Initiative Q | Quahl | New Digital Currency of Future payments

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You may have heard of New Digital Currency Quahl (formerly Initiative Q) when it launched. It has since taken off with more than 6 million people registered. It’s an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a modern payment system.

To get people to start using this system they are giving away Q, the system’s own currency – but the amount decreases over time.

Economics scholars support the concept and if this becomes a world-leading payment method your Qs can be worth a lot. Signing up is free and there’s nothing to lose.

So if you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

What’s the deal? This start-up aims to replace the current payment systems (currency,credit cards, cash, wire transfers) because they are clunky and costly.

Initiative Q | Quahl | Future of payments

There are newer technologies ready to replace them, says the material on the site, but this does not happen because not enough people switch to the new currencies. If a platform was created that enough people in the world on-boarded, then $20 trillion of transactions a year will flow on this new payment system.

Initiative Q is reserving this Q currency for people who join today—the earlier you join, the more Q you can reserve”. And then the killer line: “Think of this as getting free bitcoin seven years ago.”

Why is it so attractive?

Because there is no pitch for paying anything right now for a seat at the table to what could be a future. Bitcoin.

Just your email and name is good enough to register you for this future currency.

And the more people you invite, the more Q you get. Your “wealth” increases as your network increases.

All people have to do is to sign up. No money that you pay out—at least not right now, just a bit of your digital detail.

Here is you can join the Future digital currency for free*

*Registrations are currently paused!