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The Horse Race Predictor – Learn Horse Racing Who To Bet On! And How To Earn £500 Per Day Profit From It!

Grab your piece of a £20 Billion cake right here!

Fact: Online horse race and sports betting is the biggest growth industry in the world

Fact: The industry is worth over £20,000,000,000! (Yes, £20 Billion)

Fact: A select number of people make their betting pay very well indeed

Fact: You can easily join that select club of very highly compensated peopleHow?

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Fact: By learning a few simple rules and guidelines, you can fast track your betting success

Fact: Betting successfully is governed by skill and not luck or chance

Fact: The Horse Race Predictor can help turn you into a skilled player who makes consistent daily profits for only a few minutes work per day

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Do You Want to Earn £500 Per Day Profit?

above I told you some basic facts and truths about the modern betting industry and the opportunities that are in there – for you!

We learnt that there is plenty of profit to go round, for anyone who has some enthusiasm and is happy to learn some simple new skills and we learned that ‘skill’ is exactly how you will get there – for successful betting is NOT governed by luck or chance.

More good news? Skills are something that can be quickly learned, like a card game.

I want to invite you to trial taking your betting bank from very small seeds to around £500 profit per day, just click here and get involved

From this week we will show you how to do it – take a £100 start bank to over £500 profit per day. How?

All our betting results are published each day and our Club banks will at least double each month, here is what that means.

Month 1: £250

Month 2: £500

Month 3: £1000

Month 4: £2000

Month 5: £4000

Month 6: £8000

Month 7: £16,000

Month 8: £32,000

Even if you only started with £100 by month 8 you would still be averaging around £500 per day profit.

But how?

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This is the guided betting you have been looking for. At last a product 100% designed to build not only strategy and winning bets, but enjoyment and profit into your daily campaign. Remember: The betting industry is worth £20 Billion – we will show you how to get your piece of that pie. Deal?

PS you may have heard by mailout that our new Place Diamond system has been returning a profit on 79.3% of its bets.. but just listen to this. We have been trialling these bets for over 6 months and within the bets there is a ‘sub set’ of odds ranges, which has a 95% strike rate at high average odds. Want to access these 95% strike rate jewels (average 1.6 bets per day)? They are issued as standard to members once you get involved.

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What Will You Get In The Horse Race Predictor Membership?

Horse Race Predictor
  • Unique Predictive Software
  • Live Event And Online Seminar Training
  • Full Automation Solutions
  • Manual And Bespoke Strategy Design
  • Personal Coaching And Mentoring

The Horse Race Predictor Membership Price for UK & Irish Horse Racing

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