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Secret Death Touches – Inside Shocking deathbed confession from a martial arts Master Assassin…

How he used a near-mythical Chinese “Death Touch” to make the Kung Fu legend’s brain explode inside his head

And how you can use this same forbidden technique… along with 11 more of the most deadly “one touch” death moves on the planet…

To disable, cripple and even KILL any attacker…robber… or violent criminal who threatens the safety of you and your loved ones.

Plus, it can work no matter how old you are, what your physical condition is… or whether the assailant is heavily armed.

Remember though: all the moves and strikes I’m talking about are absolutely forbidden all over the world in any official fighting competition – such as boxing galas, or martial arts tournaments.

It was the shocking deathbed confession of an ancient Chinese martial arts master

A secret he had been holding inside since 1973!

And it’s sending SHOCKWAVES throughout the world.

This man claims he was the assassin who KILLED Bruce Lee

And while it may sound hard to believe,

The level of detailed knowledge he had about the circumstances of the murder will send goosebumps down your spine.

“I Killed Bruce Lee!”

Ever since the news broke that Bruce Lee’s killer had finally came forward

Bruce Lee’s Assassin Speaks For The First Time?


Two seconds and one simple “poke” in a vulnerable spot…

Can you believe that’s all it took to kill the great Bruce Lee?

And the killer confessed he didn’t use this ancient martial arts technique just to pull of the assassination of the legendary actor…

He used it to murder these famous politicians…

Government agents…and other martial arts masters.

But the most shocking part is…

ANYONE can use the same gentle, but deadly “poke” to disable any attacker – no matter how dangerous – in a matter of seconds…

Click below to hear his confession now.

secret death touches bruce lee assassin interview

From that link, you’ll also discover the details of the forbidden Death Touch the man claims to have used during the assassination

Including the step-by-step directions for how it works.

Be warned though that this knowledge is extremely deadly

Mastering this instant kill move only takes about 7 minutes

Can be performed with two fingers, and with less force than a gentle shove

Yet it will zap the life out of any person you use it.

What this means is you must watch this video at your own risk.

I will NOT be held responsible for any consequences of you using the death touch!

And I ask that you ONLY use your newfound powers for good.

It’s been all over social media and the web.

But while most people are focusing on the shocking admission of guilt by this ancient martial arts assassin,

Hardly anyone is talking about the secret Death Touch he used to pull off the murder.

I mean, discovering how this forbidden Death Touch works may be the most shocking part of the entire video

Especially since it’s something that anyone can easily learn and master in a matter of minutes

And that’s more deadly than a direct gunshot wound to the stomach…and can cripple anyone with just a gentle touch.

In case you missed it, click here to see how the assassin’s hidden Death Touch works.


While using the move you’re shown inside can make you invincible in any situation, no matter how dangerous

And can protect you and your family from robbers, attackers, and even sexual predators

It can also end a man’s life in a matter of seconds.

So please promise to only use this in situations where you or a loved one’s life is on the line.

Even if they have ZERO martial arts training!

Click here to see the jaw-dropping martial arts move.

For decades it was nothing but a rumor…

Speculation, wild guessing, scattered stories.

But now, for the first time in more than 40 years…

The man who claims to have killed Bruce Lee is finally talking.

In this video, he explains his shocking reason for murdering the great martial arts master…

And reveals the legendary Chinese “Death Touch” he used to pull off the assassination.

Click below to watch his jaw-dropping story now.

secret death touches bruce lee assassin interview

But be warned:

Inside the video the man explains how this ancient assassination technique works in strikingly vivid detail.

And once you’ve watched it…

You will have the ability to disable ANY attacker in a matter of seconds…

No matter how big they are, how well trained they are, or even if they’re holding a gun.

So while this “Death Touch” can EASILY save the life of your or any loved one you show it to…

You must promise to only use it in the most severe of emergencies.

Otherwise – you may end up feeling just as guilty as the assassin whose story you hear about in this video.

Do you want to Know the Secrets behind The Kung Fu Master Death….

secret death touches video confession of an assassin about bruce lee death

>>>>> Learn The Most Deadly One Touch Moves On The Planet!


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