Ketostat Creatine HCL

Ketostat Creatine HCL | Gain Lean Body, Increased Muscles Size And Strength In Just 2 Weeks!

Are you looking for greater gains in lean body mass, muscle strength and power for your resistance, interval and strength training workouts?

Creatine helps athletes of all levels achieve a variety of fitness goals, from gaining muscle to maintaining weight loss. Creatine-saturated muscles enhance sports performance, especially for activities involving repeated high-intensity exercises. (Think basketball, soccer, ski racing, kickboxing, football, etc.) Supplementing with creatine increases the water content of your muscles. The water retention allows the muscle to quickly increase in size.

It also gives athletes energy for sprints or surges in endurance events where he or she wants to break away from the pack.

Creatine is extensively researched to determine its impact on health, well-being physical energy, muscle formation, loss of fat and cognition, in addition to other advantages.

Creatine is an effective supplement with powerful benefits for both athletic performance and health. It may boost brain function, fight certain neurological diseases, improve exercise performance, and accelerate muscle growth.

Creatine is best known for its muscle-building benefits. It’s suggested to help increase muscle mass, aids in short energy bursts and allows the muscles to efficiently recover post-workout.

Let me clear here that Creatine does not directly burn body fat, which is often a common misconception. Taking creatine supplements can help your body build lean muscle mass.

Introducing Ketostat Patented Creatine HCL Powder. This clinically dosed creatine supplement is designed to help you generate explosive power and muscle growth, while also improving your ability to train hard for longer.

Ketostat Creatine HCL Powder

Creatine Hydrochloride (creatine HCL) is considered as a better alternative over creatine monohydrate. A study from 2015 discovered that creatine HCL as well as creatine monohydrate provided similar strength-boosting advantages. However only creatine HCl caused modifications in the body’s composition. Also, any creatine supplement can help increase your strength, however creatine HCl was found to be more effective to reduce body fat as well as building lean muscle mass which is the main goal for many when working out.

How fast does creatine HCL work?

Creatine results kick in after roughly 2-4 weeks, depending on dose and personal response. They also begin to wear off, as you establish a new normal within the body, after around six weeks. The difference here is that you’re maintaining levels at a healthy, optimal state, rather than addressing a deficiency.

Ketostat Creatine HCL Ingredients

This powder is in the purest, highest grade on the market. Maximize efficacy, absorption and solubility.

  • Alpha-GPC – Boost acetylcholine levels in your brain contributing to improve memory, cognition, learning and focus.
  • Huperzine-A – Helps promote memory by increasing acetylcholine levels. Users report improve memory, retention, cognition and lucid dreams.
  • Taurine – Boost athletic performance by reducing muscular fatigue.
  • L-Theanine – Works quickly to increase dopamine and serotonin. The “feel good” chemicals in your brain.

Ketostat Creatine HCL Benefits!

  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION UPTAKE – 40x more soluble in fluid than creatine monohydrate. Mixes almost instantly with no sedimentation
  • NO LOADING CYCLE – Creatine HCL is absorbed by the intestines around 60% better than creatine monohydrate Take a much smaller dose of creatine HCL to get similar results as creatine monohydrate
  • NO BLOATING – Reduces the chance of G.l. distress issues and water retention
  • FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY – Reduced fatigue, and clinical proven to increase muscle strength and power output
  • INCREASED FAT LOSS – Increase in muscle mass means an increase in metabolic expenditure, decrease in body fat percentage in athletes that used creatine HCL over creatine monohydrate.

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How Does Ketostat Creatine Hydrochloride Work?

Ketostat Creatine Hydroxychloride functions by providing you with a powerful amount of creatine HCL that will help boost energy, endurance, as well as mental and physical endurance.

Each portion of Ketostat Creatine Hydrochloride comes with Creatine HCL, a patented ingredient that is in Con-CRET creatine. This creatine has passed strict purity laboratory testing and top quality standards to ensure the highest effectiveness. CON-CRET creatine is found in creatine supplements from 2004.

Both powders and capsules include additional ingredients that help concentration. The powder contains a high dose of creatine, along with L-theanine Huperzine A, as well as alpha GPC Three of the most sought-after ingredients found in the world of nootropic supplements. If you take these ingredients regularly it will help you increase your cognitive and physical energy in order to maximize the benefits from the product.

Why Should I Take Ketostat Creatine HCL ?

Ketostat Creatine HCL was created because most people hate the grittiness of creatine monohydrate because it never dissolved in your protein shakes or water. So it’s easy to take with proper dosages.

Ketostat Creatine HCL Powder Supplement

Ketostat Creatine Hydrochloride is made with patented Con-cret Reinforced creatine formula which provides all of the benefits of creatine at a significantly lower dose and without unpleasant side effects!

  • Product Purity Reliability – Patented Creatine HCL goes through strict purity lab testing and must pass high quality standards. This process reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Ensuring you are getting what is on the product label without contaminates
  • Science-Backed Results – Patented products require scientific studies and clinical studies data to verify the use of the product is true, for patent approval The Creatine HCL in every Ketostat bottle has been backed by science since 2004
  • High Manufacturing Quality – Manufactured in an FDA-Registered CGMP-Certified Facility. Each batch is tested to ensure what is on the label is in the bottle.

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When should I take creatine HCL?

You can take it shortly before you exercise, shortly after you exercise, or at some time that isn’t close to when you exercise. Another option is to split your daily dose and take it throughout the day.

Are there side effects?

Only if you do not drink a lot of water. it is recommended to drink at least 2 to 3 liters a day. If you skip water you will get constipated and your lifts will suffer.

It is basically a food and it is a meat derivative. Creatine is found in ground beef, meat, steak and the like. I don’t think there is side effects other than water weight gain in the beginning.

If you take a preworkout check to see if it has creatine and adjust accordingly.

You need 3.5g if female, 5g if male and sometimes more if you are at a certain muscle amount of strength standard.

You do not need to cycle it, or take time off. just 5 g a day with 3 liters of water.

I take creatine after a workout. I wake up and drink water, I leave my house at 550pm and walk 5 minutes to my gym. I bring a bottle of water with me, I drink before during and after a workout I add 5 grams of creatine to a 12 ounce glass and slam it home. I drink water an hour before bed, pee then go to bed wake up and see what color my pee is. If it is light yellow i am good. clear too much, anything darker i need more water.

There is no mental stimulation like ginseng or caffeine. Creatine helps with the last rep on the last set which helps break down muscle fibers so that protein can fix and repair and grow your muscles while you sleep.

Also remember when you stop taking creatine, the muscle you built while supplementing with creatine will remain in place. However, you may notice less muscle fullness (due to reduced water retention) as well as a slight drop off in performance (due to lower stores of creatine in the muscle).

How to Take Ketostat Creatine HCL Powder?

ketostat creatine HCL how to take
  • Creatine HCL can be taken at any time of the day!
  • Take 1 scoops and mix into 12-20oz of ice cold water or juice
  • Take everyday consistently and workout hard

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Who should not take creatine HCL?

People with kidney disease, high blood pressure, or liver disease should not take creatine. Taking creatine supplements may stop the body from making its own natural stores, although researchers don’t know what the long-term effects are.

Ketostat Creatine HCL Testimonials

The taste is pretty good, it dissolves nicely in water, and I’ve been able to get great lifts in after a couple of weeks taking it! Because it’s a supplement you have to allow it some time to build up in your system. Others may have various times of when it’ll become effective for them, but so far it seems to be doing the job.

Crystal Miliani, Ohio

Overall, I’m satisfied with this so far. I have been using creatine monohydrate for quite some time, so upon receiving this bottle I paused the use of my other creatine and started using this one to compare effectiveness.

So far I’ve been satisfied with the continuation of creatine’s great benefits

Mark Swift, Texas

This creatine is pretty good once you mix it with water. My husband and I generally drink creatine before our workouts. He didn’t like the taste of this one as much as I did. We both love the benefits of this creatine as it makes working out more beneficial. It’s nice to have better cognition while working out also. I love that when we take it we also get an added benefit of water intake. It’s a good price for a month worth of creatine.

Eve, Washington












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