DIY Sun Tracking Device system to Build Solar Tracker

Sun Tracking Device | Build Your Own Solar Tracker For $350!

Sun Tracking Device – Do You Want To Build Your Own Solar Tracker For Under $350!

​THIS IS CRAZY! you can squeeze every drop of energy from the sun with the help of this device!!

You can create a sun tracking device capable of holding 8 to 12 solar panels.

The sun tracking system is designed to following the sun the entire day. The best thing is that you can generate up to 100% more power from your solar panels. 

And here is a full video report on this page

You will find a lot of interesting stuff in the video report, but the most important stuff is in the video guides which show’s how to build a sun tracking device really cheap, using things from a scrap yard.

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Should you install a solar tracker?

What Are Solar Trackers?

Solar trackers are racks for photovoltaic modules that move to a point at or near the sun throughout the day trackers can add up to 100 percent efficiency to the system reducing its size in the cost per kilowatt hour!

Why There Is Need For Solar Tracking System?

Solar tracker, a system that positions an object at an angle relative to the Sun. The most-common applications for solar trackers are positioning photovoltaic (PV) panels (solar panels) so that they remain perpendicular to the Sun’s rays and positioning space telescopes so that they can determine the Sun’s direction.

As the angles of sunlight change with different seasons and times of the day, a solar tracking system can adjust the angle of photovoltaic panels to gain the highest utilization efficiency by maximizing exposure to the rays of the sun that beat down vertically on the earth.

Advantage Of Solar Trackers

The main reason to use a solar tracker is to reduce the cost of energy you want to capture.

A tracker produces more power over a longer time than a stationary array with the same number of modules.

This additional output or gain can be quantified as a percentage of the output of the stationary array.

The energy required to move the tracker is insignificant in these calculations.

At higher altitudes gain will be increased due to the long arc of the summer sun. In the cloudiest haziest locations the gain in annual output from the trackers can be seen in the low 52% range.

In a generally good area such as california annual gains between 65% and 90% are typical. The gain on any given day may vary from 40 to nearly 100%.

Seasonally in california gain ranges from 30 to 50% in winter ( October through march) to between 65 and a 100% in summer.

In general a tracker adds most to output during the hours when a stationary array produces the least power.

Seasonal variations in output gains from trackers is much greater during the long days of summer than in winter.

There is strong sun for many additional hours including the utilities peak use hours (noon to 6pm)

If your system is connected to the grid and your utility has time of day metering the tracker’s ability to capture all the afternoon sun can mean money in your pocket.

Time of day metering means that utilities purchase excess power during peak hours in a summer at a significant premium adding even more value to a tracker system.

Have a look on the next image to see how a tracking system will affect the energy that’s being produced by your solar panels?

DIY Sun Tracking Device Report

You can see how much power is generating by using a solar tracking device.

The graph compares output over the course of a year for tracking and a stationary array with the same number of modules in sacramento, california.

The data is from national renewable energy laboratories (NREL).

Things To Remember Before Planning for Using Sun Tracker Device!

you need to remember 2 important aspects before planning for using sun tracker device:


Shade during part of the day from trees hills or nearby buildings can be a factor in the efficiency of any solar installation.

In planning for a tracker, it is important to know when the site is shaded, as extended hours of operation are important to good performance.

Shading very early or late in the day when insulation sunshine is weak and output is minimal is not significant.

However insulation increases very rapidly as the sun rises so shading becomes important about an hour after sunrise and the inverse is true at the sunset.


A tracker needs to work consistently to be cost effective.

While it is true that trackers have had reliability problems in the past there is no inherent reason why trackers cannot be very reliable.

The motors run only a very few minutes a day and the electronics are pretty simple.

Note that if the tracker stops working the array will still work as a stationary array.

Are the benefits worth the costs?

For a completely accurate comparison one must design and compare tracking and stationary systems that meet the same design goals.

For a good site in a good climate the power a tracker adds to the output cost about a $1/watt compared to the $4/watt cost of PV modules.

The tracker itself cost from about $0.75 to $1.25/watt of the modules it carries.

A smaller array may mean a smaller, less expensive inverter and other components.

To compute the approximate net savings from a tracker subtract the cost of the tracker, the reduced number of PV modules and the appropriate size inverter from the cost of the larger array inverter, and stationary rack required to produce your design amount of power.

I’ve already done the math for you so you don’t have to.

You’ll use the sun tracking device, you’ll get the investment back in five years, If you buy a retail sun tracking device.

A sun tracking device can go up to $2,500 to s$6,500 (and sometimes more).

The problem is that nobody wants to invest a fortune and get their money back after years!

I don’t know about you but i would like to get my investment back in like 2 months!!

But what if there was a way for you to enjoy all of the benefits of sun tracking without having to spend thousands of dollars?

The guide is called DIY sun tracking device.

What is DIY Sun Tracking Device?

DIY Sun Tracking Device is actually a video and PDF guides on how to make the solar panels arrays more efficient, by following the sun, and harvest all the energy.

In this video series you will learn how to build your sun tracking device step-by-step capable of holding 8 to 12 solar panels for less than $350!

it’s a complete DIY solar tracking guide that will save you thousands of dollars. I’m sure that your friends and family will be very impressed with your work and trust me they’ll want to know how the heck you did it!

And you won’t find this kind of information in any other guide I guarantee it!

DIY Sun Tracking Device System – What’s Inside?

Here’s some example of what’s inside:

  • How to find a cheap car hub for your solar tracking device. You will learn how to get that for free instead of paying more than $400 just for one piece.
  • Which parts and tools you need This is a detailed description on what are the best tools to use for each job you should have most of these tools already and what materials to use to make sure that your solar tracking will work forever.
  • Where to get your parts? you will get essential parts with the cheapest places to get them in both your local area and on the internet. i list online stores that deliver all around the world.
  • Easy step-by-step instruction that will walk you through the entire process.
  • Handy little tips that will save you a lot of time and money when building your first sun tracking device.
  • How everything connects together?
  • Safety issues that you must be aware of during this project.
  • Big colorful pictures, diagrams, detailed dimensions and explanation of every process to make it as easy as possible for you to follow.

This is really easy to do I’m a regular guy not a genius not an electrician not the kind of guy who created award-winning science projects in school.

DIY Sun Tracking Device Guide Benefits

With this guide you will:

  • Save thousands of dollars on the cost of a sun tracking device.
  • Generate up to a 100% more power from your solar panels.
  • Go green and help the environment.

Hear What Users Have to Say About DIY Sun Tracking Device System!

“This video is simple!

Step-by-step instruction on the video is clear and to the point I’ve learned in the past from this guy how to build my solar panels but now I’ve learned how to build my own sun tracking device which is the greatest thing I’ve ever learned”

Thanks a lot for this great guide!

Steven Willough

london, UK

“I was very impressed with your website and plan to build my own solar tracking system this weekend”

Frederick Temple

OHIO, united states

DIY Sun Tracking Device Guide Price

You can built sun tracking device it yourself at very affordable price for yourself!

You’ll pay the special price of just $49.97 and the best part is you don’t have to wait for it to turn up in the mail you can download it to your computer right now and get started on building your first solar tracker this weekend.

If you order right now through this page I’m also going to give you bonus beside the video course on how to build your solar tracker for under $350.

  • Bonus 1 – A full course on how to change the glass sheet on a broken solar panel
  • Bonus 2A book about deep cycle batteries – how to protect your batteries ? in this book you’ll learn how big your batteries need to be for your PV system? how they work in the different types of batteries?

This is a must-have for your solar education.


Let’s see again what you get in this package 4 step-by-step video guides on how to build your solar tracker for under $350.

  • Bonus 1Video courses on how to install your solar panels
  • Bonus 2How to replace a broken glass sheet on a solar panel,
  • Bonus 3An eBook about deep cycle batteries a must-have for your solar education.

Regular price for alone bonuses separately for a $197 but they’re yours free to watch online when you order through this page right now!

There’s no easier way to learn how to do something than to watch someone do it first step- by-step.

So finally you will get your hand on :

  • The solar tracking video courses on how to build your solar tracker and
  • Bonus 1: how to install your solar panels,
  • Bonus 2: how to replace a broken glass sheet on a solar panel,
  • Bonus 3: the e-book about deep cycle batteries

you’ll get instant access to the training materials and videos to watch right away and get started hundreds of people from all around the world have successfully used the information in this video guide to build their own solar trackers now.

It’s your turn!

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Are you going to lose electricity from your solar panels or are you going to squeeze every drop of electricity from your panels and make your system 100 percent more efficient with the sun tracking device!

Don’t delay it any longer the time to take action is now stop losing energy from your solar panels and build your own sun tracking device.

Build Your Own Solar Tracker For Less Than $350!

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