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Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals | Learn 25 New School Closing Sales Techniques

Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals – Learning closing sales techniques is a art and often needs a training program to teaches you sales closing techniques to overcome any objection a client could Possibly throw at You!

Do you want to make more effective sales calls? … Stuck in a rut? … Could your sales skills use a refresher?

Do You Want to learn Sales Techniques to overcome any objection A Client could possibly throw at you!

Frustrated By Their Stalls? … Sick of Rejection?

Look — If you keep doing what you’re doing now then you can’t expect different or better results. The key to fatter paychecks is preparing yourself with intelligent comebacks. Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what to say when you heard stuff like this:

  • I’m not interested.
  • I’m too busy right now. It’s not a priority.
  • Just email me some info and I’ll keep it on file.
  • The price is too high / We don’t have the budget.
  • I need to wait / I need to think about it. Call me in six months.
  • I need to talk to my VP, partner, boss, wife, etc.
  • We’re currently using another supplier and we’re happy.
  • It won’t work for us. We don’t need it.
  • We’ve had a bad experience with this type of thing.
  • You’re too small / never heard of you.
  • You’re just trying to sell me .
  • I like the idea, but I need you to tell me I’m making the right decision.

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What Are Sales Techniques?

Sales techniques are the methods that sales professionals use to create revenue.

The techniques are refined through trial and error based on the sales associate’s experiences. Developing effective sales techniques is an ongoing process for an individual and his entire organization.

What Are The 6 Steps In A Sale?

Here are the 6 steps that make up the selling cycle:

  1. Prospect for your next potential client or customer.
  2. Make initial contact.
  3. Qualify the prospective clients or customers.
  4. Win over the prospects with your presentation.
  5. Address the prospective client’s or customer’s concerns.
  6. Close the sale.

What Is A Sale Cycle?

The sales cycle is the process that companies undergo when selling a product to a customer. It encompasses all activities associated with closing sale. Many companies have different steps and activities in their sales cycle, depending on how they define it.

What Is Overcoming Objections In Sales?

If a prospect tells you that they don’t need your product, the only way to overcome the sales objection is by showing your prospect how much value you can add to their business.

Overcoming an objection in sales that’s about need stems back to our earlier point about the importance of qualifying your lead.

Tips For Overcoming Sales Objections

  1. Practice active listening.
  2. Repeat back what you hear.
  3. Validate your prospect’s concerns.
  4. Ask follow-up questions.
  5. Leverage social proof.
  6. Set a specific date and time to follow-up.
  7. Anticipate sales objections.

What Are The 5 Steps To Overcome Sales Objections?

5 Step Process to Overcoming Sales Objections

  • Anticipate the Objections First.
  • Create Objection Answers.
  • Do Your Homework.
  • Enter the Presentation With the Right Attitude.
  • Remove Objections One-By-One Calmly.

What Are Closing Sales Techniques?

The Best Sales Closing Techniques

  • The Columbo Close.
  • The Assumptive Close.
  • The Puppy Dog Close.
  • The Backwards Close.
  • The Hard Close.
  • The Take Away Close.
  • The Now or Never Close.
  • The Summary Close.

What Are 4 Types of Closes?

Here are 4 highly effective sales closing techniques that are popular with sales reps:

  • The assumptive close: This technique involves using a phrase or language that assumes the close is a done deal.
  • The option close
  • The suggestion close
  • The urgency close

How Do Cold Callers Overcome Objections?

Here are three ways you can respond to the “we work with someone already” cold calling objection:

  1. “Good to hear. I’m curious, what do you think makes the relationship work so well?”
  2. “It sounds like things are pretty good. But you didn’t say they were doing an amazing job.
  3. “Glad to hear that things are going well.

How can I win in sales?

7 Ways to Win More Sales By Working Smarter, Not Harder

  1. Only focus on selling. As a salesperson, you should focus 100% of your time on selling.
  2. Stop selling to “buyers.”
  3. Only focus on large sales.
  4. Ask everyone for introductions.
  5. Focus on selling specific results.
  6. Discuss budget upfront.
  7. Propose three options.

What Is A Good Sales Closing Rate?

According to well-known industry analyst firm reports –

  1. Best-in-class companies close 30% of sales qualified leads
  2. Average companies close 20%. This factors in that between 52% to 86% of the marketing qualified leads put into the top of the funnel leak out before they are considered sales qualified.

Sales Comebacks And Rebuttals: Closing Sales Techniques

The guide is Eighty-Five Pages (over 17,000 words) and includes over 250 intelligent and effective Comebacks and Sales Rebuttals, 17 word-for-word Closing Power Statements, 25 “new school” Closing Techniques, 38 selling questions that isolate the objection, 6 budget data-mining questions, 7 Cold Call OPENER Scripts to set appointments with Senior Executives, 10 tips to turn gatekeepers into guides (make their assistant work for you) and a special section on Psychological Triggers that play on FEELINGS and EMOTION.

There are also several valuable additional sections, and a very useful “surprise bonus” that will delight you.

What you WON’T find is any fluff, filler or information overload. Everything is designed to help you to start handling objections and closing more deals IMMEDIATELY, as soon as you first crack the Guide.

This Guide gives you about 50 different ways to close the sale — including 25 “new school” closing techniques.

  • The “Wake up” close.
  • The “good cop, bad cop” close.
  • The “I noticed a strange thing on LinkedIn” close.
  • The “negative yes” close.
  • The “conditional” close.
  • The “sorry on the way out” close.
  • The “tell a winner/loser story” close.
  • The “because you’re serious” turnaround close.
  • A new school technology-based twist on “the balance sheet” close.
  • Plus at least 40 more word-for-word closing techniques that will stun you in their effectiveness to get your prospects to buy!

What about the Audio Training?

The Sales Audio Training comes as MP3s, ready to play on your computer, or add to your iPod or your Smartphone. The Audio is produced to the highest quality standards, with professional narration and delivery. It’s designed for you to hear for yourself the “ear candy” and absorb the language and the techniques quickly and easily. Prepare to be impressed! You are going to spend a lot of time with the Audio. It increases your sales results dramatically.

Overall this training program looks like this, this is what you get:

sales rebuttals pdf
  • 85 pages — over 17,000 words — of actionable money-making sales scripts painstakingly edited and assembled into an easy-to-use Guide.
  • Professional Mp3 Audio
  • Over 250 modern, intelligent, and effective comebacks & rebuttals.
  • 17 word-for-word closing “Power Statements.”
  • 25 astounding new-school closing techniques that ask for the sale.
  • 6 budget data-mining questions for you to sniff out the money.
  • 38 selling questions for you to isolate the objection.
  • A special section on Psychological Triggers that exploit your buyer’s EMOTIONS and unconscious desires.
  • Three ingenious methods of stopping objections before they come up.

7 Extra Bonuses

You will also get 7 bonus items included when you buy the Guide.

  • eBook Guide To Mortgage Broker Closing Techniques
  • Classic Memory Improvement Techniques
  • The Science of Getting Rich
  • 57 Clever Questions For TAKING CONTROL Of The Conversation And Advancing The Sale Toward The Close
  • Understanding The Reasons Why You Get Nervous
  • Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think & Grow Rich
  • How To Achieve Your Goals In Sales 34 Page Workbook

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Will The Techniques In The Guide Work For My Type Of Sales Job?

Yes, If you sell any kind of product or service, coordinate or manage salespeople, are in network marketing, self-employed or own your own business, these techniques will work for you.

The sales rebuttals, probes, comebacks, clinchers, tie downs, turn-arounds and closing techniques apply to any sales job in any industry.

Overcoming objections is part of any sales process, and you’ll learn to customize the scripts according to your product and your personality.

As you begin to use these potent sales rebuttals, you become fascinated by how effectively they convince and convert your buyers into more dollars in your pocket.

Sales Comebacks and Rebuttals – Solution for Overcoming Objections

To become the highly paid professional you deserve to be, you must master the art of Handling Objections … 

Learn Sales Techniques to Overcome Any Objection A Client Could Possibly Throw At You!

Download 250 Word-for-Word Sales Rebuttals + MP3 Audio Sales Training.

Here is a sample audio you get in this training program!

Sales Rebuttals for Overcoming Objections

This audio is just a small taste of the hundreds of sales rebuttals, comebacks, turnarounds, tie-downs, probes, clinchers, and closing techniques I want to give you to use on your customers. Use these sales phrases to close more deals & make more sales.

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