Mom Strong 21 Day Program

Mom Strong Program | Get Your Pre Baby Belly Back in 21 Days!

21 Day Mom Strong Program – Learn Easy Movements To Get Your Pre Baby Belly Back!

Do you look pregnant even after delivering the baby? Fret not, you are not alone and we understand your concern. Though every pregnancy and delivery is different, most women gain weight post-delivery. But you need to understand that just like it took nine months for your belly to expand, in the same way, it will take time to get back to its original shape. But ladies, regular exercise is one thing that can boost the process.


  • ‘Peeing Your Pants’
  • ​Losing that baby pooch (Even if it’s been years since you had a baby) 
  • Nagging back pain 
  • ​And building that pre-baby body you’ve been trying to get back.


What Is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Pelvic floor dysfunction is the inability to control the muscles of your pelvic floor.

Your pelvic floor is the group of muscles and ligaments in your pelvic region. The pelvic floor acts like a sling to support the organs in your pelvis — including the bladder, rectum, and uterus or prostate. Contracting and relaxing these muscles allows you to control your bowel movements, urination, and, for women particularly, sexual intercourse.

Pelvic floor dysfunction forces you to contract your muscles rather than relax them. As a result, you may experience difficulty having a bowel movement.

If left untreated, pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to discomfort, long-term colon damage, or infection.

It is literally the foundation of your core strength.

How Can Fixing It Correct Incontinence AND Bring Back That Pre-Baby Belly?

There are a series of gentle exercises you can do daily that will help you to repair that foundation. So you can rebuild that beautiful body you want back so badly AND if you suffer from it correct your embarrassing issue of incontinence.

Do you look pregnant even after delivering the baby? Fret not, you are not alone and we understand your concern. Though every pregnancy and delivery is different, most women gain weight post-delivery. But you need to understand that just like it took nine months for your belly to expand, in the same way, it will take time to get back to its original shape. But ladies, regular exercise is one thing that can boost the process.

Here are five exercises that are great for losing that belly fat post-pregnancy.

  • V-ups – V-up is a full-body exercise that works on your core, legs, back and shoulders. The exercise is known to be the ultimate belly fat cutter and what makes it even effective is the fact that they involve two moves – crunches and leg raises. If you are looking forward to losing that belly fat post-pregnancy, this exercise is a must include in your daily workout routine.
  • Plank – When it comes to belly-flattening exercise, plank tops the list. Plank is one of the best calorie-burning exercises as it engages multiple muscles at a time. It strengthens your body and burns fat around the abdominal area. You can also do various plank variations like straight arm plank, side plank and one arm plank.
  • Bicycle crunches – Bicycle crunch helps build your upper abdominal muscles. The exercise helps you get a flat tummy when performed correctly and regularly. The exercise might seem very difficult to perform, but it’s not so. So, why not give it a try.
  • Flutter kicks – Flutter kicks are a great exercise to tackle that extra flab around your tummy. It is the ultimate lower abs fat cutter. The speed and leg extension matters a lot in this exercise.
  • Mountain climbers – Mountain climbers might seem like an easy exercise, but it will surely tone your abs. The exercise is a combination of core and cardio that targets your abs, arms, shoulders, chest and belly.


How do I get my pre baby body back?

What Really Helps You Bounce Back After Pregnancy

  1. Reasonable Expectations About Losing Baby Weight.
  2. Breastfeeding to Burn Calories.
  3. A Postpregnancy Workout with Core Strengthening Exercises.
  4. Prenatal Vitamins, Because Your Body Still Needs the Nutrients.
  5. Kegels to Strengthen Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles.

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Can you ever get your pre-pregnancy body back?

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that if you were active before pregnancy and had a normal vaginal birth, you might be able to start walking and doing basic strengthening for the stomach, back, and pelvis as soon as you feel able.

How do I tighten my stomach after having a baby?

Here are some things you can do to help firm up loose skin.

  1. Develop a cardio routine. Cardio exercise can help burn fat and tone your muscles.
  2. Eat healthy fats and proteins.
  3. Try regular strength training.
  4. Drink water.
  5. Massage with oils.
  6. Try skin-firming products.
  7. Hit the spa for a skin wrap.

Can you get a flat stomach after pregnancy?

(Sweating tends to increase as your pregnancy hormone levels drop.) By the end of the first month, you may have shed up to 20 pounds (9 kilograms) without too much effort. Wait another 2 weeks for your uterus to shrink back to its original size and your tummy will look flatter.

How do I know if my uterus has gone back to normal?

For the first couple of days after giving birth, you’ll be able to feel the top of your uterus near your belly button. In a week, your uterus will be half the size it was just after you gave birth. After two weeks, it will be back inside your pelvis. By about four weeks, it should be close to its pre-pregnancy size.

Do hips stay wider after pregnancy?

Some of your post-pregnancy body changes are permanent.

Other long-term post-baby body changes: Your hips may be forever slightly widened too, after having expanded for childbirth, and your nipples may be darker and bigger as well.

Is it harder to lose weight after 2nd baby?

Among moms with two or more kids, 43 percent had a harder time peeling off the pounds after their second pregnancy, versus 18 percent who had a harder time with their first. But according to Fernstrom, it’s not your metabolism that slows down in the postpartum months – it’s you.

How long should I tie my stomach after delivery?

Always talk to your doctor or midwife before you begin belly binding. Whichever option you choose, you can wear the wrap for as long as you need to each day to feel comfortable. However, experts recommend that you only wear them for 2 to 12 weeks, since extended wear can have adverse effects.

How do I get rid of saggy belly skin?

While cosmetic surgery can help improve loose skin, many options exist for people who would rather avoid medical procedures. These options include: exercisefirming products.

Here are six ways you can tighten loose skin.

  1. Firming creams.
  2. Supplements.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Lose weight.
  5. Massage the area.
  6. Cosmetic procedures.

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How do you get a flat stomach after a miscarriage?

Ways to control weight gain after a miscarriage:

  1. Consume adequate amounts of water.
  2. Try avoiding stressing about things you can’t change.
  3. Avoid eating due to emotion triggers.
  4. Try eating healthier stuff instead.
  5. Switch to your pre-pregnancy diet.
  6. Exercise and feel healthy.

Why is my stomach getting bigger postpartum?

It’s known as diastasis recti, a separation of the rectus abdominis or “6-pack” muscles that run along the midline or center of the stomach. The connective tissue gets thin and weak and stretches sideways, which causes the waistline to widen and the belly to bulge forward.

How do I lose my mom belly pooch?

Regardless of whether you have a mommy pooch or a tummy overhang after a c-section, the strategies to get rid of them are similar. You must lower your body fat percentage through a combination of eating fewer calories, eating healthier foods, and engaging in regular physical activity.

Why do I still look pregnant after 2 years?

Get Your Pre Baby Belly Back!

This actually happens during pregnancy, is completely normal, and is usually necessary for your body to make room for a baby. Generally what happens is that after the baby is born, your stomach muscles gradually come back together.

What does uterus shrinking feel like?

As your uterus shrinks back into its normal size and shape, you will feel pain in your abdomen (lower belly). These pains are called “afterpains.” Most of these pains will be dull, but some will be sharp. You may feel more of these pains as you breastfeed your baby.

Can you lose weight after 2nd pregnancy?

It’s normal for women to hang on to a few extra pounds after several pregnancies, and in most cases, it won’t affect your health. Try to focus on the incredible things your body has done — it’s created two children! There’s no rush to return to your pre-pregnancy weight, and no shame (at all) if it doesn’t happen.

Is it harder to lose belly after c-section?

Is losing weight after a c section harder Versus A Natural Birth? Losing weight after a c-section delivery might be a bit harder than if you had a vaginal delivery. The reason is that it will take longer to heal and recover from surgery than from an uncomplicated vaginal birth.

Is it harder to get back in shape after second baby?

Your body goes through a lot during your second pregnancy, as with the first. Weight gain, stretch marks and relaxed tummy muscles are the most common complaints. While there’s no rule that says your body won’t recover the second or third time, for lots of mums it’s harder because there’s simply less time to exercise!

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Does loose skin get worse with each pregnancy?

Pregnancy can bring lots of changes to your skin. Most of them disappear after delivery, but sometimes there’s loose skin left behind. Skin is made of collagen and elastin, so it expands with weight gain. Once stretched, skin may have trouble returning to its original shape.

Do postpartum belly bands really work?

Belly Bands to get flat belly

While a belly wrap may help you feel better during pregnancy or post-baby, it’s not going to be a cure-all and you don’t want to rely on it for complete relief or recovery. “A wrap is never going to take over the function of your muscles,”

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21 Day Mom Strong Program | Take The Challenge Of THE 21 DAY MOM STRONG MOVEMENT To Get Back Your Pre Baby Belly!

The Mom Strong 21 Day program is desigend for get your “inner core” re-activated but begin to heal your core and pelvic floor because they’re all connected.

This program claims if you complete it successfully you will no longer have to worry about….


21 Day Mom Strong Program Contents

This 21 Day Mom Strong Program have ALL the tools you need to solve these problems once and for all!

This program is effective no matter if you’ve had a child 2 weeks ago or 10 years ago!

Main Program – 21 Follow Along Workouts

Take your Mom Strong Program ANYWHERE! This Program includes: 

  • 21 full follow along workouts
  • Descriptions and how-to videos
  • Designed specifically for mobile devices to look great on all smart phones including but not limited to iOS and Android. 

Activity Log and Calendar

In this log, you have the exact healing plan that you will follow for the next 21 days. You are told what days exercise, what exercises to do, how many set and how to recover!

21 Day Mom Strong Program FREE BONUS

This Program comes with 2 Free Bonuses along with main program.

  1. Detox Water Guide – Most detoxes are absolute garbage and they just steal your money. But there are a handful that are fantastic. Just remember detoxes are just that… detoxing! They aren’t magic. The recipes in this guide will educate and teach you when you should perform them and how they work. So you can stop wasting your money on detoxes that have no research backing them and actually start seeing results.
  2. How To Fix Your Haywire Hormones – Are you frustrated with hot flashes, weight gain, loss of energy and just overall BLAHS? Well… your hormones might be going HAYWIRE. It is an easy to understand guide PLUS actionable fixes that you can start implementing today!

21 Day Mom Strong Program Price

This program is one of its kind and unique thus doesn’t mean it should be over priced!

  • 21 Follow Along Workouts – $97 Value
  • Detox Water Guide – $19 Value
  • How To Fix Your Haywire Hormones – $29 Value

Total Retail Value – $145

But for limited time period you can get this program along with all bonuses as free for only $37 (for today only!)

Mom Strong 21 day program price

This program comes with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Try this program completely risk-free!

If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, you’ll get refund of your 100% of paid amount !! 

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Mom Strong Program FAQ’s

here are some common frequently asked questions for our readers!

What if I am mom but it’s been years since I had kids?

Absolutely! You can always strengthen your pelvic floor muscles no matter how long they’ve been weak. Think of the 21 Day Mom Strong Program like physical therapy.

When I purchase the 21 Day Mom Strong Movement Program how will it be delivered to me?

You’ll receive the program as a digital PDF guide along with workout videos that will be provided through a link after you purchase. you’ll also gets a link in your email so that you have easy access. You’ll be able to view from your mobile device, computer, or download it if you prefer.

What if i’m pregnant right now?

We always recommend you consult with your physician fist and foremost.  That said, we have many pregnant women doing the program and they love it 

Are there any exercises I should avoid?

It’s all detailed for you in the program but sit ups are on the short list for example.  No need to worry at all.  And like I said, if you see anything you can’t do.  Simply call or email us and our trained reps will either provide an alternative or give you your money back in full.

What if I didn’t have children?

You’re not alone! So many of our success stories are women that had incontinence issues and never had children. Rest assured this will work for you too!

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