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Are you worried about your septic tank?

you may be getting some of the common issues for your septic tank like :

  • Septic tank full of water not draining
  • You just had septic tank pumped and it is full again!
  • Septic tank problems when it rains!
  • Septic tank overflow quickly and repeatedly!
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the plumbing system.
  • Water and sewage from drains, sinks and toilets backing up into the property.
  • Foul odours around the septic tank and drain field.
  • Damp spots or standing water near the septic tank area.
  • You can see bright green, lush grass growing around the septic tank area even in the summer!

How Do I Know When My Septic Tank Is Due for Cleaning?

When your tank needs to be pumped, water may begin to drain slowly from your home. You may notice water puddling around your feet in the shower or sink water slowly draining away when doing the dishes.

Another sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped is odors. When your tank is full, odors may be present. These odors may be present in the yard around the tank, or smells can travel through the pipes into your home, and you may smell odors near your drains.

Finally, if your tank is overdue for pumping, your tank may begin to overflow. When this occurs, you will see puddles or pooling water and waste in your yard around the septic tank. Make sure you know where your tank is located so you can keep an eye on any standing water in the area.

Do you want to  fix common septic tank problems yourself and saves thousands of dollars on plumbing services ?

So, here i would recommend to use Septifix tank treatment tablets before calling any professional plumbing services for most of the common issues of your septic tank!

What Are Septifix tablets?

Septifix tables is a formula to reduce the times a septic tank needs pumping. Additionally, it gives you the solution to maintaining a functional septic tank in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

Septifix is a natural formula that can clean and maintain the septic tank. Each of the Septifix tablets has 14 strains of bacteria that can digest the septic waste.

Moreover, Septifix tablets can improve the pH and oxygenation levels in the septic tank, thus fighting off-odors and promoting the growth of bacteria. As a result, you can save thousands of dollars annually as you will no longer need to pump out the waste regularly.

Similarly, Septifix is easy to use, and thus there is no need to call a professional plumber to put it in your septic tank.

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How Does The Septifix Tablet Work?

Here are Septifix’s recommendation to clean your clogged septic tank:

  • You must place 3 tablets in their toilet bowl and flush.
  • Once the tablet reaches the septic tank, they start dissolving slowly while releasing oxygen and sodium carbonate.
  • The manufacturer estimates that each Septifix tablet releases about 10 liters of oxygen which disperse all over the septic tank in tiny bubbles.
  • After 3-5 days, the oxygen reacts with waste in the septic tank to fight the odor. Also, sodium carbonate acts as a barrier to the water to bring the septic tank contents to a neutral pH. As a result, your plumbing system gets protected from corrosion. Also, Septifix tablets contain numerous strains of bacteria which feed on the septic tank residue, including oils, toilet papers, soaps, and grease, among others which reduces the need to have your tank pumped now and then.

Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets Features

  • Environment friendly as release zero dangerous chemicals.
  • Every Septifix package is a product from a US-based high-quality facility.
  • Easy to use. Any adult (or even kid) can place the tablet (s) on the toilet bowl and flush.
  • Septifix is the only septic tank treatment that releases free oxygen to the environment!
  • The effects of Septifix on your septic tank are long-lasting.
  • Each tablet is safe and free from harsh chemicals and toxins.
  • Septifix saves you a significant amount of money otherwise you had spend on professional plumbing services!

Septifix Septic Treatment Tablets Pros & Cons

Septifix Pros

  1. Environment Friendly – Septifix tablets are capable of increasing oxygen levels essential in the septic tank. High oxygen volumes encourage live Bacteria to thrive and multiply, which means fewer septic tank deposits as they feed on the biodegradable waste. It break down and eliminate all organic sludge from septic tanks, including natural oils, grease and organic hydrocarbons – which are the cause of clogs in your septic system.
  2. Fight odors – Septifix claims to be the only septic treatment tablet that starts to release oxygen immediately. Consequently, the oxygen reacts with hydrogen sulfide, thus eliminating undesirable odors in 3-5 days from the septic tank.
  3. Cleans all part of septic tank – It prevent back-ups, and clogs, and all other associated problems in septic tank systems, including corrosionSeptifix producers use an innovative manufacturing method that allows the sludge to decompose from the bottom-up, effectively cleaning all areas of the septic tank.
  4. Protects the plumbing system – Septifix neutralizes the content in the septic tank, thus protecting your entire plumbing system from corrosive gases, which increase wear and tear, leading to losses. It reduce, even eliminate the need to have your septic tank pumped!
  5. Saves money – By using SEPTIFIX you will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year. Septifix reduces the number of pumping out septic tank waste to almost once every three years. Thus, you can get considerable savings as you won’t need to call pumpers and plumbers.
  6. Makes you worry free! – You’ll have complete piece of mind because your septic system will run smoothly and you’ll never again have to worry about possible problems!

Septifix Cons

There is no known such side effects or cons of septifix.

Only downside i found is that Septifix tablet is exclusively available on their official website only. (currently shipping available to US address only!)

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Septifix Tablets – How To use?

Septifix tablets are non-toxic, and you can touch them with your bare hands. However, Septifix maker strongly recommends washing your hands later with a lot of water and soap. Also, users should ensure they do not ingest Septifix.

Septifix maker recommends placing 3 tablets into your toilet bowl and flushing twice if you are a new user.

You will notice positive results in 3-5 days, such as an odorless septic tank and better draining. However, in subsequent months, the Septifix manufacturer recommends using one tablet each month.

Still, if you have a large septic tank or numerous household members, it is best to get guidance from a professional plumber, Septifix customer care support.

Hear What The Customers Says!

“I live in an older house and have had many problems with our plumbing.

First, our septic tank and drain field were clogged with grease and stuff, and Septifix saved a call to the plumber.

We used in 2 toilets and within a few days, we were back flushing with no backup into the tub or the shower.
Secondly, we had constant odor issues in the area where our septic tank is located.
While other products I’ve tried just seem to mask the odor, Septifix have gotten rid of the actual source of the odor as there was no more smell after just 4 days.

Septifix works better than any other product we have used thus far. I won’t buy anything else but Septifix!

I like that it’s sustainable and works like a charm!”

Charles D,

Boston, MA

“After building our house far away from sewers, we had to learn how to deal with a septic system.

We were using bleach and other similar products, so when we finally had the tank pumped, we were told there were a LOT of solids and even clogs through the system…

And that we needed to do a septic tank treatment before they came back in about six months.

Thanks God they also told us about Septifix!

And after a 3 tabs start, we continued with one tab down the toilet monthly, and we stopped using bleach products.
When the septic service company came back, they were really impressed with the condition of the tank and told us that pumping was not needed…

We will definitely continue to use Septifix!

Paying a little for it is well worth the savings we’ll realize by having the tank pumped less often.

Not to mention the fact that Septifix is helping us avoid more significant performance problems with our septic system.”

Kathy M,

Stowe, Vermont

“For many years I have had my septic tank pumped annually and before using Septifix, the tank had 3, 4 or more inches of solid waste on the top that had to be broken through by the pumpers to start pumping our tank.

And at the bottom, there was always thick sludge that was pumped only by moving the pump hose from place to place.
After only a few months of using Septifix, the difference compared to past years was like night and day.

There was no solid waste, not even at the bottom of the septic tank.

Instead of pumping every year, I will be pumping every other year or even longer after seeing the great results after just a few months. Septifix pays itself through less pumping!

I would and will recommend Septifix to all my friends with septic tanks!

Paul A.,

Greensboro, NC

Septifix Pricing

Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets comes in 3 different packages:

  • Simple Package (6 month supply) discounted price $69
  • Most Popular (12 month supply) discounted price $118
  • Best Value (18 month supply) discounted price $147
Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets Price
Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets Price

Free shipping is offered for only 12- months and 18-monhs supply of Septifix tablets.

If you are currently residing in the US, shipping usually takes 5-7 business days.

Each Septifix purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets
Septic Tank Treatment Tablets

100% environment friendly as it release zero dangerous chemicals
100% effective: The effects of Septifix on your septic tank are long-lasting.  
100% safe: Each tablet is safe and free from harsh chemicals and toxins
You can get considerable savings as you won’t need to call pumpers and plumbers.
Available for US shipping address only!
Septifix neutralizes the content in the septic tank, thus protecting your entire plumbing system


Septix Septic Tank Treatment tablets are environment friendly. Septifix producers use an innovative method that allows the sludge to decompose from the bottom-up, effectively cleaning all areas of the septic tank thus making them foul odour free in absolutely no time (3 to 5 days almost!)

It can increase live bacterial colonies and oxygen levels in your septic tank. This product can alleviate foul odors by reacting with hydrogen sulfide and neutralizing the pH levels.

Also, Septifix claims it can prevent the plumbing system from oxidizing and reduce the number of times your tank needs pumping.

It is advised for anyone who want to get rid of common septic tank issues. Please visits the official site to ensure to get this limited price offer!






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