sutra neti kriya for nasal polyps treatment

Sutra Neti Kriya | Yogic Nasal Cleansing for Nasal Polyps

Sutra Neti Kriya for nasal polyps is part of advance yogic treatment.

In Sutra neti, a length of wet string or thin surgical tubing is carefully and gently inserted through the nose and into the mouth.

The end is then pulled out of the mouth and while holding both ends at once the string is alternately pulled in and out of the nose and sinuses. It is used to clear the nose and also to remove nasal polyps.

Sutra Neti Kriya for nasal polyps is used for nasal cleansing and requires an experienced teacher. Sensations of gagging, nausea, and weakness may occur. In case of persistent blockage after Jala neti, Sutra neti should only be performed after a medical consultation

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Please follow the instructions below to perform Sutra Neti Kriya.

What is Sutra Neti Kriya?

Sutra Neti Kriya is a nasal cleansing yoga exercise wherein the nasal area and outer respiratory regions are decongested with the help of soft thread. Initially, the soft thread is inserted through one nostril and tries to bring out through the mouth. The same process should be repeated with another nostril. After having mastery of the process, it can be inserted through one nostril and try to make it out through another nostril. But one thing should be kept in mind that it always should be practiced under the supervision of a yoga expert.

Sutra Neti preparations

  • First of all, take a sutra neti cotton thread or rubber catheter that can be easily inserted into the nostril.
  • One teaspoon of salt may be added into half litre of lukewarm water.
  • Now, fill the neti pot with this water.
  • Put the sutra neti into water for more softening.

Sutra Neti practice time

  • The best time to perform Sutra Neti Kriya is the morning.
  • One must do in the presence of a Yoga expert.
  • Initially, it should be practiced continuously for 40 days. After then, it should be practiced once a week.

What Thread should be used in sutra neti?

For the practice sutra neti, it is better to use cotton thread, which should be carefully twisted. Before practicing, it should be observed minutely regarding the presence of knot or dust particle in it as it can harm the soft nasal region and bleeding can also cause. Before using, it should be soaked properly in water. A thin rubber catheter can also be used as sutra.

Thread Size for Sutra Neti

Mostly you can use cotton thread having 4mm width and around 36 cm long (long enough to pass down the nose and reach out through the mouth)

you can also use a thin rubber catheter. Acquire a rubber catheter of size between 1 mm to 3 mm.

For beginning users a thin rubber catheter is preferred as it’s more lubricated as compare to a cotton thread, so it easily slides through nasal passages.

While using cotton thread for Sutra neti, make sure to lubricate it using beeswax (or any other agent) otherwise it can produce a sense of nausea.

How to perform Sutra Neti using Cotton Thread?

Before use, make sure to clean your sutra well with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly.

Sutra neti is generally done in conjunction with Jala Neti (flushing the nasal passages with warm salty water using a neti pot.)

While you are doing Jala Neti you can moisten your sutra by leaving it in your neti pot. It is better to practice Jala Neti frequently before moving on to Sutra neti. If you are a beginner to both, then start with Jala Neti to cleanse the nose.

Have some tissues or absorbent paper kitchen towels ready as Sutra Neti strongly stimulates the mucous glands and also activates the tear ducts, which in turn naturally cleanse the eyes.

Sutra neti is better practiced on an empty stomach. If you have just eaten, then putting the fingers down the throat may induce vomiting.

Finger nails should not be overly long so as not to scratch or damage the back of the throat.

Always Begin with a calm clear mind. Never be in a hurry to perform Sutra Neti.

  1. Carefully insert the sutra (Nasal thread) into one of the nostrils and gently push it through the nasal passage until it reaches the back of the throat.
  2. Reach far back into the throat with the first two fingers, using the fingers as a pincers to take hold of the sutra.
  3. The sutra is grasped between the first two fingers and drawn out of the mouth, but still leaving some of the sutra outside the nose.
  4. Hold each end of the sutra and then gently floss back and forth a few times.
  5. The ends of the sutra can be attached together and the circle thus formed is drawn through the nostrils several times.
  6. Separate the attached ends of the sutra and remove it completely.
  7. Rinse off the sutra and perform the same on the opposite nostril.

When you have finished sutra neti in both nostrils then do Jala Neti (using warm salty water) once again to help clear out any excess mucous or encrusted particles that may have been dislodged from the upper nasal passages.

Clean the sutra thoroughly after use. You can keep it rolled up in your neti pot. Over time the sutra will retain its curved shape, which will make the practice that bit easier.

Don’t feel frustrated if you can’t do sutra neti fully in the beginning – in fact very few people ever manage to catch the sutra in the throat on the first try.

While learning, it can be useful to practice in front of a mirror so that you can see the sutra in the throat. It also takes most people a bit of practice to control the gag reflex. Like any yogic practice Sutra neti takes time and patience to learn and master.

Sometimes sneezing occurs. Sutra neti can help to desensitize the nostrils and help with problems like hay fever or dust pollen allergies.

The activation of the gag reflex and the stimulation of the tear ducts can sometimes be a trigger to release strong emotions. It is not uncommon for people to start crying when they perform Sutra Neti, particularly in the beginning when there may be an added element of fear or apprehension.

Sutra Neti is commonly prescribed in Ayurvedic medicine (traditional Indian medicine) as a cure for lethargy, sinus trouble, nasal congestion or excessive production of mucous.

On a more esoteric level the practice of sutra neti is said to stimulate the awakening of the Ajna Chakra or third eye.

Swatramana described the practice of sutra Neti Kriya for nasal polyps in the second chapter of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika as follows:

“A cord made of threads and about six inches long, should be passed through the passage of the nose and the end taken out in the mouth. This is called by adepts the Neti Karma. The Neti is the cleaner of the brain and giver of divine sight. It soon destroys all the diseases of the cervical and scapular regions.”

Unlike Jala Neti, which can be practiced as frequently as you wish, the practice of sutra neti is generally better to be done only once or twice a week. If you are following an intensive sadhana (spiritual practice) and respecting a pure healthy vegetarian lifestyle then sutra neti may be performed more frequently.

How to do Sutra Neti using Rubber Catheter?

Steps of doing rubber neti

  • Sit in Kagasana.
  • Tilt the head slight back and insert thread or rubber catheter into one of the nostrils, whichever is more active at the moment. Gently push it through the nostril using both hands.
  • When the thread has come through to the back of the throat, put the index and middle fingers into the mouth; catch hold of the thread and take it out carefully and slowly through the mouth.
  • Leave a few inches of the thread hanging out of the nose.
  • Now, slowly and gently pull the thread out and do it twice or thrice initially.
  • The same process can be practiced through other nostril.
  • After becoming mastering of the process, the thread can be moved forward and backward as per convenience and take out slowly through the mouth.
  • After becoming expert of it, the thread can be inserted through one nostril and can be taken out through other nostril.

Sutra Neti Kriya Benefits

  • Considered to be the best yogic exercise to clean the nasal Blockage.
  • By practicing of regular sutra neti it can totally stop cold, cough, and sneezing.
  • As per yogic practitioners, It can increase resistance to invasion by viruses and bacteria although there is need to be scientific research on this part
  • When you take the oxygen fully in your body, it makes your body and minds energetic thus by making nostrils path clear Sutra neti helps to brain cells rejuvenate, improves the function of the tear duct, and olfactory zone of the brain.
  • Suta neti balances the airflow of the two nostrils by clearing them.
  • Sutra Neti Kriya for Nasal Polyps helps to stimulate the nerves and improves functions of the eyes and eyesight by giving moisture to them so eye disorder like eye dryness can improve significantly!
  • It massages the nasal membranes and sinus glands thereby strengthening them. It is also good for nose and throat, tonsillitis and catarrh.
  • Also, It clears away the dried up mucus deposits and foreign particles and removes stagnation of the blood.

Side Effects of Sutra Neti !

There is no known side effects of Sutra Neti but some symptoms has been observed during Sutra Neti procedure for few beginners as Nasal Itchiness, sneezing, nasal irritation and in Nosebleeds. (mostly nosebleed cases associated for patients with nasal polyps)

Sutra Neti Precautions

Sutra Neti should not be practiced for people suffering from chronic nose bleeding and also not advised during any type of nose infection.

About sutra neti and overcoming blockage in nostril

Some people may still find blockage in dominant nostril after jala neti.

Like for example, some people find blockage most frequently in the left nostril. when they try to push the rubber catheter but it just buckles inside. While the other nostril is perfectly clear. Sometimes their left side is clear while the right gets blocked.

What could be the trick to unblock this?

The trick is to slowly push and pull the rubber catheter a few times inside the blocked nostril. This should open up the nostril and the tube should go inside easily without buckling up. Also you can try doing sutra neti before jal neti (usually this way is preferred).

I can only suggest the blockage is in the mind. The dominant nostril alternates between right and left sides over the course of the day. You may have better results doing the cleanse at another time or when the opposite nostril is dominate.

As your the dominant nostril shifts, depending on the state of your mind and the activities it is performing. Stop attaching to it and trying to dictate what you think the state should be. It will open in due course, whenever it is wise to do so.

Do nadi shodhana ( breathing technique that purifies the body’s energy channels). That is pretty much the only thing that is needed.

Jala neti helps immensely as well. No need to stick mechanical things into your body.

Is Sutra Neti Safe for Kids?

Finally, make sure the device fits the age of the person using it.

Some children are diagnosed with nasal allergies as early as age 2 and could use nasal rinsing devices at that time (only about Jal Neti Kriya) if a pediatrician recommends it. But very young children might not tolerate the procedure.

Whether for a child or adult, talk to your health care provider to determine whether nasal rinsing will be safe or effective for your condition.

If symptoms are not relieved or worsen after nasal rinsing, then return to your health care provider, especially if you have fever, nosebleeds, or headaches while using the nasal rinse.

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