REAL LIFE Self Defense | #1 Move To Survive & Defend Yourself In Any Situation!

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REAL LIFE Self Defense – Learn #1 Move To Survive & Defend Yourself In Any Situation

It’s simple and easy to perform while creating a significant result and it’s something nobody is expecting.

No one protects their neck from strikes.

Plus you will be striking with your forearm which is a very difficult area for you to injure on yourself.

The target is the side of your attackers neck where you’ll find the bracial plexus (motor nerve) and a superficial nerve called the Greater Auricular Nerve.

When this area is hit it creates a nervous system stun that virtually shuts off your attacker’s body for a few seconds.

It’s a very serious technique. In some law enforcement circles this move is classified as a deadly force technique.

Only use this technique in self defense under the appropriate legal, ethical and moral circumstances.

The stun can last for 3 to 7 seconds and sometimes longer.

The Brachial Stun is a legit, one-strike knockout technique.

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FAILURE #1: No focus on understanding the psychology of an attacker

80% of defending yourself against an attacker has nothing to do with the physical. It’s psychological. Until you understand the criminal mindset, you won’t defeat them.

You see, it’s not a fair fight. If you’re mentally under-prepared, the attacker wins. They’re an expert. They’ve years of training to manipulate you and coax you down a dark alley or into an empty parking lot. They know how to control their environment.

And they rely on you not knowing this.

A program needs to start with understanding criminal psychology. Sure, you may learn a few clever punches and defense techniques.

Yet all this is useless if you crumble under the pressure of a bad guy tricking you into making a wrong move.

FAILURE #2: Too complex

Some of these guys who show off their self-defense videos and books need to get a grip. The level of skill needed to pull off their basic moves is CRAZY for most ordinary people.

If your defense system requires more than a few hours to master, you don’t have a program.

The only techniques you will ever use are the simple ones.

They need to work for an ordinary person without prior training, technique or ability.

So even if you think you don’t have time to learn how to fight…

Everyone deserves to know how to defend themselves and protect their family.

If you’re anything like me, you think about your family a lot. You spend your waking moments feeling a deep need to keep them safe, to protect them. It’s natural.

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