Kings and Queens of Content Club

Kings and Queens of Content Club | Best AI Tools To Get Top Rank In Google SERPs!

 In the word of marketing, content is said to be King; it educates people so that they know, like, and trust you well enough to do business with you.

It’s been years hearing “Content is the King of SEO”. Well, it is indeed true!

Content rules the SEO and Digital Marketing overall. Having a good content strategy is considered as the key to business’ digital success.

Companies invest lots of time, energy, and money in creating a unique content strategy that can sell their brand. This means the companies emphasize on developing engaging content. If the content is dull, you cannot conquer the top rank on the SERPs.

A content strategy is successful when it can drive more traffic to the business website and make a visitor take some action.

And so this begs the question: If Content Is King, Then What’s Queen?

Content is incomplete without Marketing!

Content and Marketing go hand in hand. If the content is catchy, can drive traffic, and generate leads, it needs to reach the right people at the right time via the right platform. There are very fewer chances your new website’s content gets read by people without any marketing efforts from your side. May it be with an SEO or Social Media, your need to keep your visitors/viewers informed and engaged with the relatable content.

You must understand why content is the king, the importance of quality content makes or breaks your digital marketing efforts and marketing is the queen as having quality content is not enough and of no use, if it’s not reaching to your target audience at the right time. Engagement on the content are the citations or social proof that the piece of content is good.  These both have the potential to grow your business online and offline. Engagement without valuable content is a waste of time or spamming. Similarly, what is the use of a piece of content that doesn’t reach your target customers at the right place at the right time?

Kings and Queens of Content Club | AI content writing methods To Rank In google !

Kings and Queens of Content Club AI Content
Kings and Queens of Content Club AI Content

The Kings and Queens of Content Club is made to help “do-it-yourself” business people quickly create high-quality, 100% original content at minimal cost and time needed, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. The Kings and Queens isn’t just about writing articles. It’s about utilizing a wide variety resources, ideas, strategies and tips to create quality content that people want.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly and dramatically changing how we do business on the Net.

The truth is, good AI tools should be thought of as helpers. You can’t simply put in a couple of words and expect a long 2000 word article. But, it can help you write better articles in a lot less time, if you understand a few simple things. You need to specifically direct AI what to do, not expect it to do things on its own.

These AI content writing methods are simple, effective and included in the Kings and Queens of Content Club.

If you want to make AI art a part of your business models, here’s a handful of things that will help you build an organized foundation and let you be as productive as possible.

1. Kings and Queens private VIP area.
2. The private Pheeds Discord.

Making and owning artwork opens unlimited opportunities for you, especially if you have the advantage of being one of the first to develop products and content using AI generated artwork…and you don’t have any artistic skills and still want to be in the game.

This means you can create unlimited products from YOUR original artwork that YOU can LEGALLY sell.

You can sell everything from tees, mugs, web page templates, WordPress themes, flyers, brochures, post cards, invitations, posters, low content publications, posters, comics and that’s just the “tip of the iceberg”.

You have access to the private Pheeds MJ Discord for direct, hands-on prompt crafting and the Kings and Queens for how to use AI for fun and profit, news, tools, discussions plus all the other content and product resources.

“Pheed” Keywords. Unlike the typical “expert” SEO advice that tells you to research your niche using keyword tools. Pheed keywords are NOT niches. They are the words you use to find profitable niches.

The typical SEO guru advice is to research the best keywords for a particular niche. Start your research with pheed keywords to find your niches, then use the tools, tips and resources in the Kings and Queens to create content and products for those niches.

Kings and Queens of Content Club: Get AMAZING RESOURCE-PACKED TOOLS!

The King and Queen of content club is all about making content and creating your own products. The fact is, the faster, cheaper and better you can produce quality content and products, the more opportunities you create for yourself.

You will discover methods that have worked the entire time, as well as brand-new strategies for using the latest artificial intelligence tools to create amazing content and product opportunities for online business people.

As a Member of the Kings and Queens of Content You Have Tons of Content Power Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips!

You will get theses amazing resource packed tools with kings and queens of content club:

  • The Content Silo – Do you create content, including articles, videos, product reviews, blog posts, etc? If so, take this challenge…visit the Content Silo and see if it is the best collection of content resources you’ve seen. If it is, share it to everyone that wants content and don’t forget to rebrand your link. This is an extremely powerful and massive collection of unique tools and resources for researching and writing content. Includes tools and resources for researching and writing content on any subject that you can think of.
  • The SEO & Keyword Silo – The SEO Silo is filled with the best FREE resources for SEO and keyword research. Collection of the best, most current FREE SEO tools and resources available to help you grow your online business, from keyword research to backlink analysis. Don’t pay for SEO tools without checking out the SEO Silo first.
  • The Prompt SiloNOTHING is hotter than AI art makers now. The Prompt Silo is the biggest and best collection of AI art resources and “prompts” anywhere. The Prompt Silo helps people create impressive AI art quickly and easily. This is art they own and use to create products they can sell, without the restrictions of clipart and template sites. By the Prompt Silo, you’re sharing a resource people will appreciate. This is designed to help people become great AI artists with a few clicks. The biggest collection of ideas for prompts, plus AI art resources. The Prompt Silo makes it easy to create unique and quality artwork that you own.

These three valuable Silos are freely available to you when you join kings and queens of content club!

Kings and Queens of Content Club: Get The Inside!

Here’s Just a Few of the “Quick Hitters” You’ll Find in the Kings and Queens of Content:

The “Exploratory Bet” – Rank Before You Create Content?

Here’s a Google ranking plan that simply makes sense and is extremely effective. Plus, this is a kind of content that AI writers are good at. The truth is, you do have to create some content, but this is the smart and fast way to see which keywords to focus on and topics to develop further.

How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software

Here’s a short outline for a system with virtually unlimited profit potential. Not only can you find a lot of high paying affiliate programs using this strategy, it’s also a very potent way of finding “pheed” keywords to start very effective niche and keyword research. If you’re into niche marketing, this may be my best recommendation.

How to Use Creative Commons for Lots of Content

This is especially helpful for using images and photos of celebrities. Understand that you still can’t use celebrities to directly promote your products, but you can still talk about them. Here’s a free tool to quickly check the usage license of celebrity and lots of other photographs using Flickr.

Ideas for Creating Tons of Content Using  Spreadsheets

If you know basic HTML and Excel, you can add all sorts of stuff to niche “mini search engines”. Many physical affiliate product inventories will come in CSV files, which can easily be added to your own sites using a free WP plugin.

Versus Pages System Quick Start

Another simple, but effective system for creating profitable content. This is a simple strategy that uses a free, but extremely powerful, tool along with AI content helpers. Don’t worry about “long form” articles. AI is very good at writing this type of content. You just need to know what to tell it.

List of Parasite Power Sites

A “parasite” is a site that lets you post content on it AND Google tends to like and rank. These sites can be valuable assets for content creators by leveraging their traffic and ability to rank. Use this huge and valuable list of sites to build a content empire for yourself.

Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas

What things do people buy many of? Not only do people spend money in these niches, these are excellent ideas for creating tons of cool, quality artwork using AI that you know people spend money on. I have assembled the “biggest and baddest” list of hobbies and collections around.

How to Write an Honest Review about Something You’ve Never Bought?

This is a question that comes up once in a while…and it’s actually pretty easy to be honest and honest and still sell things.

>>> Join Kings and Queens Content VIP Club and have Tons of Content Power Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips To quickly create high-quality, 100% original content And Get Top Ranking in Google Serp!

Highlights of Kings and Queens of Content VIP Club

Here are Some Highlights of the VIP Club!

  • Special tips and attention for using AI to create content and products, including AI art, AI writers, AI text to speech and more…
  •  The MEGA Library of Public Domain Resources and Money-Making Ideas – FREE software, blueprints and patents, audio and music, games, videos, books, maps, movies, magazines and more that you can use to create content and products you can sell.
  • Exclusive Tips and Secrets for getting the most out of 3 resource-packed tools:
    •     The Content Silo
    •     The SEO & Keyword
    •     The Prompt Silo
  • The “Versus Pages System” Quick Start – Google LOVES “deep review” sites. Here’s how I suggest you make them.
  • List of Parasite Power Sites – Using my AI content writing methods, put your extra content on these sites and benefit from their traffic and authority.
  • Advanced Keyword Concepts Made Easy using my list of over 550 “pheed” keywords to begin your research.
  • The Domain Royale Cookbook with 16 original recipes for finding potent domain names.
  • The “Exploratory Bet” Strategy – Discover what keywords you can rank before you waste time and money creating useless content.
  • How to Find Extraordinary Opportunities with Software – Not only can you find a lot of high paying affiliate programs using this strategy, it’s also a very potent way of finding “pheed” keywords to start your research and “pheed” AI content writers.
  • RSS Riot Content Software – You won’t find a better source of free high-quality content with zero hassles. Use for your own info or to keep up with the latest news in a variety of niches for content curation.
  • Literally too much more to list it all here…
  • Exclusive AI content writing methods that are simple and effective.

>>>> Join now Kings and Queens of Content Club for limited discount offer!

Kings and Queens of Content Club: Price And Bonuses!

You’re Getting Even More with These Bonus Downloads.

  • King of Content 1 and 2 EXTREME versions – An amazing assortment of training and resources that takes your content creation and marketing to an entirely new level. King of Content 2 is your unique guide to creating a wide variety of profitable content as quickly and easily as possible.
  • POD Factory – Exclusive training that reveals how to make 100s of print on demand products almost as quickly as you can make a single design. Plus, you’ll discover a secret strategy that will save you a lot of time, labor and unneeded hassles when you list your POD products on sites like Etsy, Amazon and eBay.
  • Meme Machine – You’re getting over 550 high quality images perfect for making memes. Plus 129 Happy Birthday images. Posting birthday graphics is a great way to engage with people on social media.
  • Mighty Quote Kit  – Makes tons of unique video and static image “quote posters” to enhance your social media presence. Massive collection of video backgrounds, image backgrounds, speech bubbles, PowerPoint templates and quality quotes. Everything you need to quickly create lots of interesting and engaging social quote posters. Also included is special PowerPoint training showing you how to make hundreds (or more) quote memes and video posters in just a few minutes. Add your URL to them all for easy branding.
  • RSS Riot Content Software – A custom RSS reader pre-stocked with a huge variety of constantly updating information from the best sources on the Net. Use RSS Riot for your own info and entertainment as well as using it for research and sharing on your social networks to increase your engagement. Tons of topics already built in and you can add even more.
  • POD Treasure Maps – Discover How You Too Can Dominate Etsy Search Rankings to Sell More of Your Print on Demand Products.
  • Public Domain Printshop – Your guide to uncovering Public Domain content to use to make tons of digital and print products for free. You’re about to discover how to create how-to courses, ebooks, mugs, tee shirts, downloadable digital products and more using free media that’s in the public domain.

Plus Even More:

  • Finding Free GPL Apps and Scripts That You Can Sell as Your Own Products
  • Hobbies, Collectibles and Activity Niche Ideas – a Huge List of Niches People Love to Spend Money On.
  • Ideas for Adding Value and Standing out from the Competition
  • Social/Facebook Branding with Custom Animated Gifs – Here’s a Cheesy but Easy and Effective Method I Use to Brand Myself on Social Media.
  • Spreading Your Content Using Syndication and IFTTT
  • ..And loads more great content and product creation tips, tricks and secrets!

Reports, Methods and downloads are in a variety of common image formats, text, PDF and HTML.
Downloads are .zip and you will need a program to unzip them.
RSS Riot Content Software is a Windows program.
Some methods may require suggested third-party solutions.
You must follow Pheeds forum rules for posting.

All of above Included in the Kings and Queens of Content Club: Special AI Art Package for meager price of $37 only!

Here is Your Special Invitation to Join an Exclusive Private VIP Club with a Focus on Fast, Easy, Effective, Cheap and Free Ways to Create Content and Make Your Own Products!

 Create Content and Make Your Own Products That Rank In Google SERPs!!

You will get MJ Quick Start and the AI Art Index and Outline to help you keep organized plus a big list of Artificial Intelligence art generators for products and content. Also includes special Prompt Silo secrets, private MidJourney Discord server and more…

You should have immediate access to the Special AI Art and MidJourney QuickStart package.

*It may take about a day to give you access to the private VIP area and most of your other downloads. Thanks.

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