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Man Greens | Boost Your Testosterone 5X Naturally! | Testosterone Supplement

Man Greens – Boost Your Your Testosterone level 5X Naturally!

Do you Want thriving libido…

An improved ability to burn fat…

And an increased drive and sexual energy?

The medical community bases it’s notion of Low Testosterone on the AVERAGE of all men’s Testosterone level.

So, as men all over society produce less T, what’s seen as ‘low’ is dropped!

12 signs you have LOW Testosterone Level!

According to a study from the University of Madrid, the low-T epidemic puts you at risk of humiliating and dangerous side-effects like… 

  • Erectile Dysfunction…
  • Increased Body Fat…
  • Muscle Loss…
  • Fragile Bones…
  • Man Boobs…
  • Insomnia…
  • Sleep Apnea…
  • Infertility…
  • Depression…
  • Mood Swings…
  • Brain Fog…
  • And more…

This drop is something you have to attack proactively.

If you’re not already seeing some of these side effects in your life, start taking action before you do.

>>>> Boost Your Testosterone by Over 500% in 6-Seconds Every Morning!

Imagine the impact that boosting your Testosterone by over 500% would have….

You’d instantly be stronger, leaner, and hornier.

Big Pharma wants you to think that the only way to create such a massive increase in your most important hormones is through a gel or injection.


They want you to stop producing T all-together, so you become dependent on their products, spending hundreds of thousands in the process by the time you’re done.

>>>> This Naturally Boosts Testosterone Level By 5X in 6-Seconds!

While the rest of the men in society have their T levels crumble by 13% every decade, you can send them through the roof in seconds…
…All you need is a glass and a bit of water…

Testosterone Boosters – Improving Health vs Improving Performance!

Man Green Supplement for increase testosterone level

Boosting your T level is about improving health vs improving performance!

Every man wants an edge, an unfair advantage.

One that helps him perform better, to focus for longer, to be stronger and to get results faster.

Most of us keep it legal, but we still want a damn edge.

We’re more focused on performance than pure health, if it weren’t about performance, success, providing for those around us, there would be no boxers, football players making millions, or traders walking that fine line between earning and getting locked up.

Even with our training, we’re willing to push ourselves a little further than health would dictate, risking injury to see how far we can go.

And this is all good.

Humans evolved because of the chaos of our surroundings, because of our ability to take risks, but it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice health in our quest to perform greatly, actually, they help one another.

You need performance, and there are things you can do for your health that will help that performance.

Your body is a machine, and that machine needs vitamins and minerals to perform at its highest capability.

This includes recovery, it includes avoiding illness and living a healthier, more energetic life.

3 Common Testosterone Boosters That DON’T WORK!

No matter how many fake studies are cited or how outrageously they’re marketed!

Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek, and Antler Velte will NEVER boost testosterone.

They can’t. 

One was ‘proven’ to work by a study conducted by the manufacturer (how convenient), then found to not work at all in an independent study.   The two others have never had any supporting evidence, period.

Yet, they’re the most common testosterone boosters on the market, earning billions annually for the sleazy supplement companies that use them.
Today, I want to show you 3 natural Testosterone boosters that DO work, and they’ve been proven to work time and time again, and they’re rare and natural.

If you have a testosterone booster and you’re using it now, make sure it doesn’t include any of the 3 ingredients I mentioned earlier.

They’re a waste of money, and they’re normally pretty expensive too.

How To Have Rock Hard Boners?

Remember when you were a teenager and you couldn’t stand up because you had a hard on that felt like it was going to break through your jeans – or break something else?

Well, you can have those rock hard boners again by increasing blood flow, libido, and with a secret ingredient that the viagra company tried (and failed) to patent.

>>>>>Get ROCK HARD Boners Whenever You Damn-Well Want To..

The ‘blue pill’ company tried to patent their main ingredient years ago, but were denied…

They were denied because the ingredient that helps men get rock hard in seconds was found in a weed in nature, and if nature produces something you can’t patent it.

That secret ingredient is called icarrin, and you can get it in full amounts HERE in its natural form.

Unlike that blue pill and others like it, you’re going to increase blood flow, libido, and get rock hard boners from safe, natural sources.

Which Testosterone Boosters is More Potent Than A Little Blue Pill?

man greens formula for increase testosterone

Scientists are finding new classes of herbs that help men experience a thriving libido, lowered stress, and massive gains in their hormonal health.

The solution to this low T epidemic isn’t something new and shiny, but ancient and proven!

Man Greens, is a lot more than a greens supplement or a Testosterone Booster …

Man greens supplements can help you bring out the best that is hidden inside you.

The ingredients in Man Greens, have been shown to not only boost testosterone level, lower cortisol dramatically, and lower estrogen, but they’ve been proven to:

  • Fight depression
  • Reduce the likelihood of cancer
  • Increase energy
  • Help improve immunity
  • Help aid in muscle recovery
  • Help aid in fat loss
  • And reduce stress

On top of all of that, it’s the BEST libido-booster on the market…

For 3 reasons and in 3 ways…

1. Icariin – the good people that create that synthetic blue pill claimed their formula had the only source of icariin, and tried to patent it. 

Icariin is one of the most important ingredients in those blue pills, the problem is that it was found in Horny Goat Weed, a natural substance in Man Greens that’s literally nature’s most potent ‘drive booster’. 

This men health supplement included a FULL bioavailable dose of Goat Weed, which is also a powerful T-booster and mimic.

2. Beet Root – all that those blue pills do is essentially increase blood flow. That’s what beet root does, as one of nature’s most powerful nitric oxide boosters, it’ll bring blood flow to the area right when you need it.

Beet root alone can solve any issues you have down there.

3. Maca – this one’s powerful, not only to increase your actual desire (which the blue pill doesn’t do), but it helps reduce stress, and as a man, stress is often what gets in the way of you and you wanting to get it on (as does ashwagandha, which lowers stress by 33% and is also in MG).

Man Greens gives you an unfair advantage… 

You’ll have more energy, and be healthier by getting nutrients from natural sources instead of synthetics.

You’ll skyrocket your T levels and increase your ‘drive’ tenfold.

You’ll recover faster, build more muscle, and use more fat as fuel.

Where 99% of greens supps increase estrogen in men, and none boost T, and most T boosters are useless, MG delivers something that most companies just aren’t willing to do…

Full, bioavailable amounts of the SUPERFOODS YOU NEED TO BE SUPERMAN.

On top of that, it tastes like orange juice!

In the case of ‘drive’, you’re just not going to find a booster like this, and that’s not even adding all the benefits.

The 3 ingredients mentioned are all you can do naturally to have your drive skyrocket, anything else isn’t going to be used as effectively.

>>>>>Get Man Greens NOW!

Man Green Ingredients

MAN GREENS boosts T and ‘drive’ very potently, it’s the best supplement you can take for your health.

First, unlike other SUPERFOOD supplements, MAN GREENS doesn’t increase your estrogen, but helps you block aromatase (with orange), and boost T with ashwagandha, HGW, and forskolin.

Then there are these ingredients that’ll keep you optimal, healthy, energetic, and thriving…

Moringa (1 gram) – Very high in potassium, calcium, vitamin A, protein, and vitamin C, moringa is a powerful tree that has been used in India for centuries to maintain health and energy. It contains all of the potent antioxidants you need to maintain and repair cells, to stay healthy and vibrant. It’s a multivitamin on its own and a necessary addition to a good greens supplement.

Spinach (1 gram) – Spinach is more than just a ‘good for you’ leafy green, however, as it’s packed full of testosterone boosting apigenin, as well as a great source of magnesium, which has been shown in multiple studies to increase free testosterone, one study found an increase of 24%. 

Spinach is also filled with vitamin E and nitritines, the latter helping increase nitric oxide in the body, helping with bloodflow and circulation, as well as choline, which is very important for both testosterone and sexual function, on top of that spinach is packed with antioxidants.

Turmeric (500MG) – Turmeric is rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce and inhibit pain, depression, and other problems related to inflammation.

Spirulina (5 grams) – You can get a lot of nutrients from a few ingredients that aren’t common in any diet on the planet. Spirulina is at the top of this list. It’s a powerful blue-green algae considered one of nature’s most complete sources of important and vital nutrients.

Spirulina is one of the most important ingredients you can have in a greens supplement. It’s rich in minerals, essential fatty acids, and vital B vitamins.

Ashwagandha (600mg) – improves the level of testosterone

Horny Goat weed (200mg) – maintain healthy sexual performance

Maca (1.5mg) – increases sexual desire

Beetroot powder (1gm) – stimulates blood flow in the body by creating nitric oxide, which opens up your blood vessels so blood, oxygen, and nutrients travel easily.

Forskolin (250mg ) – increases cyclic AMP in cells and tissues. Cyclic AMP is a messenger that transports biological signals between your testosterone and cells in the body.

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If you look at the amounts of each ingredient, it’s hard to match!

Not only are you going to boost libido, improve ‘drive’ and desire, increase T through a myriad of ways (the impact of spinach on T hasn’t even been mentioned in previous emails), but you’re going to pour FULL daily amounts of these SUPERFOODS into your body to ensure that you’re not only healthier, but optimal.

Each of the above ingredients weren’t just chosen because they’re complete and potent, but they’re also rare (save for spinach, but still, who eats spinach every day?).

You’re just not going to have these superfoods in your diet on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

MAN GREENS tastes like orange juice.

It’s naturally flavored and it’s the best male performance formula for MEN on the planet.

Drink Man Greens when you break your fast and perform like you damn well deserve to.

Man Greens Supplement Price

The price for Man Green Bottle are:

1 bottle Price – $79

3 bottles price – $207

And if you take monthly membership for 1 bottle then it will cost you for $69 only (you will get discount of $30!)

Above price are discounted limited offer! (No discount code required!)

Man Green Price

here are 365 days money-back guarantees where after using the bottle for 6 months and you don’t find any difference in your testosterone levels, you will get a refund from the author within a few days.

You will have to bear the shipping cost. (Shipping cost depends upon your location)

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Man Greens

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Men Health Supplement

100% Natural: Natural & Proven Ingredients
100% effective: It helps to boost testosterone levels.
100% Safe:  No known Side Effects


Man Green supplement 100% natural ingredients will help your body to increase testosterone level, boost libido, increase energy level, provides better sleep, and improve metabolism.

Man Greens is the best greens supplement for men, maybe the best supplement for men. Please visits the official site to ensure to get this limited price offer!


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