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Tetrogen | 24*7 Fat Burning Day And Night | Weight Loss Supplement

Tetrogen new fast weight loss formula is the solution you’ve been waiting for. There are so many weight loss products out there that simply don’t work. Every time a customer buys one of those products, they’re demoralized. They become less & less likely to buy something from anyone in the future.

  • You are sick and tired of hating the way you look in the mirror…
  • You want to lose weight without spending 4 hours a day at the gym…
  • You’re ready to fit into those jeans you love again…

If you feel the same as any (or all) of the above, Tetrogen is exactly what will help you get what you want.

Tetrogen new fast weight loss formula is truly different in every way that matters.

  1. Claimed to be only Supplement to Re balance Metabolic Hormones and the Root Cause of Being Overweight
  2. Day and Night Formulation for 24/7 Fat Burning
  3. Product Helps People Lose Weight and Transition to 80/20 Rule for Sustained Success

Tetrogen new fast weight loss formula doesn’t rely on harmful stimulants that artificially increase metabolism to help people lose water weight before results plateau in a few weeks. its formulation rebalances metabolic hormones in 2-3 weeks at which point people reach Accelerated Fat Burning.

At that point, their cravings disappear and they need to eat less to feel satiated (reduces caloric intake). Plus, their energy levels and metabolism increase so they burn more calories without strenuous exercise.

Tetrogen new fast weight loss formula helps people burn fat on Day 1 for the quick win but also fixes the underlying problem in 2-3 weeks for the sustained win. Plus, people can still eat the foods they love 20% of the time and eat healthy the other 80% of the time for long-term weight loss success.

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TETROGEN Contains These 5 Proven Ingredients

1. CQR-300™ – Cissus

This patented form of an herb called “Cissus” is designed with weight loss in mind. Unlike most weight loss supplements, results don’t stall – you’ll continue to see a consistent boost in your body’s fat burning abilities no matter how long you take it.

In fact, a BioMed Central study found people lost 5.4% of their body fat when they took CQR-300™ alone without diet or exercise

You’ll burn more body fat hour over hour with lasting results.
You’ll love how you feel when people begin to compliment how much weight you’ve lost.

They also suggested that combined with minor lifestyle changes, results would be significantly improved. Other interesting benefits included lowering fasted blood sugar by 14.6% and reducing total cholesterol by 18.0% – it’s both a weight loss booster and a health booster!


This extract comes from the seeds of the African Mango. It hits fat loss from many different angles to melt fat off rapidly. And I don’t use the word “rapidly” lightly.

A study in the Journal of Lipids and Disease found, in only 10 weeks, people lost an average of 28.1 pounds and 6.7 inches off their waist. And the weight wasn’t all water: body scans found a 18.4% reduction in total body fat alone.

This extract works on your hormone “Leptin” which scientists are now discovering is the secret behind successful weight loss – this “Hidden X-Factor” is the reason many peoples’ weight loss results stall.


Dyg-400, or Dichrostachys glomerate, originates from a rare spice from the jungles of Cameroon. This powerful ingredient helps utilize sugar more efficiently for energy so it doesn’t get stored as fat.

In a Clinical Study, 1 DYG-400 was found to improve metabolic function and reduce fat deposits along with other health benefits, including:

  • Improves Leptin ( hunger hormone) function to reduce cravings
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Improves blood-sugar hormone sensitivity which triggers fat metabolism

4. LIPOFUEL – Timed Released Capsaicin

This patented, timed-release form of the molecule that makes chili peppers spicy is an amazing fat loss compound.

It promotes fat loss in 3 different ways:

  • Increases your metabolism both through thermogenesis (small increase in body temperature) and by increasing your cellular metabolism. The result is a powerful increase in calories burned at rest, without the jittery energy of most metabolism boosters.
  • Boosts your body’s natural fat oxidation rate – LIPOFUEL makes it easier for your body to use body fat for energy.
  • LIPOFUEL prevents a process called adipogenesis – this is how your body stores calories as body fat. A study done in the scientific journal Circulation Research discovered when capsaicin extract is active in your body, your fat storage enzyme Fatty Acid Synthase was 91% less active in your body.

This makes it much more difficult for your body to store energy as fat and helps it prioritize burning fat as energy instead. TETROGEN is the only supplement on the market with this patented ingredient.


Green tea extract is one of the most scientifically proven weight loss ingredients you’ll find anywhere.

It actually contains 2 different ingredients which help your body burn fat in different ways – Caffeine and EGCG.

The low doses of caffeine in this formula aren’t enough to make you feel energetic and jittery – they won’t impact your sleep. But they will work together with capsaicin to cause a state called “Thermogenesis”. This is your body heating up and increasing your metabolism as a result.

That means more calories burned without any extra exercise or dieting.

EGCG is a natural molecule which is responsible for the countless health benefits green tea has – and it’s also an amazing weight loss ingredient. It helps your body free fat from the cells and makes your body burn fat instead of sugars in your blood stream.

Tetrogen Day & Night

Why Does Tetrogen have Day and Night Doses?

This is the fastest path to rebalancing your metabolic hormones and finally addressing the underlying problem that has doomed every diet you have tried. By rebalancing your metabolic hormones, you can naturally reduce caloric intake, boost caloric burn, and finally achieve long-term consistent weight loss without harmful stimulants or side effects.

Plus, Tetrogen Night is formulated with a calibrated dose of melatonin to help you get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is vital to long-term weight loss success as it helps keep your cortisol levels in balance. Also, Tetrogen Day is formulated with four active ingredients plus green tea extract to help induce thermogenesis to convert fat into heat and thus burn more calories.

What is the Difference between Fat Loss and Water Weight Loss?

Many diet supplements are formulated with powerful and potentially dangerous stimulants such as high doses of caffeine. The upside is that they do speed up metabolism and help you lose “water weight” for the first few weeks. But this comes at a cost: The water weight is coming from your muscles, which can start to atrophy due to dehydration. This can lead to your body burning fewer calories at rest because your muscle mass is shrinking. That’s why the “weight loss” always plateaus with stimulant-based diet supplements.

What you really want is to achieve maximum lipolysis. This is the process of breaking down fats and triglycerides that are stored in your body. Most of this process occurs in the mitochondria of your muscles. The greater your muscle mass, the more fat your body burns naturally. So, taking supplements that strip water from your muscles is completely defeating the purpose and will ultimately cause you to gain even more weight as your metabolism slows as you lose lean mass.

Tetrogen is formulated to rebalance your metabolic hormones and is not made with harmful stimulants. So, instead of helping you lose water weight, Tetrogen helps naturally reduce cravings and portion sizes while boosting energy levels. The process takes four to six weeks typically to complete (and it may take up to three months, depending on past diet, stress levels, and other medical factors) but sets you up for long-term, sustained weight loss.

Price of Tetrogen Supplement

Price of the Tetrogen Bottles are as follows:

  • Starter Pack – 30 Day Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night (2 Bottles) Discounted Price – $89
  • Most Popular – 90-Day Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night ( 6 Bottles) Discounted Price -$209.00
  • Best Deal – 180-Day Supply of Tetrogen Day & Night (12 Bottles) Discounted Price – $290.00

Important: Prices are subject to change as per company policy. so please check updated price on official sales page

You will get free shipping in USA with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Our Verdict for Tetrogen Supplement

Tetrogen is formulated to help reverse leptin resistance and the primary reason why most diets end in failure. By helping address the underlying problem, Tetrogen helps you succeed where all else has failed—but it doesn’t end there.

Tetrogen is a tool to help people successfully transition to a healthier diet and lifestyle, not a magic pill. By helping to reverse leptin resistance, Tetrogen helps you naturally reduce cravings and portion sizes while significantly boosting energy levels.

Once leptin resistance has been reversed, you can still eat the foods you love 20% of the time (in reasonable portions) while eating healthfully the other 80% of the time and still consistently lose weight or maintain your healthy weight. Plus, with the increased energy, you can add-in moderate levels of exercise to both increase fat burning and get healthy for long-term success.

Transition to the Healthier, Happier, and Thinner life for You!

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