Lost Ways 2 Survival Guide

The Lost Ways 2 | Learn Ancient Secrets Of Survival For Americans!

The Lost Ways 2 – Learn Ancient Secrets Of Survival for Americans!

Survival and flexibility are an important part of all living things, especially animals and human beings. The Darwinian law for Survival of the Fittest evolutionary theory claims that every organism has to endure to survive in its environment and leave a generation. The Lost Ways 2 book offers the information you require to survive in an ever-changing competitive habitat.

The book unveils many ancient ways of dealing with various atmospheric conditions, natural disasters, wars, diseases, and many other environmental dangers that might threaten our survival. You will learn how to use a wide range of herbs that are permitted locally and scientifically proven. Further, Davis explains better ways of making food and storing it for long-term use.

Why Should You Choose This Survival Guide?

The Lost Ways 2 contains everything you expect with a good survival guide!

In The Lost Ways 2 you’ll find the long forgotten secrets that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them.

The Lost Ways 2 offers specific and simple strategies that you can apply in emergencies. In addition to helping you prepare for emergencies, the handbook will help you improve your security, health, and way of life. You can use the procedures in your day-to-day activities to improve the quality of your life.

The handbook is detailed and it contains several survival guides that will provide you with real-life experiences and scientifically proven treatments. That means you can survive many catastrophes, nature slumps, and wars. The author offers bonus books that will help you survive an EMP attack.

All guides and procedures in the book are effective. The main goal of the author is to infuse survival instincts from our ancestors and minimize our dependency on technological innovations. The survival methods will make you self-sufficient.

What’s Inside The Lost Ways 2 Book?


The Lost Ways 2 is a 300-page book that shares lots of information on survival and focuses on ancient superfoods. It reveals to the readers the truth about living and surviving through hard times. and also helps you to use normal plants and grow in your backyard.

The Lost Ways 2 book is designed for all people. That means you can use it whether you are a DIY enthusiast or someone struggling with arthritis. The advice contained in the book is worth passing from one generation to the other.

In The Lost Ways 2 you’ll discover almost all the edible and medicinal plants in North America, including a powerful painkiller, a driveway antibiotic weed, a back-pain relief plant, and a lot, lot more… This time all with colored pictures.

Plus a lot of bonus never before seen content that will teach you how to make 3 long-forgotten super-foods that will outlast you… And much, much more:

Here’s exactly what you will find in The Lost Ways 2

  • Activated Charcoal – If you have been researching survival techniques, then you possibly know what activated charcoal can do. Activated charcoal is the purest type of charcoal and people use it to make water filtration systems. So, you will have access to clean water regardless of where you are. You can make a filtration system and purify 800 gallons of water. Furthermore, you can use activated charcoal to prevent indigestion and gas. Research has also proved that it reduces bad cholesterol in our bodies.
  • Herbal Medicines – Did you know that most of the plants and weeds you come across have medicinal qualities? According to Claude Davis, medicinal herbs are in every place but only a few people know how to use them. The Lost Ways 2 has excellent reference materials for various herbal medicines. The book will help you use various plants, including those around your property. It has many tips that you can use to differentiate good herbs from bad ones. Davis also teaches how to create wraps, poultices, and anything else you might need to address the common health problems.
  • Hunting – Davis will teach you the art of hunting because it can make a difference in the wild. He claims that art involves more than just attacking any animal that comes your way. When hunting, you have to be discrete and unseen. You have to make efficient traps and prepare the game meat properly before you eat it.
  • Self-Defense – The Lost Ways 2 is more about homesteading and preparing for the unforgiving environments. When water, food, shelter, and electricity are scarce, you should expect the worst from people. What’s more, wild animals might attack you. Claude Davis offers many tricks on how you can protect yourself. You will learn how to protect yourself and your home in the worst scenario.
  • Shelter-Building – Building a shelter is among the first things that you should do in harsh conditions. Animals, inclement weather, and intruders pose a big threat and therefore you require a solid shelter for your safety. Davis teaches how our ancestors used solid materials to build their homes. With this book, you will build traditional wooden structures and subterranean huts.
  • Survival Food – Finding food can be a challenge in emergencies. Contrary to popular believes, you do not need a lot of food to live. You just need to eat quality food. Native American scouts lived off-land for many months, thanks to their everyday superfoods. The book will help you identify many superfoods full of healthy nutrients. They will keep you energized when traveling.
  • Water Survival Skills – Water is an invaluable commodity in challenging situations. It is vital for your survival but only a few people know how to get it easily and safely. The author teaches you how to find safe water supplies and dig wells. Besides, he provides the information you need to purify any water by removing the contaminants. You will remain healthy and hydrated in any challenging situation.
  • Weaponry – Lastly, Weapons are a luxury in life-threatening situations. If you have guns, the book will teach you how to use them properly. Learn how to preserve your bullets and reuse them for your safety. The book further covers primitive weapons and knives. You will get the skills you need to make them easily.

Lost Ways 2 Vs Lost Ways First Edition

The first edition of this survival book focused more on the standard and old ways of living while the second edition guides users on the early survival tactics. While the first edition contains highly comprehensive and helpful information, the second edition is in-depth and is full of refined information.

In The Lost Ways 2, Claude Davis offers many scientifically authorized survival methods, survival tricks, and more detailed descriptions than what you expect in the first edition. You will learn about the lost superfoods from the ancient Incas. The superfoods helped the Incas survive a 4-year draught when fighting their enemies. NASA discovered the food recently and kept it a secret.

Davis also describes how to make lard and protect meat in it for over 2 years without the need for refrigeration. He also teaches another superfood that the ancient Samurai Japan used. The Samurai would keep the food for months without the need for anything else.

In this book, you will discover how to make a log house for only $500 too. Expect many medicinal and edible plants. The author includes clear photos of each plant to help you find it easily. In addition to the plants, Davis will teach you how to slice a deer and tan the hide without the need for chemicals. Lastly, you will learn how to make pure charcoal and turn it into triggered charcoal.

Lost Ways 2 Pros and Cons

When deciding on whether to buy any product, you have to consider its pros and cons. Like other survivalist books in the market, The Lost Ways 2 has its benefits and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons.


  • The book is comprehensive and easy to read
  • It covers the pivotal survival topics and offers practical information and ties it to potential real-world situations
  • It offers systematic instructions to teaches people to be proactive.
  • The materials and instructions in the book are accessible
  • It explains how our ancestors lived
  • You will get unlimited access to updates
  • It is available as both physical and digital book


  • It could be overwhelmed for first time readers! You need a lot of time to read all the content.
  • To gain experience you have to apply the knowledge in your life to benefit!

Lost Ways 2 Guide FAQs

How well does the guide work?

After buying the handbook, you will learn how our ancestors hunted deer and how they tanned the hides without using any chemicals. You will further learn how to butcher a deer and the preservation method that works for every part.
Even more, the author teaches how to make a simple but reliable water filter using activated charcoal and clean over 800 gallons of water. The filter will be more helpful when the water is contaminated.

Who can benefit from this handbook?

Lost Ways 2 handbook will take you back to the pre-civilization days and help you apply the survival skills our ancestors used in your daily life. Therefore, this book is a good choice for survivalists, preppers, adventure seekers, and history lovers. It can also be a great choice for missionaries who take the gospel to the remotest areas of the globe and practitioners of sustainable tourism.

Does the handbook come with any bonuses?

While it looks like the book provides all the information you would need in a survival situation, the author thinks otherwise. Claude Davis offers several bonuses with limited access. The bonuses include “What Do You Need to Have Ready before an EMP” and “How to Become Self-sufficient on 4 Acres of Land” books.

The Lost Ways 2 Book Price

To get the PDF version of this handbook, you will have to pay $37. If you need the paperback type, you will have to pay an additional $8.99 for the managing and shipping fees.


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And if you get The Lost Ways II right now… you’ll also receive two exclusive Bonuses:

  • How To Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land – The report was made especially for people who want to have a self-sufficient homestead. I’ll show you exactly how to build and how to divide the land into small sections to get the most out of it. It will also show you what to build around the house to store and filter rainwater, to preserve food, to defend your home, to live without electricity and many, many more like the small medicinal garden you need to have in your backyard.
  • What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP – We all know that an EMP is America’s Achilles heel! But it wasn’t always the case and it surely doesn’t have to be for you. If an EMP hits America tomorrow, there are 43 things you need to have ready in advance. Things you won’t be able to find afterwards. It’s nothing glamorous, but it’s probably the most practical and accurate information you’ll ever find. And that’s because it’s taken straight from people living off the grid

The author also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to prove that he values your money. You can demand your money back if the product does not provide any good results within 60 days and therefore you have nothing to lose!

The Lost Ways 2 Book will prepare and reinforce you against natural and environmental failures. It offers guides on improving lifestyle and getting closer to a satisfying life. Obviously it is a good choice for people who would want to start a self-reliant life.

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