Lust Inception | Give Orgasms Over Text To Women You Desire Most!

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Lust Inception : A new orgasm has been discovered!

Tough love time: Unless you’re having sex with 2-3 new, sexy women EVERY week…

…you really need to play this simple game with women…

How would you like to have a smoking hot girl wake you up with a blowjob tomorrow?

Without going to bars or clubs…

Without ever approaching a girl or taking her on a date…

And without risking any humiliation or rejection.

Well, thanks to a recent Harvard Medical School breakthrough – you can.💦

Women Confirm This ‘Secret Pleasure Switch’ is more Addictive Than Cocaine

So, how does it all work?

Well, the Harvard professors analyzed 2,500 brain scans while showing participants pictures of someone they loved.

When this happened, the areas that became active in the brain were the same areas that are activated during orgasm.

>>>>>Give her this orgasm BEFORE you meet in person

Did you catch that?

Her brain can’t tell the difference between s*x or pictures.

It reacts in the same way as if the experience was really happening…

When this happens a hormone called oxytocin is released.

Oxytocin is what drives women to kiss, cuddle and make love with you…

That’s why it’s known as the love hormone.

So, whether it’s pictures or the real thing – oxytocin is released either way.

Now, here’s what’s going to blow your mind…

My buddy Alister has discovered a way to activate that same part of a woman’s brain…💦

Just by sending a specific combination of texts.

I just can’t believe!

So here are some screenshots he shared me!

How are u doing this with just words?
Are you real?
you'd drugged me
where did you learn?
sex over text
i just squirted
sex overt text

>>>>>Give women orgasms over text 💦

However, he’s taken it one step further.

He’s figured out how to amplify and build up all that oxytocin inside of her…

…until she has a body trembling orgasm – yes, really.

And because everything is done over text…

You’ll imprint yourself in her mind as the source of HER pleasure…

And she’ll feel a desperate urge to sleep with you in real life…

Because she now associates all those good, sexy feelings with you…

>>>>>Make girls chase you by playing this ‘fun little game’

Even if you’re short, ugly, fat, and not her type at all.

Pretty crazy, right?

Plus, it’s super simple to do.

And luckily for you – I’ve convinced Alister to share his exact formula with you…

So you can start hoooking up with those smoking hot girls tonight.

>>>>>Discover his exact formula here.

Inside this video, you’ll learn how this game quickly turns her on and gives her a reality-bending orgasm. 

She’ll be so amazed, she’ll INSIST on having sex with you. No dates. If you think this is BS, keep watching for PROOF.

Lust Inception - program to attract Women