
  • People with hypothyroidism should eat a diet based around vegetablesfruits, and lean meats. They are low in calories and very filling, which may help prevent weight gain.

Hypothyroidism Revolution : What It has inside?

The treatment section is split into three phases.

Phase 1 introduces you to a special healing diet that is specifically aimed at boosting the function of the thyroid. In fact, this transition diet not only helps your thyroid function as it ought to, but it improves all body functions as well.

By the time you’re done with phase 1, you’ll notice a significant boost in energy levels while all the cravings will have disappeared.

Phase 2 that introduces 3 vital nutrients that will reverse all the abnormal hormonal changes in your body that sometimes mess up the normal functioning on the thyroid. Your sleeping habits will become much better and so will your overall health.

After completing this phase, you’ll feel like a completely different person.

Phase 3 is merely a follow up the solid foundation you built in the previous phases. In this phase, you’ll be introduced to small lifestyle changes that you need to implement in order to sustain the good health that was built in phase 1 and 2. Things like the right exercises that boost thyroid activity are outlined in this phase.

More importantly, you’ll get to learn the activities to avoid that simply drain your energy for no good.

If you want to take thyroid meds, anti-anxiety meds and all other meds to feel better and get relief, this book is not for you…

This book is not for everyone, as it is very detailed…It is excellent for anyone who has had to become their own patient advocate…:)

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10 Hypothyroidism Diet Tips to Help Heal Your Thyroid

Here are 10 important tips that are a necessity for any successful hypothyroidism diet. But more importantly, I’ve broken them down so that you also understand why they are so important.

All too often, we accept many things that we read as the truth without questioning or verifying the facts with the proper research.

1. Avoid Anti-Thyroid Foods

The first hypothyroidism diet tip that I want to share with you is one that is very important. And this is because it’s a controversial topic because there are some highly touted “health foods” that you are eating which are actually contributing to your hypothyroidism.

Some of the first foods that come to mind are any food that contains soy. This includes soybeans, edamame, soy milk, tofu, etc. Soy is very estrogenic and estrogens have been shown to inhibit the thyroid gland from secreting its thyroid hormones.

And this is disturbing because I have seen more than one, very well respected hypothyroidism diet and hypothyroidism treatment program that actually recommend soy without ever discussing this very important link.

Another very controversial food that directly contributes to hypothyroidism is the polyunsaturated fats in your diet. And one reason this is such a big problem is that these fats have been touted for years for their beneficial properties while ignoring the research that clearly show the dangers.

But when it comes to your thyroid, these fats suppress its function on just about every level. First of all, they block the secretion of your thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland itself. Then they also block the transportation of the thyroid hormone within your bloodstream. And lastly, they block your cells from properly utilizing the hormone once they get it.

The research against these fats simply can’t be ignored. And the best hypothyroidism diet should exclude these fats at all costs. Or else you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

2. Increase Your Saturated Fats

Saturated fats on the other hand carry a lot of unfounded negative criticism. Criticizers of saturated fats still continue to cite outdated and poorly executed research studies from more than 50 years ago while ignoring the enormous amount of research showing their benefits.

One of the major benefits of the saturated fats being part of your hypothyroidism diet is that they help to cancel out the negative effects of the toxic polyunsaturated fats.

They also help by improving your body’s insulin response which helps you to maintain balanced blood sugar levels and reduce stress hormones. Elevated stress hormones are also one of the many hypothyroidism causes.

But you do have to be careful with many animal fats because they might not be quite what they seem on the outside. For example, all conventionally raised cattle are fattened with corn, soy, and other foods that are high in polyunsaturated fats. And because of this, their body fat becomes very unsaturated in the process.

So it’s important to include only high quality saturated fats in your diet for hypothyroidism. This includes fats from grass fed and grass finished animals, butter, and coconut oil.

3. Eat Your Fruit

Fruit can actually be one of your best friends when it comes to your hypothyroidism diet.

For starters, most fruit is very high in potassium which plays an important role in regulating your blood sugar. This helps to decrease the need of insulin which helps keeps your blood sugar more stable for longer periods of time.

And by regulating your blood sugar, you automatically reduce your stress hormone response which, as I mentioned above, is a common problem with hypothyroidism.

However, there are some fruits which are best avoided. Avocados are a good example because of their high unsaturated fat content.

So, the key is to focus you hypothyroidism diet on the right fruits and avoid those that are working against you.

4. Increase Your Salt Intake

There are a lot of myths out there regarding salt and sodium. But it’s more important than most people realize, especially when it comes to your hypothyroidism diet.

Sodium is actually a very important nutrient that your body needs to carry out a multitude of functions. For example, sodium is necessary for properly regulating blood pressure. But it also has some other important functions in dealing with hypothyroidism.

One of the more common hypothyroidism symptoms is edema. And edema is a problem with your cells that causes them to take up more water. But when your cells take up water, they lose sodium which is then excreted and lost through your urine.

And when your sodium level is low, it actually slows your metabolism and increases your stress hormones which can also lead to sleep problem. And elevated stress hormones end up making you even more hypothyroid.

And because you get sodium from salt, it should make sense that salt is a necessary component of your hypothyroidism diet in order to help keep your stress hormones to a minimum and reverse hypothyroidism.

And most people need a lot more than they think.

5. Get Plenty of Bone Broth

Most people don’t even know what bone broth is, let alone that it’s one of the best sources of protein that you can get. Bone broth was actually a common part of most people’s diets more than a century ago. But now, it’s become an almost entirely forgotten component of almost every hypothyroidism diet.

Bone broth is best known for being high in nutrients and very easy to digest. But it’s unique because it contains a blend of very anti-inflammatory amino acids that are lacking among most sources of meat.

6. Eat Some Shellfish

Living close to water definitely has its perks, especially when it comes to seafood. But shellfish in general are actually very beneficial to your thyroid and can play a crucial role in your hypothyroidism diet.

For starters, they are a good source of thyroid hormone which we rarely get in our standard meat based diet these days. So eating shellfish alone can help give your thyroid some much needed support.

Another amazing benefit of shellfish is that they are naturally high in selenium. And selenium is one of the key nutrients that are required to convert the inactive T4 to the active T3 thyroid hormone in your liver.

7. Cut the Processed Foods

If it’s one thing that almost every hypothyroidism diet can agree with, it’s that processed foods have no place whatsoever in your diet.

Processed and/or packaged foods are loaded with processed grains that cause lots of problems with your blood sugar. And this causes a spike in your insulin levels which eventually leaves you with low blood sugar. And this creates yet another stress hormone response in order to raise your blood sugar levels back to normal.

There’s also the issue of these processed foods being full of toxic chemicals like flavor enhancers and preservatives. These chemicals are toxic and contribute to liver congestion which makes it even more difficult for your liver to convert the necessary thyroid hormones into their active form.

8. Cook Your Veggies

This is another one of the more controversial topics when it comes to your hypothyroid diet. And that’s because there’s a lot of misconceptions out there regarding raw vs. cooked veggies.

Yes, raw veggies do contain more nutrients than cooked veggies. But it’s not about what you eat; it’s about what you digest.

Because raw veggies are very difficult to digest, you actually extract fewer nutrients from them raw than you do from cooked veggies.

You also want to really cook your veggies well in order to help break down the fiber and make the nutrients as readily available as possible. Otherwise, the fiber can become food for bad gut bacteria which is problematic and also contributes to hypothyroidism.

9. Don’t Overdo the Water

Continuing in our long list of controversial hypothyroidism diet topics, let’s discuss water.

Most people are led to believe that they need 8 glasses of water a day or even more. But what we already know about hypothyroidism is that is causes water retention. So why does it make sense to drink even more water when your body has a problem getting rid of it in the first place?

It doesn’t.

And this can cause your sodium levels to drop even more which as I mentioned above, also contributes to hypothyroidism.

The best recommendation for water while on your hypothyroidism diet is to drink when thirsty. If you work outside in the sun then odds are you’ll need more water than me while I’m sitting here indoors moving only my fingers on the keyboard.

The amount of water you really need depends on many variables. And your thirst is the best indicator of how much you need.

10. Drink Your Coffee

I thought I would round out the 10 hypothyroidism diet tips with… coffee.

Believe it or not, but coffee has some amazing benefits for your thyroid. But keep in mind that it has to be taken right or else it can have some negative effects. You should never drink coffee on an empty stomach. And it’s important to add the right ratios of fat and sugar.

Coffee is high in caffeine which works to stimulate your thyroid. It’s also high in magnesium and B vitamins which are both necessary for proper thyroid function.

Studies also back up these claims showing that coffee drinkers have the lowest incidence of thyroid disease, including cancer.

I know that many of the tips that I just gave you are controversial. But they are all based on research even though the research might not have made it into the public eye for one reason or another. That’s a topic for another article. But I hope that you’ve learned some very useful tips that you can immediately put into action and incorporate into your hypothyroidism diet today to start seeing some results.

I do hope this will help you a lot to be a active person in your daily life!

Don’t forget to check this video for more info.

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