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Resurge supplement – Lose Weight While You Sleep!

Loss of sleep is commonly referred to as Sleep Deprivation. It occurs when an individual gets less sleep than they need to feel awake.

Sleep Deprivation or sleep loss may alter the normal functioning of your body and disrupts the ability to focus. This can negatively affect the whole body. Resurge supplement helps you to overcome this problem and helps to maintain normal body weight by enhancing better sleep throughout the night.

Some popular weight loss diets suggest that you can lose weight while sleeping. However, the majority of the weight you lose while sleeping may be water weight.

This article will help you with all information that you need. but first here are some common question that comes in our mind .

How Does Deep Sleep Help You Lose Stubborn Fat?

Now, you may have a doubt. How deep sleep helps you to lose stubborn fat? Let me explain it to you. Deep sleep is the time at which your body undergoes metabolic regeneration. There are two phases of human sleep. They are REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid-eye movement).

REM is the most metabolically active phase and NREM is the least active phase. The special human growth hormone (HGH) created by your body during the REM phase of your sleep boosts the metabolism, burns excess fat in your body, and makes your body energetic.

If your body is unable to get deep sleep, that is the duration and quality of the REM phase are very low. Then this hormone just stops its working as your body inhibits its secretion. As a result of this, the appetite-suppressing hormone leptin is not produced and hunger creating hormone Ghrelin will be produced in your body.

This makes you overeat and obese. Thus Resurge supplement focuses on the main cause of obesity and helps your body to improve metabolic activities and to lose stubborn body fat by providing a good sleep. The next part of my Resurge review is about its ingredients and benefits.

Are You Struggling With Sleepless Nights & Stubborn Fat?

Lose weight while you sleep!

How Much Weight Do You Lose During Sleep?

As a very approximate number, we burn around 50 calories an hour while we sleep. However, every person burns a different amount of calories during sleep, depending on their personal basal metabolic rate (BMR).

If you’re properly rested, you’re going to find that it’s easier to lose weight! Also getting adequate sleep regularly may promote long-term weight loss!

Is there any natural supplement that can lose weight in sleep … overnight?

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What Is Resurge Supplement?

Resurge is an natual and organic product supplement. People can lose weight during sleep with the help of Resurge supplement!

When you consume this supplement you will be able to get a Optimum Sleep that will lead to fat burning.

This supplement should be taken every evening after dinner to give you a refreshing and necessary sleep for well-being.

It also has healing properties, and the natural ingredients begin to work on the cells and tissues of the body almost immediately.

resurge supplement Bottles
resurge supplement for weight loss

Resurge nutritional supplement is your dietary supplement in the city that assists you to handle the source of the issue as a way to revive internal human body mechanics which is very likely to support you by improving one sleep.

Obesity is a Pressing on the problem as well as if it reduces their burden, and many strive to create a shift, they realize they are incapable to. Even should they decide to take to rigorous physical workout regimes and follow strict diet plans, which regularly lead to starvation; they also cannot burn off up the unwelcome weight, of course, if they do find yourself reducing any weight, it’s only a question of time till they stop and it comes back.

Does this also contribute to the inquiry regarding what it’s which can enable someone to decrease weight without needing to starve or have problems with muscle soreness that is boundless?

After much research, an answer was found that will be effective and simple. What any individual needs is not longer and sleeping hours, however, sleep.

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Resurge Supplement : Main Features

As per Resurge Supplements official website it’s main features are as followings:

  • This product is unique because it is made from 8 extremely safe ingredients for the human body, thus reducing the possibility of generating negative effects.
  • it aids in boosting your natural metabolic regeneration, encouraging deep sleep.
  • This supplement can be administered without restrictions and is intended for both sexes, except for pregnant or breastfeeding women or who already have a drug treatment.
  • It Support weight loss. also It comes in the form of capsules so easily digestive in nature!
  • The product does not contain synthetic, harmful or harmful ingredients.

Resurge Ingredients

Ingredients and the Dosage are mentioned below:–

  • 50mg Magnesium
  • 15 mg Zinc
  • 10 mg Melatonin
  • 150 mg Ashwagandha
  • 100 mg Hydroxytryptophan
  • 200 mg L-theanine
  • 1200 mg Arginine
  • 1200 mg Lysine

Overall, Resurge is like an amino acid supplement and sleep aid bundled together. It should help you sleep, and it could help your body repair proteins – but it’s not some miraculous HGH booster that will help you lose weight without diet or exercise. But the idea is to start using Resurge every single night, for one month, two months and upwards to three months before the body can start to really work optimally at sleeping sounder, regenerating metabolic function and boosting hormone health.

resurge supplement Ingredients
resurge supplement Ingredients

The most noticeable ingredient in Resurge is melatonin. Each four capsule serving of Resurge contains 10mg of melatonin, which is a relatively high dose of melatonin. Many people take 1mg to 5mg of melatonin before bed to help them fall asleep. With 10mg of melatonin in each serving, Resurge could help you fall asleep.

The two amino acids in Resurge, meanwhile, could help your body build protein overnight. Many people take amino acids like L-arginine and L-lysine after a workout. Both L-arginine and L-lysine play a crucial role in the production of proteins. Typically, you don’t see amino acids in sleep aids – but Resurge uses these ingredients to repair your body overnight.

The supplement also contains two herbal extracts, including ashwagandha and Griffonia simplicifolia. The company does not cite any studies verifying the use of these ingredients, and it’s unclear how they work. Some studies show these two herbal extracts can relieve anxiety, which could help you sleep, although neither is well-studied.

Resurge Supplement – Natural Ingredients for Weight loss and Deep Sleep!

  • 10mg of Melatonin – Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that has a variety of benefits. It is most commonly used for insomnia and improving sleep in different conditions. Melatonin can be used to treat delayed sleep phases as it improves the quality and quantity of your sleep. It is a hormone found naturally in the body that is proven to help in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. 
  • 150mg of East Indian Ashwagandha plant – This is an ancient medicinal herb popularly used in India. It is known for its ability to significantly reduce cortisol, which will result in improving the quality of deep sleep in addition to controlling a number of issues, including stress and anxiety.
  • 100mg of Natural amino acid Hydroxytryptophan – A specific form of hydroxytryptophan is known to enhance the effect of melatonin, thereby improving the quality and duration of deep sleep. They also boost the serotonin that reduces stress and controls appetite.
  • 200mg of L-Theanine – This Phytonutrient commonly found in tea leaves and mushrooms improves the quality of deep sleep by promoting a relaxed state and by controlling the heart rate. It calms you by reducing the level of cortisol and does not cause drowsiness.
  • 500mg of Magnesium along with 15mg of Zinc – These two ingredients, when taken alongside with the above-stated ingredients will provide quality deep sleep in addition to promoting your morning alertness. According to Resurge reviews and few Studies have proven that these minerals together can promote a natural, healthy sleeping pattern and a long-range REM phase. These essential minerals help to stay healthy and reduces Fatigue.
  • 1200mg of Arginine and 1200 mg of Lysine – These are natural amino acids provided through the food sources which, when consumed together, improves the amount of human age-defying hormone that is known to release during deep sleep and reduces chronic anxiety. Arginine and Lysine also support the immune system, clears the acne, reduces hair loss, protects the neural functions of the brain, and improves bone health.

Resurge weight loss supplement suggest that the above-stated ingredients, when taken in the right proportion before sleep, will induce good quality sleep and duration of sleep increases, this consequently results in burning belly fat.

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Resurge Supplement – How Does Formula Works ?

The makers of Resurge have not tested the supplement on any human or animal subjects. They have not conducted any clinical trials or scientific studies on the formula.

Despite the lack of direct clinical evidence, the company acknowledges that thousands of men and women used their formula for HGH, weight loss, and other whole body wellness benefits. The company does cite 16 studies on its reference page on individual ingredients within Resurge.

First, Resurge’s most noticeable ingredient is melatonin. The supplement contains 10mg of melatonin, which is considered a high dose. Melatonin has been linked with sleep in multiple studies. In this 2014 review study, researchers reviewed dozens of studies on melatonin and found that it could help people restore circadian rhythm after jet lag, shift work, and other things that disrupt your body’s sleep/wake cycle. Most people take 2mg to 5mg of melatonin for sleep, so the 10mg dose in Resurge is relatively high. This is great in comparison to all of the cheap sleep aids that all but rely on the name and its association with being a sleep enhancer.

Resurge contains two amino acids, including L-arginine and L-lysine. There’s some evidence amino acids are linked with weight loss, although most people use amino acid supplements to build muscle or aid recovery after a workout – not specifically to lose weight. This 2017 study showed that weight loss can lead to significant changes in amino acid levels, although it’s unclear if L-arginine and L-lysine are directly linked with weight loss.

L-theanine, ashwagandha, and Griffonia simplicifolia are commonly used for anti-anxiety benefits. What is even more impressive is when combining these high-powered natural plant-based herbal extracts together to get an extra edge known as the entourage effect.

Ashwagandha was used for centuries in traditional medicine for overall health and wellness. In 2011, researchers reviewed studies on ashwagandha and concluded that it was an “anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic agent” linked to anxiolytic [anti-anxiety] effects, improved energy levels, and other benefits. However, most studies on ashwagandha use a dose of 400 to 600mg, and this is the dose used in most other ashwagandha supplements. Resurge contains just 150mg of ashwagandha.

Resurge also contains L-theanine, a compound found in certain teas. L-theanine is known for its anxiolytic (anti anxiety) effects, and some people take L-theanine daily to help manage stress. In this 2019 study, researchers found that L-theanine could have a positive impact on stress-related symptoms and cognitive functions in health adults. Researchers gave participants L-theanine or a placebo, concluding that “L-theanine has the potential to promote mental health in the general population with stress-related ailments and cognitive impairments.”

Griffonia simplicifolia has not been studied as much as ashwagandha. However, research suggests that Griffonia simplicifolia seeds can impact 5-HTP, a crucial chemical for weight loss. Griffonia simplicifolia contains 5-HTP, which is a precursor to serotonin. Some studies suggest Griffonia simplicifolia can indirectly impact depression, anxiety, appetite, sleep, and motion sickness, among other benefits, by impacting serotonin. In this 1999 study, for example, researchers found that Griffonia simplicifolia could be used to treat insomnia due to its impact on sleep quality.

Resurge also contains zinc and magnesium, two crucial minerals important for sleep and other bodily functions.

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Resurge Supplement: Pros and Cons

No one needs to be told how vital sleep is to the human body and brain. And with all of the current 24/7 daily news cycles, non stop alerts and notifications, giving the body’s ecosystem a steady supply of deep rest-enhancing ingredients, it should be a no-brainer when the facts are presented and the rise of Resurge has been nothing short of incredible this entire year.

Resurge Supplement Pros

  • The supplement helps to eliminate the toxic and harmful substances.
  • The product offers a feeling of relaxation in the morning by significantly improving sleep.
  • You will benefit from a much deeper sleep!
  • Resurge balances hormonal imbalances.
  • Amino acid supplement improves overall metabolic rate and burns extra pounds in the body.

Resurge Supplement Cons

  • Not recommended for pregnant women.
  • Not available in local medical stores

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And it’s time for some obvious FAQs.

FAQs For Our Readers

How many bottles should I order?

Research shows it’s best to take Resurge consistently for at least 90 – 180 days to experience optimal results and to ensure you reach your desired weight and that you stay there. Therefore, we strongly recommend you take advantage of our 3 bottle or 6 bottle discount packages.

Is Resurge supplement safe?

Resurge is absolutely 100% natural, safe and effective. Resurge is manufactured in the USA and FDA approved.
It is also has been certified for GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards.
Resurge is 100% all natural, vegetarian and non-GMO. As always, if you have a medical condition it’s recommended to consult with your doctor.

Will Resurge supplement work for me?

Resurge is the world’s first and only anti-aging nutritional protocol that targets the true cause of unexplained weight gain, stubborn belly fat and metabolic slowdown.
The nutrients in the exact amounts scientifically proven to improve deep-sleep and enhance natural metabolic regeneration in both women and men. Burning fat, restoring your health, and turning back the clock simply could not be easier or more automatic.

What is the best way to take Resurge?

Simply take Resurge Supplement with a glass of water 1 hour before bed.

Is resurge FDA approved?

No, it doesn’t. Resurge is not FDA approved. FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. The manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.

Is resurge supplement legit?

According to the claims made, Resurge is 100% natural, safe and effective. At the time of writing, more than 1000 people have tried it and none of them have reported any side effects. As always, a health professional should be contacted if individuals have any medical conditions that warrant examination.

Resurge Supplement Price

Resurge Supplement is only available online, and you cannot find it in any store or pharmacy.

This ensures that the user may get the real thing according to the manufacturer’s site.

There are 3 different supplies available for purchase as per the official website, with various offers and the user can order the convenient package.

  • 1 BOTTLE 30 Day Supply – $49 per Bottle
  • 3 BOTTLES 90 Day Supply – $117 ($39 per Bottle)
  • 6 BOTTLES 180 Day Supply – $204 ($34 per Bottle)
resurge supplement Price

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The good news is that buying more than one bottle of resurge supplement gives a huge discount on its price, and buying it in bulk is more cost-friendly. But be sure to store these extra bottles properly, ie in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

Prices given above are resurge supplement best offer prices. (for limited period till stock last only!)

Once the order is confirmed, the package might arrive at the door steps in 5-7 days. It is also recommended to consult the medical professional before adding the supplement into daily routine if the user is pregnant, breast feeding or already under medication. This is to ensure the safety of the product consumers.

You can order as many bottles as you want.

Remember these are discounted prices for limited period offer! This offer comes with 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re not totally and completely satisfied with this product, your results or your experience in the first 60 days from your purchase simply let us know by calling on the toll-free number or dropping an email to [email protected] and company give you a full refund within 48 hours of the product being returned.

That’s right, simply return the product, even empty bottles, anytime within 60 days of your purchase and you’ll receive a full, no questions asked refund (less shipping and handling).

Please note price is subject to change anytime as per company policy. so please confirm the final price on order page!

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