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The Lost Super Foods | Secrets Of 126+ Survival Foods and Tips For Preparing Your Doomsday!

The Lost Super Foods – Learn Secrets Of 126+ Survival Foods and How To Stockpile Them And learn how to prepare yourself even if it’s Doomsday!

In the old days people grew most of what they ate in the backyard as vegetables or raised chickens and other small animals around the house. Some even had a cow for milk and cheese.

Most importantly, our grandparents knew how preserve the food they grew by turning it into superfoods that would last for months or even years without electricity in their pantries and root-cellars. 

But the skills and recipes needed to make these survival superfoods are all but forgotten. Most of today rely on supermarkets for our every meal, oblivious to the fact that if they ever get looted or the Grid fails, we’ll have no way left to provide food for our families.

Today you’re going to discover the most powerful foods that we’ve lost to history inside one unique book. It is called The Lost Super Foods.

Check out the below video to learn about 126 Forgotten Survival Foods That You Should Add To Your Stockpile!

The Lost Super Food Video

The Lost Super Foods – Get 126+ Survival Foods and Tips For Your Survival!

Lost Super Foods by Art Rude
The Lost Super Foods Book Price

The book has 270 pages filled with forgotten superfoods recipes, color pictures and clear instructions on how to make and store them in your survival stockpile.

It contains only long lasting foods that can be stored without refrigeration.

This lost survival food knowledge is so organized that anyone, even people with absolutely no prior cooking or stockpiling experience can take advantage of it. 

Everything is explained in a clear, precise step by step fashion, using colored pictures and easy to follow instructions.

With over 126 forgotten survival foods and storage hacks “The Lost Superfoods” is a vital book to place in your survival stockpile.

You will also find exact nutritional values for each food you add so that at all times you know exactly how many macro nutrients such as fat, carbs and protein your body is getting…and how many more you still need.

Goal of “The Lost Superfoods” is to have as many American households as possible prepared with 3, 6 and even 1 year’s worth or more of long-lasting superfoods to survive a local emergency like a hurricane or a country wide disruption like a pandemic or a total grid collapse.

The Lost Super Foods – What’s Inside?

The Lost Super Foods content

Here’s just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in The Lost SuperFoods:

  • How To Make The US Doomsday Ration at Home
  • The ONE Superfood That Saved Leningrad During The WW2 Siege, That You Should Add to Your Stockpile
  • The Forgotten Shelf Stable Food You Need for Healthy and Vital Fats
  • The Great Depression Food That Saved America
  • The Long-Lasting Bread of the 1800s
  • A Food Miracle from the Civil War That You Can Add to Your Pantry
  • The Cheese Preservation Secret That can Keep It Good at Room Temperature
  • The Long Lasting Probiotic that Fueled the Greatest Conquests of The Golden Horde
  • How to get 295 Pounds of Extra Food for just $5 a Week 
  • The Ottoman’s Empire Shelf-Stable Meat (“Coated Meat”) 
  • The Fermented Soup – The Long Lasting Soup That Should be In Every Stockpile
  • The Only Superfood Ninjas Would Live off For Months on End
  • The Pocket Soup That Saved the Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • The Viking Superfood They Stockpiled On Their Longboats Because It Didn’t Spoil For Over 3 Years 
  • How to Make Bark Bread from a Tree that Grows on Almost Every Street in America
  • Frumenty – The Food That Saved Europe During the Black Plague 
  • The Ingenious Method Used By The Brits To Preserve Eggs When Air Raids Took Out Their Power In 1941 (Works For Up to 10 Years)
  • The Protein Packed “Super-Soup” of The Kanienkehaka-Iroquois Tribe
  • Amish Poor Man’s Steak – A long-lasting dish from the people who live without electricity year-round
  • The “Wind-Swept Superfood” That You Can Dry Outside
  • Mountain Men’s Favorite Dish During The 18th Century
  • What To Do With ALL Your Frozen Food Once The Power Goes Out
  • What Happens When You Put Raw Beef Over A Dead Fire
  • How To Make Fruit Leather To Add Vitamins to Your Stockpile
  • The Most Delicious Canned Marinara Sauce That Every Stockpile Needs
  • How Our Grandparents Preserved Half A Pig For A Whole Year 
  • The “Glass Jar” Method That Will Allow You to Store Jerky and Biltong
  • The Long-Lasting Chili Bean Soup That Will Raise Spirits even in the Darkest Hour
  • The 2400 Calorie DIY Survival Bar You Should Add to Your Supplies
  • And Over 100 Other Survival Foods and Forgotten Preservation Methods That You Can Choose From and Add To Your Stockpile

You’ll also find out how to feed yourself for a whole month using just $100 at Walmart, the wild-growing superfoods that almost nobody knows about, the ins and out of canning both vegetables and meat safely for 20 years, how to prevent your foods from going rancid, seven deadly canning mistakes to avoid like the plague, how to make yourself a $20 DIY Food Bucket better than anything on the market today and the best 50 foods to dehydrate for your food stockpile.

With this book on your shelf, you can banish all fears of starvation for good.

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What’s The Difference with Other Survival Book?

The Lost Super Food Survival Book

Food is a necessity we can’t do without and one of the most important things we need to stockpile for darker times.

The Lost Superfoods is a unique book because it saves the recipes for the most powerful and long-lasting superfoods of our ancestors.

With over 126 superfoods to choose from there will be no need for others. You will have all the macronutrients and calories you need just from what is found inside this book.

These foods come from a time when electricity and refrigerators didn’t exist for most Americans, so all these lost foods had to be long lasting. There is no other book that I know of that saves these superfoods in one place so that you can take advantage of them.

Is It Hard to Make These Foods?

The Lost Super Foods eBook

Each recipe comes with clear instructions on what ingredients are needed and how to mix them in order to get one of the lost superfoods of our grandparents.

You’ll get specific measurements, baking times and the little bits of knowledge that will always keep you on the right track when making these lost foods. You will also find pictures for each step of the process.

And you will certainly respect the work that went into the contents of the book!

The Lost Super Foods Book Price

With the prices for commercial survival foods increasing year after year, The Lost Superfoods may save you quite a bit of cash.

Not to mention the foods you make at home are usually healthier than what’s available on the market today at a much higher price.

This book is available in both physical and digital format. We recommend buying it in physical format by clicking on the buy button that has this written on it. By purchasing the physical book, you automatically get the digital version as well.

if you act right now, you’ll also get: two other reports Worth $27 Each for FREE!

  1. An Underground YEAR-ROUND Greenhouse in Your Backyard
  2. Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis

Today you can get a copy of The Lost Superfoods along with the above 2 bonuses for a one-time payment of just $37.

The Lost Super Foods Book Price

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