Secret Seduction Spray pheromone spray for men

Secret Seduction Spray | Pheromone Spray For Men | Make Her Chase YOU!

Secret Seduction Spray – Pheromone Spray For Men – Make Her Chase YOU!

For centuries…

Men had to seduce women without speaking…

Before spoken language even existed…

The only tool men had to turn a woman on…

And convince her to sleep with them…

Was what he could communicate through body language… and how he smelled.

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Seduction and attraction was all done WITHOUT WORDS for most of our evolutionary history…

The sexual part of a woman’s brain is much more responsive to the pheromones your body is giving off than anything you could say.
That’s why it’s absolutely essential that your body produces the high quality pheromones needed to attract pretty much any woman you want.

Unfortunately, like height, not all men have it.

It’s all down to genetics.

But THIS levels the playing field.

It’s powerful…

It’s practical…

And best of all, it works IMMEDIATELY…

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Want Her to Be Your Girl? Do This…

You’ve heard it time and time again. “Girls only like bad boys and nice guys finish last”

Girls don’t hate nice guys, and they don’t necessarily like bad boys either.

Here’s the harsh truth about nice guys.

Nice guys are only nice to cover up for the fact that they don’t have much value to bring to the table romantically.

If you were truly a valuable man to have, then you wouldn’t need to walk on egg shells or be fake nice because your value is so strong.
She’d be an idiot to leave you.

The fake nice persona is really just an insecure mask that hides the fact that you haven’t done the work personally to be a desirable partner to the women you pursue.

You’ve got nothing to offer.

Being nice isn’t a competitive advantage.

Anybody can be nice.

By being nice, you’re not winning extra points.

If being nice is your only competitive edge, you’re going to lose every time.

Nice guys don’t do anything wrong, the problem is that they don’t do anything right.

Being overbearingly nice 24/7 in the hope that she’ll suddenly realize what a great boyfriend you’d make…

And rush into your arms.

But this almost never works.

Women don’t choose the guy who makes the most “sense” to be with…

They choose the guy who makes them feel certain powerful emotions.

Specifically, they choose guys who make them feel the powerful and addictive emotion of ATTRACTION.

Discover the 1 simple technique for making her feel overwhelming attraction here

Even if you’re not interested in a one-night stand or a casual fling…

But want to make a girl your loyal, loving girlfriend…

You still need to focus on getting her turned on and attracted FIRST…

Rather than trying to appeal to her logical, rational mind.

Guys who get the girls they want, have learned this lesson…


They’ve learned that the most powerful way to give her these obsessive, addictive emotions…

Is through pheromones.

My friend Troy just released a message for you…

Where he shows you a little black bottle that can:

  • Get a girl to obsess over you
  • Get her craving your touch…
  • And Give you direct access to the animal part of her brain…

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Money is Useless With Girls (do THIS instead)

Unsuccessful men think money is enough.


It’s a common misconception.

A beautiful woman doesn’t know losers exist. They ain’t real in her universe.

Because everyone on her Instagram has money.

Money just makes you noticeable.

But why do you think so many rich, famous, and ultra successful men get divorced?

Over time, they lose or completely don’t have the ONE thing that makes them attractive to begin with.

You’ll often see rich guys get ignored by beautiful women because they’re incapable of attracting them.


Men-only bottle service tables at the club.

They can spend all the money they want, but they’re jerking off back home after the night’s over.

No woman wants them.


There are plenty of broke, trash men that are surrounded by pretty women.

Because they bring other attributes to the table.

Some are extremely handsome, some have fame, some have exceptional social skills…

But others have NONE of the above. They just know how to take advantage of nature and evolution. They have the ONE thing I mentioned in the start.

Like the guy that you see with a drop-dead gorgeous girl and you know he ain’t handsome nor famous nor has money nor social skills.
It’s essentially the type of guy that reads “loser” on his forehead.


He’s with that hottie and you ain’t.

What does he probably have that you don’t?

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Make her your slave (make her your ‘puppet’)

There’s this guy I know that has reached “Casanova” level with women…

He’s got a string of SUPER HOT women constantly obsessing over him… and texting him to “hang out” if you know what I mean.

The level of absolute hypnotic control he has over these girls is pretty f’d up… because he uses this

Chemical messengers that’s been used ever since man could walk. So if you want to learn how to ABSOLUTELY CONTROL women’s bodies the way he does… see it here.

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Make Her Horny… Even if You’re Not Her ‘Type’

By far, the biggest mistake men make when they want to make a woman wet…

Is thinking that LUSTING FOR YOU somehow comes from LIKING you.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

You’ll see here why attraction is NOT a choice.

Has nothing to do with whether or not she wants to wrap her legs around you and draw you deep inside her.

In fact…

Women are more likely to fantasize about getting bent over and ravaged by a guy they don’t particularly “like” in the traditional sense.

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That’s because LUST and LIKING exist in different areas of her brain…

“Liking” is generated in the rational, logical part of the brain…

And lust is activated in the deeper, more primal, animal part of the brain…

The good news is…

That a woman’s primal, animal brain is much more powerful than her logical, reasonable one…

And these 67,873 men know how to activate it…

Have an insane amount of choice with women..

>>>> Here’s how to activate the LUST part of her brain

When you think about it, we men aren’t that different:

I’m sure there’s been a girl you didn’t particularly “like” or connect with…

But you wouldn’t hesitate to slide into bed with her and tear her panties off.

The main difference between men’s and women’s brains…

Is where a man’s primal lust is triggered by a woman’s physical appearance…

A woman’s primal lust is triggered by the pheromones he gives off…

That’s why you need to carry this

It’ll make her want to reach down and start touching herself…

And she’ll be picturing your face as she crests over…

How to Never Get Rejected Ever Again?

I always hate the following, watered-down, mainstream advice on rejection:

“Just go get rejected on purpose so you desensitize yourself to it.”

While there is SOME validity to the latter part, here’s why the above is BS:

1.Getting rejected on purpose gets you nowhere

Because you go in with the wrong intention, the intention of f’ing up.

Not only that…

But because you wanna f up, you’re creeping out girls since you don’t care about your behavior.

This can lead to dramatic, over-the-top rejections that scar you for life.

Instead, focus on always being at your BEST:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.”

2. You can never desensitize yourself from your genetic wiring

Studies show that when you get rejected, the part in your brain that gets activated is the same one that gets activated when you feel physical pain, i.e. when you get hit.

Yes, you can always “reduce” your feelings, but you can never take them away.

Unless you wanna become a pro boxer and develop a strong chin, what’s the point?

Here’s the best way to go about rejection instead…

It’s a shortcut that my friend Troy has discovered.

Based on evolutionary psychology, any guy – even you – can use it to safeguard yourself from rejection.

No matter how hot the girl is.

And it’s not some “evolutionary brain breakthrough” that takes years to unlock.


It’ll take you about 15 seconds to do it.

Just 15 seconds to never get rejected again:

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May The P*ssy Games Begin Now!

60 days.

60 days to use my method and never worry about rejection ever again.

And it can all happen automatically.

The changes can come so fast, that you may look back and wonder, “How was I ever not good with women?”

But I’ll do you one better:

Not only will you solve rejection for good…

Girls will have a hard time friend-zoning you… it’ll be practically IMPOSSIBLE for her on an evolutionary level

Approach anxiety will be a thing of the past

You’ll easily start conversations with women and more often than not they will initiate first 

Escalating & sexualizing’s will be as simple as getting candy from a baby 😉

…and MORE! (click here)

Just unlock this ONE thing in as little as 15 seconds…

And girl-getting shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

(Provided you’re not totally inept, which I know you’re not. You read your free guide, right?)

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Get Rid of THIS and Girls Will Chase You!

I’ve been alluding a helluva lot to this one thing that eliminates rejection… the friend zone… approach anxiety… stale conversations that lead nowhere…

AND gets you the gorgeous girls you desire.

It can even make women OBSESSED with you.

In fact, let me remind you what lies in the realm of possibility…Girls get UNREASONABLY turned on & feel an uncontrollable lust for you and only YOU

You’ll be able to psychologically hack into her brain and get complete control over how much she desires you… Even if she has a boyfriend… Says you’re not her type… Or tells you that she “only sees you as a friend”

You crawl into her mind past all her defenses (Warning: do this only if she’s NOT crazy, user’s discretion is advised)

Girls will have a hard time friend-zoning you… it’ll be practically IMPOSSIBLE for her on an evolutionary level

Approach anxiety will be a thing of the past

You’ll easily start conversations with women and more often than not they will initiate first Escalating & sexualizing’s will be as simple as getting candy from a baby 😉

…and MUCH more, without even uttering a single word!

And applying this one thing can take as little as 15 seconds.

Without further adieu, this one thing is:


“A pheromone is a secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species.”

In our context, it’s all about the *secksual* response.

And fact of the matter is, we all carry pheromones.

But if you want them to work in your favor and get girls to chase you…

You gotta know how to “unblock” them.

A lot of the colognes & deodorants manufactured nowadays block our pheromones.

And the fewer pheromones you carry, the LESSER your chances of sparking irresistible attraction in women towards you.

But as I said, you can fix this in 15 seconds.

In fact…

Not just “fix” it, but also ENHANCE pheromones’ effect and STIMULATE the part of the female brain responsible for s*x.

So if you want to “unblock” your pheromones & get girls to chase you, click here.











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