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Klusster Content Publication Platform | Share And Boost Your Traffic 20X Times!

Are you a business owner, SEO pro or digital marketer?? Add Klusster to your toolbox and reach more people online.

What i am talking about? Read below to outburst your reach to your targeted audience organically!

What is a “Klusster” or “Klusster Publication”?

Klusster is collaborative publishing platform where 30,000+ content partners work together to distribute more QUALITY CONTENT!

Klusster is all about working with a group/network/community to drive more distribution to the group’s content.

This is achieved by “Klusstering” your content with others, whose content/products/services are complimentary to yours, in a Klusster Publication.

A Klusster Publication is similar to an eMagazine where there are new articles submitted into the Klusster on a regular basis by approved contributors.

However, the biggest difference between a Klusster and an eMagazine is that the group of Klusster contributors work together to drive distribution to the Klusster’s content.

The distribution is achieved by each group member sharing content contributed by other members to their social media audience.  By sharing each other’s content, the group gets visibility into the social audiences of the other members.

Klusster is a content distribution platform. It enables publishers and bloggers to distribute their content with the brands.

The features of this platform include publications, team alerts, distribution tools, relevant networks, and backlinks to the website. This platform helps brands to reach targeted customers, converts readers into leads, improve SEO performance, and gain ROI.

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Klusster : Company Overview

  • Founded Year 2015
  • Location Burlington, Canada
  • Company Stage Unfunded
  • Revenue $37.20 Million
  • Employees 56
  • Category Search Engines & Internet Portals, Media & Internet

Klusster Founders

Other important team members are:

How Can I Grow My Reach?

If one Klusster Publication had 10 contributing members, and if each member has 1000 people in their social media audience, the collective reach of the group is 10,000.  Just by collaborating together, each group member has effectively increased their social reach by a factor of 10x!

Furthermore, if the group has similar services/products, then you can assume the demographic of their social audiences has similar interests, and by one member of the group sharing content from another member, this is a valuable online referral!

When one member brings a reader back to their Klusster, we also know that readers typically read 2-3 other articles.  This is is another benefit of working with a group!  The network effect benefits everyone when a reader discovers your Klusster.


Example:   A network of local professionals who are focused on helping their clients live healthier lives forms a Klusster called “Living Your Best Life”.

If you were the Pilates instructor, how valuable would it be if the Chiropractor shared your article, “The Benefits of Pilates”?  Or, if you owned an organic juice bar, how valuable would it be if the local spa shared your article, “The Benefits of Juicing” to their audience?

Each professional has an audience who is interested in healthy living.  Additionally, each professional want to provide information and content that adds value to their audience.  In addition to their own content, by collaborating together through their Klusster Publication, they can quickly and easily share content from their fellow members to their social.  By integrating content from other professionals, each member shows they are connected in their community, and are a resource for other services and information related to healthy living.

The “Living Your Best Life” Klusster becomes a great resource for people in the community looking for resources and services around healthy living.

There is tremendous value of collaborating with a group of professionals whose products/services compliment your own!


Each Klusster Publication is organized by a Publication Manager.  The manager is the one who:

  • sets up the Klusster
  • controls WHO contribute content into their Klusster
  • determines WHEN content is published into the Klusster.

The Publication Manager is the gate keeper for everything that happens in their Klusster Publication and is therefore responsible for the quality control of the Klusster. The manager is the one who can accept or decline any request they receive for publishing content into their Klusster.


Here’s how it works:

  • Start a Klusster: Click the “My Publications” icon. Navigate to your Klusster Publications. Click the [+ New Publication] button to start your Klusster Publication. By starting a Klusster Publication, you become the Publication Manager.
  • Brand your publication with a Title, Logo, description and cover Photo.
  • Upload your own content to your Klusster Publication.
  • Invite others to contribute their content to your Klusster Publication. From the “Home Page” of your new Klusster Publication, a new potential contributor to your Klusster can click on the [+ Submit Content] button below the Publication Manager’s name, select the article from their portfolio they want published in your Klusster, and submit their request to you to have their article published in your Klusster.
  • Work together as a connected group to drive distribution to the group’s content. The Klusster Distribution Engine helps your Klusster contributors stay engaged and notifies each contributor when new content is published to your Klusster Publication.  From the notification email, each contributor can quickly and easily share the latest content to their social audiences.

Many hands make light work!


Search the Klusster platform for publications that may be relevant to you by searching terms in the Klusster search bar that align with your business.  Click the [Publications] button to see a list of publications results for that search term.  Click on the publications that look interesting to see what their content is like and if your content could be a good fit with the group.

If you want to submit your content into a Klusster that is managed by someone else, you can first send the Klusster Manager a message through the “Contact Manager” tool to introduce yourself and initiate a conversation about your potential fit with their Klusster.

OR, you can click the [+ Submit Content] button to submit a request with your article directly to the publication manager.

When the Publication Manager accepts your request, your article will be the newest article in that Klusster Publication, and you will become an official contributor to that Klusster.

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Whether you are managing a Klusster or you are a contributor to a Klusster, the most successful Klussters are ones that are well organized, and where all the contributing members proactively share each other’s content on a regular basis.

The Klusster Distribution Engine helps keep the group of contributors engaged, and proactively engages each contributor when there is new content in the Klusster to share.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Publication Manager receives a request to publish a new article into their Klusster.
  2. If the Publication Manager accepts the request, that article is the newest article posted into the Klusster.
  3. AND Each Member of that Klusster receives a notification email letting them know there is new content from their Klusster to share.
  4. Directly from the notification email, with just 2 clicks, each member can create a post of that article directly to the social media platform of their choice.

Keeping members informed when there is new content available to share, and making the sharing process quick and easy keeps all members active without much effort at all!


Klusster is a platform of many, many Klusster Publications. You now have the opportunity to work with many other content producers and publish your content into multiple Klussters!

You can manage multiple Klussters yourself and/or you can also contribute to other Klussters that are managed by someone else. You can publish the same article into as many Klussters as makes sense to you.

Just remember – the key is that when you contribute your content to a Klusster, you are an active participant in that Klusster, by sharing the content of your fellow members.  Consistent engagement by all members of a group amplifies the group’s value to all members.

Can I publish my content On Klusster?

YES! As long as you upload informative quality content, you can upload unlimited content to your Klusster content portfolio (Or your client’s portfolio) to get more exposure online.

Can my content (or my client’s content) get more distribution?

Once you upload content to your portfolio, it is AUTOMATICALLY available to the entire network.

That’s right! If your content is good. Klusster users will distribute your content.

With Klusster Boomerang members curate YOUR content and get a FREE Spotlight on all content they share to their audience.

What Is Klusster Boomerang?

Klusster automatically attach your brand, articles and links to posts you share.

They call it Boomerang, because when you share great content, good things come back to you. Just like a boomerang.

  1. Your audience will know you are the one that sent them a value-added piece of content
  2. People can easily see your AD and have access to your content.
  3. Your links are getting distributed on valuable content online.

What are the benefits of sharing other content?

  1. Your brand and links get added to the content you share.
  2. Your audience get’s exposed to information that they might like.
  3. You don’t need to create the content to build your brand and relationship with your audience.
  4. You build authority around the web.

How do I get a guest spotlight?

It’s really simple.

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a portfolio of great content!
  3. Share ANY content you want to be a guest on.
  4. Share it! (Check Out Klusster Boomerang)

What goes on my guest spotlight “AD”?

If you create a good profile and upload you some great content, your logo, your latest Klusster posts and your social and website links appear as below on all content you distribute:

Members get FREE GUEST SPOTLIGHT "ADS" on any network #content with Boomerang

Can others share my content?

Of course!!!

While you leverage other network content to build your brand, fellow network members can leverage your great content for their audience the same way you do.

What kind of content should I upload?

The better the content, the greater chance of it being shared on someone’s social media. We highly encourage business owners and marketers to create QUALITY CONTENT to increase chances of the network sharing your content.

Can I create a GROUP BLOG with my clients on Klusster?

Absolutely. This is a very powerful option.

In addition to a GLOBAL NETWORK to help you with distribution, you might know other like-minded businesses that you can partner with to form a content alliance. By creating a GROUP BLOG or “eMagazine”, you and your alliance will reach up to 20X more people. And your readers will benefit too.

Watch this video to learn the power of a GROUP BLOG!

You can Build your GROUP BLOG with Klusster

What Kind of content does Klusster allow?

Klusster adheres to quality content standards. If you have useful content for readers to consume, Klusster is a great place to syndicate your content. It’s team regularly deactivate content that doesn’t meet high standards.

Klusster is a content platform. It is all about connecting great content to more consumers. Check out Klusster Boomerang to see how to “sponsor” posts.

Do-Follow links are becoming extinct. As Klusster tries to maintain a good relationship with Google and other search engines, all of the links to other websites on this platform are rel=UGC.

This means Google has a look at ANY links from Klusster and decides on the value. If you create quality content, and your content is consumed (shared), your Klusster content can have a positive effect on Google

Does Klusster Help With SEO?

Although Google does not disclose its policy for SEO, we know many users get significant traffic from organic search on Klusster and they have seen a boost in traffic to their website while having a strong legitimate portfolio of content on Klusster. Their aim to set high standards for promoting content so that it can render positive effect on organic search.

Give Your Website A klusster boost

How much does Klusster cost?

Currently Klusster is FREE for life to new users. All users that create accounts and upload QUALITY content will be forever grandfathered as a full user.  Make sure you upload content now, as Klusster will not always be FREE.

Update – From May 2021, Klusster will be $77/year to receive all of the benefits.

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Does Klusster have ads?

The only “ads” currently on this platform are member spotlight ads through Klusster Boomerang.  Klusster users want clean branding on the platform and have no problem paying a small fee to improve their own brand.

Go Premium — Small Fee to Remove Ads On Your Content!

if you don’t like ads on content then you have to pay the price!

STARTER – 1,000  ad‑free clicks / month$9.99 USD / month
LAUNCH – 5,000  ad‑free clicks / month$19.99 USD / month
GROWTH – 10,000  ad‑free clicks / month$35.99 USD / month
BIG BRAND – 25,000  ad‑free clicks / month$79.99 USD / month
UNLIMITED – Unlimited ad‑free clicks / month$149.99 USD / month

Does Klusster support “spammy” content?

Klusster constantly look for poor quality, inappropriate or offensive content and we can remove this type of content along with their owners. All of content has a quality score which they monitor to keep the platform as useful to potential readers as possible.

How fast is Klusster growing?

Klusster is currently one of the fastest growing content distribution networks online today!  Join them and you can be part of our network.

How can I sign up?

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