over 40 keto solution

Over 40 Keto Solution | Lose Up To 1 Pound Of Fat Per Day!

Over 40 Keto Solution: How do you know whether this new keto diet loophole designed for the hormones and metabolism of people over 40 is for you?

It’s The 7 Pounds In 7 Days Formula specifically designed for the metabolism and hormones of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s to lose up to ONE pound each day.

What Does The Latest Scientific Research Say About Ultra-Low Carb Ketogenic Dieting For People Over 40?

The Hard Science Now Proves Ultra-Low Carb Conventional Ketogenic Dieting Causes A Rapid Hormonal Decline & Metabolic Slowdown For ANY Person Over 40 Years Old…

Traditional low-carb ketogenic dieting decreases T3 thyroid hormone levels, disrupts leptin sensitivity, lowers your resting metabolic rate and leads to elevated “sarcopenia” sacrificing precious muscle tissue

So you burn LESS calories each day as time goes on.

This ultimately interferes with delicate hormone balance damaging the metabolism of people in their 40s, 50s and 60s…

The Most Powerful Keto Weight-Loss Secret EVER Discovered For People In Their 40s, 50s, and 60s…

And it would eventually even save our marriage.

A secret that helped my wife Karen, a 59 year old grandma, lose 7 pounds of pure belly fat in the first 7 days

And then another 18 pounds the next few weeks reversing 100% of her symptoms from cancer, menopause, and pre-diabetes…

Saving her from a lifetime of resorting to deadly prescription medicines, surgeries, and dangerous hormone replacements…

Leaving her doctors scratching their heads in amazement wondering how she did it.

According to Rush University Medical Center there are 7 key indicators of a hormonal imbalance.

Take This 7 Point Hormone Assessment Test To Find Out If You’re At Risk…

  1. Do You Suffer From Belly Bloat Or Have Fat-Storage In Unusual Areas Of Your Body—Like Your Upper & Lower Belly Region, Lower Back, Hips, Love Handles Or Backside?
  2. Do You Have Menopausal Symptoms Such As “Hot Flashes,” Vaginal Dryness, Insomnia Or Depression?
  3. Have You Experienced A Drop In Your Libido, Sexual Desire, Or Do You Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?
  4. Do You Have Frequent Late Night Cravings For Sugar Or Salt?
  5. Do You Have Dry, Scaly Skin Or Frequent Hair Loss?
  6. Do You Suffer From Poor Memory, Mental Fatigue, Or Lack Of Motivation?
  7. Have You Experienced A Decrease In Strength & Muscle Tone?

It Was Time To Show People In Their 40s, 50s and 60s Why “Ketosis” Is Not Necessary To Reap All The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of A Ketogenic Diet!

Over 40 Keto Solution | The 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint

Breakthrough Research Proves It…

Keto-Carb Cycling Helps You Live Longer, Look YOUNGER & Quickly Burn More Stubborn Fat Through 5 Different Pathways

  • Over-40 Keto Solution Pathway #1: Eliminates Deadly Belly Fat To Prevent Metabolic Syndrome & Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attacks. Eating high-fat ketogenic foods has been shown in scientific research to “target” a greater proportion of fat loss to come from directly from the belly region.
  • Over-40 Keto Solution Pathway #2: Controls Blood Sugar & Stabilizes Insulin (fights against diabetes, while keeping your body in “fat-burning mode” each day) A keto style diet stands head and shoulders above the rest for its ability to decrease levels of the fat storage hormone—insulin.
  • Over-40 Keto Solution Pathway #3: Increases Levels of GOOD Cholesterol (HDL) & Reduces Dangerous Triglycerides. Eating ketogenic foods has been shown to cause a rapid reduction in dangerous blood triglycerides. 
  • Over-40 Keto Solution Pathway #4: KILLS Cravings, ERASES Hunger, & ENDS Your Addiction To Sugar. Keto dieters report significantly less hunger—all while losing 46% MORE weight than the low-fat dieters.
  • Over-40 Keto Solution Pathway #5: “Reactivates” Fat-Burning Leptin & Thyroid Hormones. Keto Carb-Cycling significantly BOOSTS your body’s #1 fat-burning hormone, leptin.

And there you have it!

5 scientifically-backed reasons Keto Carb-Cycling can help you live longer, look younger, and quickly lose dangerous belly fat.

It’s common sense if you really think about it…

Unless you have epilepsy (that’s what keto was originally created for) there’s no need to eliminate entire food groups.

This Keto Carb-Cycling Diet Hack allows you to still reap all the amazing therapeutic, weight loss benefits of conventional keto (without all the sacrifice, deprivation, and side-effects).

It all starts with The 7-IN-7 Formula that “primes” your body to drop 7 pounds or more in 7 days (and then up to ONE pound PER DAY afterwards).

The same blueprint Karen and I both used to transform our bodies in record time.

As you’ve just discovered it’s fully backed by the latest cutting edge science, published research, and real world people just like you and me.

The OVER 40 Keto Solution

The First & Only Keto For Carb-Lovers System Specifically Designed to RESET Fat-Burning Hormones & Regulate The Metabolism Of People In Their 40s, 50s, and 60s!

  • Featuring the 7-Pounds In 7-Days Formula…
  • It boosts thyroid and leptin levels unlike today’s conventional ultra-low carb ketogenic diet…
  • It eliminates Keto-Flu side-effects…
  • It ends your addiction to sugar-cravings (without withdrawals!)
  • No sacrificing your favorite carbs, fruits, desserts, or alcohol…
  • It floods your body with the ketones and hormones that can melt up to 7 pounds every 7 days!
  • It’s backed up by dozens of published scientific research studies (the gold standard of studies)
  • It’s the first Keto For ‘Carb-Lovers’ Solution specifically designed for the hormones and metabolism of people OVER-40

Here’s The Simple Step-By-Step OVER-40 Keto Solution System You’ll Download Today..

>>>>> Learn Secrets Of Lose Up To 1 Pound Of Fat Per Day!

Over 40 Keto Solution | The 7 Day Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint

  • Dramatically Accelerate Anti-Aging Ketone Molecule Production
  • Quickly Transform Your Body From “Sugar-Burner” to “Fat-Burner”
  • END Your Body’s Addiction To Sugar & “Shuts Off” Cravings
  • Get All The Benefits Of Conventional Keto (without “metabolic slowdown” or the “hormonal decline”)
  • Includes “Food Pairing” Tricks That Shield Your Body From Diabetes (keeps your body in “Fat-Burning Mode” 24/7)
  • Built-In Hacks To Eliminate Negative KETO FLU Side-Effects
  • Includes Hormone-Boosting Carbs, Cheat Meals, Desserts, and detailed alcohol guidelines

Over 40 Keto Solution | The 7 Day Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint Price

Everything you need to succeed is inside our step-by-step handbook, The 7-Day Keto Carb Cycling Blueprint, but when you take
action now we’ll also give you instant access to 4 FREE BONUSES…

  • Bonus #1: The Keto Plateau-Buster Meal Plan
  • Bonus #2: Quick Start Checklist
  • Bonus #3: Kitchen Prep & Restaurant Cheat Sheets
  • Bonus #4: Belly Bloat ELIMINATION Tricks
  • and for today’s bonus special Bonus #5: Kick-Start Results Accelerator Coaching Call

If you order now you will get all the 4 bonus pdf with The 7-Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint guide at $29. (Regular Price $79)

Take Action Today While The OVER-40 Keto Solution Is Still On Sale & AVOID The Pain Of Regret (Which Lasts Forever)

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