TC1200 Tactical Flashlight 1200 lumens

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight | Tactical Flashlight That Can Save Your Life !

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight – Tactical Flashlight That Can Save Your Life !

A tactical flashlight is simply a flashlight that’s been designed for tactical. Tactical flashlights are hardcore lights used by hunters, EMTs, the police, and outdoors people. They’re typically smaller than traditional flashlights, emit much more light, and are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability.

This type of flashlight is appropriate for hunting, hiking, general use, and as a self-defense tool. … With 850 lumens and above the ability to be recharged by USB, this tactical flashlight gets the job done.

What is the difference between a tactical flashlight and a regular flashlight?

Most everyday flashlights are made from cheap aluminum, low-grade steel, or just plain old plastic. … Tactical flashlights are usually armor coated and made with aircraft grade aluminum for super durability. They are typically weather resistant, shock resistant, and corrosion resistant. And yet they’re lightweight.

In addition to lighting the way at night, flashlights can be used to find people who require rescue, and a great tool for people who need rescuing to signal for help. If you are stranded at night without a flashlight, it is nearly impossible for rescuers to see you.

How many lumens does a self-defense flashlight need?

Self-defense flashlights should have a minimum of 60 lumens, but twice that is a better place to start. This is enough brightness to search a building or temporarily blind an attacker.

 In general, 300 to 1000 lumens should be enough.

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight – Flashlight That Can Save Your Life !

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TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

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TC1200 Tactical Flashlight Features

The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight is an incredible all-around flashlight that can fit in the palm of your hand.

  • Up to 1200 Real CREE XM-L2 lumens, magnetic base for hands free use, and waterproof aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Simple tail switch for 5 light modes (low, medium, high, emergency, and strobe)
  • Tactical head, slip resistant body, lanyard, and utility clip for easy of carrying
  • Over heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface
  •  Small enough to fit into a purse and emits brilliant light.
  • Tactical
  • Shock Resistant
  • Strobing
  • Waterproof
  • Number of Modes – 5
  • Battery Size – AAA
  • Number of Batteries – 3
  • Battery Life (Hours) – 100 hrs.
  • Brightness (Lumens) – 1200
  • Battery Voltage – 1.2-volt
  • Weight (lbs.) – 0.375
  • Width (Inches) – 2.00
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Bulb Type – LED
  • Warranty – 1 year
  • Manufacturer Color/Finish – Black
  • Length (Inches) – 5.00
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