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Is This Killing You? | Learn Secrets What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!

Is There Something In Your Home, Workplace And Or Automobile That Could Be Killing You Right Now And You Don’t Even Know It?

It is probably not what you think!

I know how important it is for you to know this!

Discover about devastating killer that is plaguing our society. This is information you can pass on to your kids and grandkids to keep them safe this is nothing to take lightly!

Save your kids and possibly many other people’s lives and or quality of life…

..and if you are African-American you definitely need to see this in my opinion this could be one of the reasons you have higher rates of diabetes and Asthma than Caucasian people!

If you live in a trailer park or camper you must read this…

If you’re a teacher you must read this and tell everyone at your school…

If you’re a fireman you must read this and tell everyone at the firehouse…

If you’re in the military this is an absolute must!

I’m pretty sure nearly everyone who reads this will be thanking me unless you’re a doctor then you might hate me!

Is This Killing You ? | Discover What you don’t know CAN hurt you! 

Once you discover what this is, you will only wish you knew about this sooner! You and your whole family could be in danger and you don’t even know it! This is not something you should just take a pass on!

So here is my story!

Warning something in your home workplace or automobile could be killing you and you don’t even know it it’s not what you think?

This is something you don’t want to miss if you have any of the following symptoms or conditions you absolutely need to stop everything you are doing and keep reading!

You’re constantly tired…You want to go back to bed.

You’re overweight…You have sexual dysfunction

You have type 2 diabetes tumors… you have joint pains

You have chronic headaches… you have twitching for no reason

You have numbness… you have cramps for no reason

You have chronic pain for no reason or any other mystery symptoms

You may have male or female it does not matter even if you have none of these symptoms this
could be the most important message you!

I’ll get to the point in a minute but before I do I would like to introduce myself you can call me Veto.

it’s not my real name but in order to conceal my identity for reasons you’ll find out later we’ll just start with veto.

I’m a carpenter by trade and if you’re in construction you almost have to hear what I say because there’s no doubt you’ve been exposed to this killer.

I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago.

I’m not a doctor and nothing I say should be used as medical advice!

Nothing I say should be used to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease the information.

I’m going to share with you is my own personal Theory based on my own opinion from my personal experiences

And I cannot prove or guarantee anything I’m about to tell you but I am open for any scientist to try and prove me wrong they have to do the challenge I tell them to though for me to take them seriously I’ll explain later just in case you were wondering!

I’m not a Harvard educated scientist… I’m not some kind of Health Guru

I’m not a nurse… I’m not a health expert.

In fact I’m not an expert at anything!!

I’m just a real regular guy with a story to tell I have to get up and go to work tomorrow…

…. just just like you the only difference is I’m nowhere near as tired in the morning as I used to be!

I’m not 100 back to normal but I’m certainly not where I was just a few years ago.

You see it all started while living in a two-bedroom apartment on the garden level something just started to seem off.

I was feeling depressed… I was tired my sex drive was slowly diminishing…

I gained about 50 pounds… I was miserable and it showed I just knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what I changed my diet started eating healthy and working out and to my surprise I still felt the same so I did what any other person would do who was having these symptoms.

I made an appointment to see the doctor my appointment to see my primary doctor was a few days out in the meantime I kept hearing this ad for a clinic that would restore your sex drive it was promoting testosterone pellets their ads would also talk about how the testosterone pellets could improve your mood and make you less tired so I fell for it and I went to get some my testosterone was in the 600s which isn’t really low in medical standards!

I mean if you were a bodybuilder that may be low but just not for an average guy like me considering one of my friends just told me his was in the 200s prior to me coming!!

I ended up spending thousands of dollars to get these pellets inserted in hopes it would solve my problem.

I was desperate and would do anything to get me out of this misery months later they tested my testosterone again it was in the 800s.. but the way I felt it didn’t make a lick of difference!

In my opinion it was worthless I was still miserable and it wasn’t my thinking or my attitude.

I had a great thought pattern and my attitude was filled with hope and gratitude but I must admit I was desperate to fix what was wrong with me the only thing the testosterone pellets did for me besides drain an extra $2500 out of my pocket.

It was lead me with an infected cut on my side… at least it seemed to me after that my body would start twitching around the area where the insertion was made.

I knew I shouldn’t have done that!

It should have been a red flag when I asked the guy who was doing the procedure what the product was made of and he didn’t even know how do you not know what you are inserting into a human being is made of especially when you do this for a living it just blew my mind from my experience!

I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money..

In case you were wondering just for instance if you have low libido I will tell you my opinion of what causes it and what I think you can do about it it’s not the conventional information you normally read about it’s something totally different!

So I finally get into my appointment with the doctor by this time I wanted him to look at my cut from the insertion which basically looked healed but I knew it had to be infected because I could still feel it pulsating anyway he did a checkup and ordered some blood work to which if I remember correctly it came back with nothing!

I couldn’t believe that I could feel so sick yet a doctor not be able to tell me anything is wrong he had to be missing..

something there was just no way as time .. went on I began slowly losing all the sensation all over my body…

…I could feel someone touch me but there was no reward to any type of touch…

… I noticed this slowly going away as I would get haircuts and the girl would massage my head and after a while everywhere was like touching your thumb!!

To make matters worse when I came home I noticed a drip on my bathroom floor I looked up and it was a leak from the ceiling my neighbor’s bathroom upstairs must have been leaking into my unit it made me wonder how long that had been leaking for my neighbor upstairs happened to be a sheriff and when I knocked on his door and told him about the leak he was willing to check it out…

…but he was a little defensive at first as he thought we were going to get insurance companies involved and things could get ugly but to his surprise I told him it was no big deal that I would redo the damaged part of the bathroom in my unit if he would just fix the leak.

I think that took a weight off his chest!

As I think he already had enough issues going on in his life as I believe the reason he moved in upstairs was because he and his wife had separated I’m not sure though I didn’t want to bother my landlord or anyone else so I fixed the bathroom and everything seemed fine but I was still extremely sick it took its toll on my relationship because I couldn’t be myself anymore because of the sickness.

Eventually the person whom I was renting from decided to sell the play place and I had to move at this point I didn’t have the energy for anything and the last thing I needed was to have to move.

We all know how much of a disruption to life moving is it’s even worse when you’re so sick you don’t even want to get out of bed and the worst part was my girlfriend at the time didn’t even believe me!

A couple of days went by after I made the repairs in the bathroom and I was shocked that my neighbor did an awesome Deed by leaving me a 12 pack outside my apartment tour!

That was an awesome move on his part…

..I really appreciated that so I ended up moving and I’m still about as sick as you could possibly be I was really at my Wit’s End.

I honestly couldn’t take it anymore…

.. I was tired of people telling me it’s your diet especially when I ate healthier than most of the people telling me that.. I was sick of these people who were in perfect shape telling me that they had the answer when all they had was the Holy Grail to nothing..

Oh and not to mention the annoying friend that tells you just change your attitude and everything will be fine if it was that simple don’t you think everyone would be happy healthy and Rich!

Although in the end I did partially think my way out of this but it’s totally not in the way you think.

I’ll explain in a little bit but at the time I was stumped and I’m sure you could relate I was feeling like a burden to everyone I didn’t even want to talk about it anymore but I was dying inside!

I was running out of options I went to the doctor multiple times only to be Shrugged off to be told that I was fine and it was in my head.

I even went to specialist after specialist I knew they were wrong…

I knew it wasn’t just in my head the doctor would say things like maybe you’re just depressed if you’ve been down this road you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I knew there had to be something causing me all this misery.

I was tired of acting like everything was fine even though it wasn’t my life had literally become my own personal hell on Earth.

I knew there had to be an answer and I literally would beg God every night to show me what was wrong and how to fix it I kept going to the doctor and eventually I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes it was so bad that eventually my A1C ended up at 13.4 which is insanely High considering normal is somewhere in the fives!

I believe my urine was literally like honey but one thing that was off was that I knew it couldn’t be my diet that caused this as I ate more spinach than Popeye and I was literally eating a very clean diet minus a couple too many beers every now and then so if type 2 diabetes was caused by your diet I thought there had to be something wrong with that theory it just didn’t make sense to me.

My memory was deteriorating at an alarming rate and I was starting to not remember anything it was noticeable to almost everyone around me I would lose my keys and notice later they were in my hand if you had this going on.

But what I am saying is that there is a reason you are here today you’re looking for answers just like I was and this could be the answer in the desert of lost hope and revolving door doctors to which you’ve been searching I’ve been there I know I have no doubt in my mind that if I didn’t figure this out I would be dead right now.

Find Out Now the secrets like:

  • The information to the 1 thing that I think could be killing you right now and you don’t even know it! 
  • Find out the 1 thing you can do right away to get you and your family away from it! 
  • Find out the one thing I did that I think worked to improve my memory and energy levels! (This was Lifechanging!)
  • ​The contact to the lab that processes the test that your doctor can order for you to find out if this is effecting you!(Your doctor probably doesn’t know about it) 
  • ​Find out which 2 Supplements that the Lab that does the tests recommends that you take if this is effecting you!
  • ​Find out the one thing that I found out was effecting my libido that you don’t usually hear about and what I did about it! Its probably not what you are thinking, I didn’t think so either…
  • ​The opportunity to read my theory on what I think causes type 2 diabetes. (I cant guarantee it but it will at the very least, make you think!) Here is a hint: It’s not your diet!

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