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Yes! such claims are made by the author of the eBook Physique Zero Main Manual!

This eBook and videos are designed to help you experience a visible transformation of your physique without any hassles. Following the program and applying a bit of effort on your part, you can certainly achieve the toned look that you have always wanted.

Physique Zero is an at-home fitness program which claims to support muscle gains by utilizing a strange exercise timing trick that switches on hidden muscle fibers. By following the listed 8-minute muscle methods for testosterone activation, fitness fanatics can anticipate increased muscle growth and fat loss, and efficient protein delivery by creating a hypoxic environment

The best thing about this fitness program is that you would not have to compromise your daily schedules to achieve your physique goals. The creator of this program has planned it out in such a way that you would get a leaner, stronger body without making any changes in your lifestyle. It is suited for the typical modern folks with a modern lifestyle

Physique Zero – Get Ultimate Bodyweight Workout at Your home!

The provided guide for the exercises along with the program is further categorized into multiple topics including reduction of gym time, common errors have been made during the workouts, an 8-minutes boosting workout is elaborated, and discussed in detail in the package.

The PDF copy is easy to read and includes a step-by-step guide for a strong physique, fast reduction methods to calm your mind and the much better stuff is included.

Main Content of The Physique Zero program You’ll Get:

Physique Zero Main Manual eBook

How to get 57% stronger in 20 seconds… 21% more muscle in 40 seconds… and maximize muscle endurance in 70 seconds… Without wasting a single moment in the gym or even breaking a sweat!

Step by step video demos showing you how to complete every Physique Zero move to perfection… These videos take all the guesswork out of getting a muscular new physique you love showing off…

The only bodyweight training program that makes getting ripped from home a cinch. (no other program on the planet WAKES UP as many muscle building and fat burning fibers in your body like this one does.)

The ripped abs guide that shows you the safest and most effective way to get rid of stubborn love handles… beer belly… and keg gut… and also improves the overall flexibility of your joints!

The #1 worst mistake you can make when starting a new training plan. (Even if you do everything else “right”, your physique will fall apart if you make this common mistake that nobody talks about.)

Add inches to your arms, chest, and shoulders in minutes! (after just 47 seconds your muscles will blow up like balloons and you’ll show off a head-turning pump.)

One common exercise that will destroy your chances of ever building muscle after 30 (when I stopped doing this one exercise—that 99% of fitness professionals recommendmy testosterone levels shot through the roof.)

Powerful 8-minute workouts that upgrade your physique and give you the biggest bang for your buck every time you train… You’ll NEVER suffer through a long… boring… painful workout again!

What does Physique Zero include?

Muscle growth concerns are highly addressed throughout this step by step video-based bodyweight training program. Some of the topics highlighted include, but are not limited to:

  • Specific types of exercises that promote muscle activation and create six-packs
  • The best approach for achieving muscle pumps, which are caused from excessive flow of blood into the muscle
  • How to increase power in both the lower and upper body
  • The role nutrition plays in muscle growth
  • Why it is important to work out with a timer
  • Information on a natural ingredient that increases testosterone in men for bodily development
  • The way in which one’s mouth is positioned and how that affects muscle building and fat burning potentials

The aforementioned collection of knowledge has been split between six in depth guides called, Main Manual, Nutrition, Execution Videos, Workout Guide, Six-pack Workouts and Recovery Techniques.

Features of Physique Zero

The program would help you to address problems like –

  • You would not have to long wait to see transformations in your body. Similar things have been reported by other real-time users for Physique Zero reviews.
  • Hardcore training in the gym can also damage yo your body. Back and joint pain is quite frequent when you start doing such exercises. Following the program, you would not have to face any such situations.
  • it is important to keep a count of the repetitions. The creator believes that this would take your mind away from the motion range while you are doing the exercises. This practice would also help you to understand the worth of each repetition.

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How training is done by Physique Zero?

The program is entirely home-based and offers flexibility to its users. No time constraints are bound to consumers, which is a plus point to workaholic people and for the people who do not find time to get their bodies in shape.

A step by step guide is given in the read-only file and the video set is also available in the bonus pack which further elaborates on the workout techniques. There are no extensive workout techniques that can cause pain and tiredness. No cardio workouts which tend to appear boring and unattractive to some people. The technique purely focuses on the development of the muscles from the natural and easily adaptable methods.

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Who can be benefitted from this package?

People from any grown age group and community can easily follow this package. People with stubborn belly fats, lean and thin people who want to gain weight, and the people who want to lose fats, can easily use the techniques and can get their desired results within weeks. Only 8-minutes a day is enough to change their energy levels by increased energy levels and testosterone in their bloodstream.

Will Physique Zero trigger any old training injuries?

Physique Zero is directed towards the releasing of the steroids juices directly into the muscles which are done when the proteins are directed to enter the muscles and fibers. There is no chance of flaring up of the old training injuries that occurred during any previous training sessions. The package itself is safe enough for old people up to 75 years of age.

Bonus Physique Zero PDF and Videos

Physique Zero Bonuses Bundle

Workout Guide

Main Manual


Execution Videos

Sixpack Workout

Recovery Techniques

Pushup Mastery

Pullup Mastery

Supplement Cheat Sheet

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So, Who is the Trainer?

The creator of this program is Alain Gonzalez who is a former skinny guy turned jacked fitness professional. He’s a personal trainer, consultant, and has written for some of the most prestigious online fitness magazines.

His transformation has been featured in articles on websites all over the internet and has given hope to countless “hardgainers” all over the world.

He is the founder of, a free fitness website dedicated to helping guys (and gals) to build muscle, get lean, and achieve a physique they never thought possible.

Over the years, Alain has helped thousands of naturally skinny guys to finally move the scale and pack on pounds of rock hard muscle mass, regardless of their genetics, and he hopes to do the same for you.

FAQ’s For Our Readers

Here are some Frequently Asked Question for our reader’s queries. All Answers are official responses from author’s website!

What is Physique Zero?

Physique Zero is a strength-boosting, muscle-building, and fat-blasting program. It’s been developed from loads of scientific research and experimental practice in the bodybuilding community to deliver the biggest bang for your buck every time you train (only a few minutes per training session). It’s founded on the principle that you can improve strength, muscle and muscular endurance in one set when you train to the 70-second “steroid barrier” which stimulate hidden muscle fibers, increases testosterone and puts your muscles in the perfect anabolic environment to grow.

Who do you recommend this program to?

This program is recommended to any busy man who wants a lean, strong and capable physique. Age, weight, training experience and even your current schedule won’t affect your ability to use this program safely and effectively every time you train. If you want to get ripped using short and safe workouts that you can do from home then this program is for you.

I’ve had training injuries in the past. Will this make them flare up again?

It shouldn’t. I’ve taken special care to make sure Physique Zero is safe for men between the ages of 35-75. Because I know that as we get older, it’s easier to tweak a muscle or inflame the joints than it was when we were younger. This program eliminates the factors that cost most training injuries (“locking out”, tons of repetitions, heavy weights, confusing equipment, long training sessions) and implements just the opposite of those things to ensure your muscles and joints are safe from harm. If by any chance you run into a problem with an ache here or there—please send an email and we’ll walk through next steps together.

How long before I notice results?

Like I mentioned above, if you follow the program closely, you’ll notice a leaner and more powerful physique within the first week. Plus, you’ll start feeling more confident and sure of yourself with every passing day.

What if Physique Zero doesn’t work for me?

If you don’t notice a difference in the way you look and feel, just send me an email and I’ll refund every penny. No questions asked. This is truly a risk-free offer.

How long does it take for me to get the program?

After about 10-seconds to a few minutes. After you purchase, you’ll gain instant access to the Physique Zero program. You can download it onto your computer and get started right away. Nothing is shipped in the mail so you don’t have to wait through any long fulfillment process. Plus, doing it this way allows me to offer the entire system at a reduced price. Which is bonus points for you!

Is this just another training program I can rip out of a magazine?

No. Physique Zero is simple, structured, easy to use and promises BIG results when followed closely. You won’t find a program like it anywhere else because no other training program brings the unique methods that make this form of training so special into your own living room. All others require a gym membership and at least 30-minutes per training session.

Is Physique Zero a complicated program?

No. This is a straightforward program showing you how to get stronger, more muscular and better endurance with at home workouts that feature a unique 70-second timing mechanism that’s so simple you’ll wonder why it’s not the talk of the town already. Plus, you have a training manual, videos and exercise guide to help you nail each training session with ease. It’s simple and effective and guarantees results.

Price of Physique Zero PDF Bundle

Complete bundle of the above listed PDFs with easssy to understand step by step video instructions available at the unbelievable price of JUST $15 (WORTH OVER $90 FOR FREE!)

It’s backed with Zero-Risk 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee… meaning that If you don’t like the program you will get your money back…

This limited offer is coming to end soon! Grab the deal before it goes to it’s upgraded price range!

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Our Verdict

People can follow this program to its fullest without any effect on their daily routines and schedules. The technique will not only help them to get in better shape but it will also help them to achieve higher productivity and energy levels which can be helpful in their work zones.

Author is renowned person, working for many years in fitness industries and have great expertise.

his technique has proven to be painless and easy to adopt by any age group from 30-75 years. People have attained their desired bodies and some people have claimed that after using it for a few weeks, they are feeling emerging muscles in their bodies and their energy levels are also exquisite. Instead of waiting for a long time, the technique has proven itself within a few weeks.

No doubt he made a professional course and also at very cheap price. I Just can’t argue more! if you really want to get some good shape go ahead!

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