Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit Crappie Fishing Techniques

Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit | Secret Crappie Fishing Techniques!

The Instant Crappie Catching Tricks E-Kit – Learn Secret Crappie Fishing Techniques!

  • Do You Want To Catch More Crappie In A Single Day Than You Have Ever Done Before?
  • Learn how to catch a 2 – 3 pound crappie with a weedless hook!
  • Learn how to fill a big wire basket with crappie… in just two hours..
  • And Even Out-Catch Most Local Guys In Waters You’ve Never Fished Before!

Now You Can Slam Your Limit Of Crappie Almost Every Time… Even When Other Guys Are Struggling!

Here I am going to reveal you the crappie catching tricks and secrets my friend Joel Adams shared with me. (keep it secret!)

By using his tricks you can catch 2, 3, and even 4 times the amount of crappie you’re catching now. (And if you’re not catching any… this stuff will blast your catch count past most fishermen in your area):

  • How to turn any “dead spot” into a hot bed of attacking crappie by using 2 rods, a bobber, 2 minnows, a crankbait, and a pair of nail clippers. (This one actually stimulates the natural “compete to survive” instinct in every crappies brain… almost forcing them to strike out of desperation.)
  • The amazing “dirty dozen” crappie attractor secret that triggers a natural phenomenon — forcing crappie to “school” right below your bait! (You can set this up with 2 items you’ll find in every kitchen… and it never fails as long as crappie are within 50 yards of your location.)
  • How to use the “Sunday Funnies” section of the newspaper to create an “ugly bait” crappie tear into like pissed-off piranha!

He basically gives you a blueprint for how to adapt his techniques for any area of the country, and almost any condition.

Here are just a few of the many secrets Joel will show you for each one of these situations:

  • From A Boat – How to turn your boat into an automatic crappie catching machine with a unique trolling system that combines weird bait movements, color combinations, multiple presentations, and Joel’s “lawn mower” trolling pattern.
  • From Shore – A unique method for popping a slip cork towards the shore to create an irresistible”attack urge” in every crappie’s brain.
  • Spring4 attack triggering baits spawning crappie rip into like rabid dogs! (…and if you rotate them using Joel’s simple instructions the action won’t die down until your arms are about to fall off.)
  • Summer – How to stab a minnow with your hook so it “spasms” through the water and gets nailed by suspending summer crappie. (You’ll use Joel’s “stabbing secret” with light line, a light sinker, and a split shot to catch more crappie than anyone else in your spot…)
  • FallA group of little-known bass fishing baits you can modify to catch more crappie than anything else in the fall. (The real power of these baits comes from the simple “artificial swim” technique Joel uses with them to drive crappie wild!)
  • Winter – How to use “hidden gems” found in horse manure to catch a whole school of crappie in the winter! (These are rarely found in water… but their combination of bright coloring, rapid movement, and small size make them irresistible to crappie.)

There’s Nothing Worse Than Sitting For Hours Without A Single Bite…

… after you’ve tried different spots… after you’ve tried every bait you have… and you feel like you’re out there wasting your time.

Sure, some guys will tell you it’s OK if you don’t catch anything. That the most important thing is “getting out into nature”… and it’s not really about catching fish.

I agree with the “getting out into nature” part :)-

But if you’re like most fishermen, you go out to slam a motherload of crappie. Not spend all day moving… waiting… moving… waiting… without a single bite.

And Joel has all the secrets you’ll ever need to catch your limit quickly.

You are going to learn secrets like:

  • A unique method for using “shade” to catch a boatload of crappie in the late spring and summer. (Hint: You’ll move parallel to the shore while using Joel’s secret “gun slinging” technique to rip crappie out of the water one after another… after another!)
  • A secret double rigging that combines the crappie catching power of 2 white and chartreuse jigs to catch a consistent stream of “double headers”. (You’ll use the 2 jigs, a float, and Joel’s strange bait movement patterns to catch 2 crappie at a time… almost every time you try!)
  • Joel’s secret “Meat Getter” rig that taps into a crappies’ inner bite instincts, and tricks him right onto your hook. (This amazing strategy combines a bell sinker, a few #2 light wire hooks, a special bait, and a unique rigging to catch crappie like clockwork… year round!)

… and then after you’ve used these (and many more — you’ll see them below)… and you’re sitting there with a pile of big crappie — then you can sit and enjoy nature… OK?

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Just remember: because you’ll be catching lots of crappie consistently…

Almost Every Fisherman You Know Will Beg To Go With You… Even The Kids!

When you discover Joel’s inside strategies for keeping the bite going all day long, your fishing partners will reap the rewards too.

It’s fun as heck catching crappie, and you’ll be the guy everyone wants to fish with — because they’ll catch more with you.

You’ll build tighter lifelong friendships, and the kids will beg to go fishing with you constantly.

Now, it’s possible you already catch more crappie than you can handle. But…

Do You Want To Catch A Monster Crappie? Do You Want To “Own” The Local Record?

If you want to dramatically increase the average size crappie you’re catching… if you want to feel the spine tingling thrill of hauling in a 3 pound plus monster… Joel uses some sneaky tricks to find, attract, target, and trigger an all out attack on your bait from only the biggest crappies in your spot.

His monster crappie catching secrets are “unique” to say the least… and a few of them are downright “weird”.

And I never imagined they’d work this well…

Catching 100 Crappie In A Single Day Is Impressive… But Hauling In A Trophy-Sized Monster Is “Legendary”…

There’s just something about the fight with that monster crappie… and how he looks as you haul him up out of the water…

… how you’re buddies’ jaws hit the deck when they lay eyes on your prize.

The biggest crappie they (and you) have ever seen.

And it’s yours.

Everyone who sees what you caught will talk about it for years.

And Joel’s got the techniques that will help you feel that thrill. There’s really nothing else like it.

Here’s just 3 of the dozens he’ll show you.

  • How to create a swirling “bait tornado”, causing dozens of bigger crappie to fire into your spot like mini-torpedos… and feed! (Use this one to bring the big ones to your doorstep… and go for the local record.)
  • A “snag fishing” secret you’ll use to catch monster crappie around submerged timber quickly and easily. (You’ll get hung up at least once with this… but it’ll be worth it when you haul in the big ones.)
  • The “crappie jelly” secret any beginner can use to catch big ones like an experienced master. (Hardly anyone knows about this “monster crappie catnip”… and it works like a charm!)

What I revealed you is just tip of the iceberg…

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