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Little Acorns is a low-liability laying system for use solely on Betfair (or other suitable exchange). 

It has been around for some years and has amassed quite a following, leading to it winning numerous awards as a top horse-racing betting system. 

So how did it get on during trial?

Well we are pleased to say it has performed admirably, racking up 189 points of profit at the advised staking (which is progressive and not for the feint-hearted – but more on that later).

At level staking, it also made a more-than-acceptable 116 points of profit.

Little Acorns – How Does it Work?

The system has just four rules and is fairly simple to understand and operate for anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of betting.

You should only need 10-15 mins per day to find the selections, you then place your bets and you are done. Just come back later to check your winnings (or losings).

It could even be possible to programme a bot to find the selections for you, but this is certainly not necessary.


The staking is a significant element of the system and if you follow the progressive staking, then you need to make sure you have a big bank – they recommend a 176 point bank – and nerves of steel!

This was illustrated during our trial when at one point we had a losing run of eight selections and had to stake 34 points on the next selection – just to win back most of what we had lost! 

So things can quickly get out of hand and had that ninth selection lost, we would have dropped over 70 points on the losing run. 

For many people, enduring a losing run like this and having to stake massive amounts will simply not be palatable. 

But do not despair if this is you, there is level staking which will be much less heart-attack inducing, whilst at the same time not delivering quite the same returns as the progressive staking over the long run.

There are also staking systems in between these two that can be used now. 

Service Breakdown

Ease of use: When you sign up, you receive a 24-page PDF which explains the system clearly. You then need to find the selections yourself. This takes a little bit of time to start off, but once you get the hang of it should not take longer than 15 minutes per day. 

Availability of prices: N/A – as there no “advised selections” as such, there is no question of advised prices either. 

Strike rate: The strike rate for the trial was 51%, so pretty decent and around what we would expect in the long term. 

Advised Betting Bank: A 176 point betting bank is advised for the service, which is one of the few instances of us seeing a sufficient bank being advised by a service! 

Subscription costs: For a one-off fee of £97 you get access to the system and that is it, no further payments are required. 

Little Acorns – Low Liability Laying Formula Results

Here are the results produced by this astonishing little method from the very outset…


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Little Acorns made a good profit of 189 points at advised staking during our trial, which is a nice total for 100 bets in just over three months.

The system has been developed by Andrew David, who is confident that your betting balance will increase between seven and 35 times each month, without exposing yourself to high liabilities.

It was a rollercoaster ride at times and you have to be prepared for that if you use the progressive staking. If you like things more stress-free, then we recommend level staking – but you should also be prepared to accept lower returns with that approach. 

The system itself is remarkably simple but one we believe is fundamentally sound and does appear to have stood the test of time with a good few years of results behind it.

Please understand that this requires patience to build a bank gradually over time and it’s not going to make you rich overnight.

But then the best investment opportunities never do, because they are genuine and not just based on slick marketing.

With dedication and sticking to it over the long term, we think you can do well with Little Acorns and are therefore happy to recommend it.

Little Acorns is a very good betting system and well worth adding to your portfolio. 

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