Multiple Orgasm Trigger Learn The Ways To Orgasm Multiple Times

Multiple Orgasm Trigger | Learn The Ways To Orgasm Multiple Times!

Is your erotic pleasure over way too soon?

Would you like to enjoy waves of high-energy orgasms that continue for as long as you desire?

All that is required are two or three 20-minute practice sessions per week in the privacy of your home.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program teaches men and women a revolutionary skill that leads to multiple orgasms that may continue for as long as desired.

Let’s learn why this program is so effective!

Delightfully effective for both men and women

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger teaches a simple skill for adults of all sexual orientations. This unique approach offers a method for amplifying erotic arousal leading to unprecedented sexual enjoyment, whether solo or with a partner.

Men learn to enjoy sensations of multi-orgasmic intensity, with or without erection, without ejaculation-blocking techniques, and without premature or unwanted ejaculation.

Using this method, women also learn to enjoy new feelings of multiorgasmic intensity, without any sense of straining or “reaching” for orgasm.

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The quality of these new orgasmic experiences takes both men and women way beyond what they’ve experienced before — waves of notably-greater intensity, throughout their entire body, that may last even for hours when so desired.

Multiple orgasms with no ejaculation blocking For Men

Most people believe that ejaculation and orgasm are one and the same, since both events typically occur at approximately the same time. But in fact, ejaculation (the emission of seminal fluid) is a physical reflex, while orgasm is a neuro-energetic experience.

With this method, men can completely avoid the difficult and distracting last-moment strategies, such as pubococcygeal muscle-tensing, that are typically used to try to remain “just this side” of the so-called ejaculation “point of no return”.

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With practice of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol, orgasm and ejaculation may be successfully separated. This separation liberates the male orgasm so that it may be enjoyed for an extended period of time — as long as desired – and gives you a clear option to enjoy all of the non-ejaculatory orgasms that you want, without the feelings of tiredness, emptiness, or sleepiness that so often follow ejaculation.

Learning this skill is a simple and enjoyable process!

Practice sessions focus on pleasurable relaxation, body awareness, and specific instructions that Jack teaches in the audio seminars and in the online Training and Discussion Forum.

They require little time – only 1 to 3 sessions per week, each lasting no more than 20 minutes.

Initially these practice times are kept separate from regular sexual activity. Their goal is to hone this skill that is then employed either solo or with a partner to enjoy unprecedented multi-orgasmic bliss, regardless of gender.

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New hope and enjoyment possible for people living with physical disabilities or effects of sexual abuse

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program also works for many people who suffer from  disabilities and/or trauma related to their sexuality. Everyone benefits from the fact that the learning process is simple and gentle. Physical fitness is not required. This method does not even necessarily require genital stimulation. It can be effective with any area of the body that yields a pleasurable response.

Two of the most respected and long-time members of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Forum, Artform and Pan (all Forum members use pseudonyms), suffer from spinal injuries with serious and permanent pain. Both of these men consider the Multiple Orgasm Trigger skill to be vital to the full enjoyment of their sexuality.

Also in the Forum are reports of survivors of sexual abuse. They share how this program has helped them to develop positive attitudes toward their bodies and sexuality, and to enjoy unprecedented sexual bliss.

For adults regardless of age or sexual orientation

Use of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ is beneficial for adults age 18 and older.

“Mog”, noteworthy adept of this program, started practice in his mid-70’s. He is now in his 80’s and remains one of the most articulate and renowned Forum members.

NOTE: The Multiple Orgasm Trigger program is neither a medical treatment nor any other form of therapy. However, this program author Jack is happy to consult with a person’s physician, therapist, or counselor regarding use of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger program!

Multiple Orgasm Trigger (MOT) program Testimonials

here are some real testimonials from it’s users!

“Our sexual relationship has improved dramatically… We’ve attained heights I could not imagine beforehand.”


“Finding Jack’s MOT method has been one of the best things that could ever have happened in our marriage. It has brought us close again after some very trying times.”


“It’s like I called for a cab and a train showed up!”

Ron D

“I can now start a Multiple Orgasm Trigger session at practically any time and easily and quickly get into a sequence of orgasms at a level of intensity which far exceeds anything I experienced before in a long life of sexual experimentation and adventuring.”


“With Jack’s method I learned how to skip ejaculating and focus on enjoying orgasm which lasts way longer.”


“Jack, I am 70 years old and have a problem with impotence.I have tried the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger for three weeks and it is working great.I have never experienced anything like this in all my life!”

It’s hard for me to believe what an unexpected and incredible enhancement MOT has brought to my life. The MOT logo is now in a picture frame on my wall.”

Ed C

So Who Is Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program Author?

John L. “Jack” Johnston MA has been a professional Psychologist for over 40 years. After receiving his BA from Pomona College, Claremont California, he obtained his Masters Degree in Psychology from the California School for Professional Psychology. This prestigious school, founded by a former President of the American Psychological Association, was designed to provide an intensive clinical training practicum throughout the graduate program.

Jack developed his own practice based on a range of professional interests – from working with individuals facing profound health challenges such as terminal illness, to innovative work with dreams and chronic nightmares. During this time he trained with Milton H. Erickson MD, among others. The techniques he developed for working effectively with dreams led him to travel extensively in the US and Canada teaching workshops on his experiential dream method to psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers, as well as to the general public.

Working with clients over the years, Jack became interested in the unexplored potential of male sexuality. He was especially interested in the male reflexes of orgasm and ejaculation, distinguishing them as separate, yet closely linked phenomena. Working creatively with these ideas, he discovered and developed the Multiple Orgasm Trigger.

In 1994 Jack launched his first audio seminar to teach men how to use his novel approach for prolonging male orgasm. In 1997, he developed one of the first online forums to encourage discussion and build an international community of people learning his method.

Jack lives with his wife Jackie in British Columbia, Canada.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Forum

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Training Forum has been active for over 20 years. Experiences shared in this community have led to a continuing refinement of the method, bringing it to its current form. Both men and women can enjoy the profound benefits of this program by learning the empowering lifelong skill that Jack teaches.

The Multiple Orgasm Trigger Program includes an online training and discussion Forum. This service provides an area where members, using a pseudonym of their choice to protect their actual identity, may speak candidly about this intimate subject. People share their experiences of using the method, as well as posting any questions they may have.

The Forum is also a great resource for people who haven’t purchased the program yet, and want to gain a sense of how the members of the Forum community support each other.

This forum is about 3 things:

  • Sharing Experiences – The main area of the Forum is dedicated to members sharing experiences of their practice of the method. Most members create one or more threads which they use as a personal journal of their experiences and to request and receive assistance from fellow members and from Jack. These threads frequently evolve into a documentary of a member’s individual journey of exploration and realization of the full potential of their sexuality.
  • Live Chats – There is also a live chatbox in the Forum that is open 24/7. This feature may be accessed from each Forum page. This chatbox allows members to have conversations in real time. Once a month there are realtime chats hosted personally by the discoverer of the method, Jack Johnston MA Psychology. These hosted chats occur on the first Saturday of each month, at 17:00 UTC. The chats are archived and accessible in the Forum and are a valuable resource in their own right. This archive has proven to be especially helpful for people who are new to the method.
  • Archive of Wisdom – The Multiple Orgasm Trigger™ Forum offers not only a place to discuss experiences with current practitioners, but is also a great resource. Jack’s hosted chats date back to 1995, and the Forum was founded in 1997. For registered members, the Forum offers a search function for easy access. All of this content is immediately accessible. The information remains relevant and is of timeless value.

Full viewing and posting rights are included in the purchase of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger program.

What’s Inside This Program?

When you order this program you will receive:

  • A 17-page ebook: Very Important Tips
  • THREE 1-Hour Instructional Audio Programs
  • In audio programs Jack teaches you how to use his method to evoke a deep-body resonance that awakens unprecedented multi-orgasmic pleasure
  • For over 20 years, men and women’s questions, answers, and life-transforming success stories have been documented in his Multiple Orgasm Trigger Forum, available 24/7
  • Men learn how to easily separate orgasm from ejaculation, opening the way to true multiples
  • No squeeze techniques, last minute breath-holding, etc.
  • Men and women enjoy the solo pleasures of this method
  • Couples use it to greatly enrich their intimate relationship
  • Also effective for many people living with disabilities, survivors of sexual trauma, men suffering from premature ejaculation, and for those challenged by pornography addiction
  • A standalone archive of our Forum’s first ten years, which you can study off-line
  • Using a pseudonym of your choice, you will enjoy 24/7 access to live online Forum with full searching and posting rights
  • Access to the experience and insights of our active Forum Community – from Newbies to Veterans with years of very satisfied experience using this unique method.
  • Full participation rights to monthly online LIVE Discussion Chats hosted personally by Jack!

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    Note: This product contains adult language and concepts and is not intended for persons under 18 years of age.






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