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Do you Want to Get a Blueprint For Building a PROFITABLE eCommerce Business in 2021?

The Kibo Code Quantum system is considered the most advanced method to get a high ROI from products sold online without Amazon and Facebook and with no extensive product inventory!

With this method, you don’t need to deal with warehouses or foreign suppliers either!

In other words this model ELIMINATES of ALL of those common objections!

The majority of the millionaires had selected internet businesses as their mainstream job.

How to obtain a leading position in internet businesses?

This is a common question heard from newbies in internet marketing. Obtaining training programs from experts is found to be very effective in getting good results in businesses. When you do research online, you can find a stunning number of training programs online to provide you guidance regarding internet businesses.

What is Kibo Code Quantum system?

The Kibo Code Quantum system is founded by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Steve has been running online businesses for over 17 years since leaving his corporate job in 2003.

He quickly saw success with affiliate marketing and built a digital business that started to make more than $50K each month.

He then expanded to eCommerce and built a 7-figure revenue stream, which is at the core of Kibo Code Quantum today.

Aidan Booth started in 2006 with the idea of building a small income stream and build a consistent online income of more than 20,000 dollars a month.

and today, for the first time EVER, they are pulling back the curtains and revealing exactly how it works.

Kibo Code Quantum Training Program

The selection of a training program at a reliable price rate plays a great role in obtaining satisfactory results in businesses.

Kibo Code Quantum is a training program to assist all in search of a future in the internet marketing field. Anybody interested in the e-commerce field can take this online learning program to win a good position in the search page results.

The training program is provided in seven different sessions to assist the learners in getting the details within eight weeks time period.

What will I Get in Kibo Code Training System?

kibo code sales system

Kibo Code Quantum, developed by Aiden Booth and Steve assures high-quality training sessions to all people interested in online businesses.

Training lessons from professionals is one of the main features that keep this e-commerce training program exotic.

The training program provides the opportunity for the registered members to talk and have sessions with experts in the internet business field. The inclusion of tips while constructing and developing sites can assist the administrators to gain more customers to their online business site.

At present, you can find a fabulous number of software services online to assist the newbies in the online platforms.

The introduction of software programs for the analysis of the performance of the businesses is an essential process to gain lead generation on the site.

Kibo Code Quantum training program can assist all in need of details regarding software solutions for doing internet businesses.

How to do online marketing programs efficiently?

Kibo Code Quantum is found to be beneficial to provide solutions to the above question.

More than just learning programs, the module also consists of puzzles to make the training session interesting and effective.

Apart from just webinar classes, Kibo Code Quantum modules are also provided with audio and video files to make learning easier.

Hence learning members can make use of audio and video files as per their comfort level to make the learning effortless.

The Cutting Edge 5 Step System

What we’re talking about here is nothing short of astonishing…

$455K in 4 months…

$7291 in 24 hours…

$37,200 in 2 weeks…

$24,742 in 16 days…

(figures from Beta Training Students..)

Do you want to know

How to use their PROVEN system to build a consistent online income-stream WITHOUT needing Amazon, Shopify, inventory orders or overseas suppliers?

How they’re going to GIVE YOU a “Done-For-You” online store (filled with products) so you can get started quickly, even if you have no prior experience?

2 ‘secret’ traffic sources they currently use to generate super-fast and highly targeted ‘buyer’ traffic (in fact, you can use these for literally ANY online business).

How they are using this model to generate up to $7693 each day and why it can be faster to make money with this model than other types of online business?

3 incredible shortcuts that can help you to SCALE from Zero up to $1000/week, and even well beyond, if you put in the effort and carefully follow their lead.

Mind-blowing case-studies and unprecedented success stories from their most successful students who have used this method to generate as much as $500,000 in sales in just a few months..

Get A “store” stacked full of products that ALL convert to sales and profits!

What Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth done to be successful in their business!

Set up a simple online store.

Test products in multiple niches at the same time.

Use a FREE source of traffic to target people who are actively looking to buy these products.

Then eliminate products that don’t sell (and keep the ones that produce all the profits).

Then SCALE by repeating the process and adding more products to increase their revenue.

The end result?

You’ve guessed it…

They end up with an online store of killer products that ALL convert to sales and profits!

And it is exactly for that reason why 12 months ago, in January 2020 they launched “The Kibo Code” – an online training course that showed others how to use this system too.

5 Steps of Kibo Code Quantum System

The process is very VERY simple, only involves 5 Core Steps, and looks like this:

Here are the 5 steps you would need to follow in more detail…


First, you’d install your super-optimized webstore which requires no technical set-up knowledge whatsoever.
(In fact, you wouldn’t need to set it up yourself as we’re going directly help you with this — but you’ll have to register and join Kibo Code training lab on one of the live training labs to find out more about that)


Next, you would identify a core selection of winning products to load into your webstore ready to sell and make money.
Now, if you’ve done product research before you’ll know that there are many ways of identifying products to sell…and I’m sure you’ll also know that actually finding winning products isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.
But again this is something you WON’T need to worry about, as we have a HUGE shortcut you can take advantage of which SOLVES this potential issue. (again, we’ll tell you more about this on the live training labs)


The third step is all about hitting an initial milestone of $1000/week by taking advantage of instant sources of “buyer” traffic.

In fact, there would be a couple of different options here for you to choose from Paid traffic, or free traffic.

We’d assume you’d choose FREE traffic – and if so, you’d start using the NEW way of generating free traffic we’ve developed that would allow you to get your first sales fast and give you the best possible chance of hitting “Milestone 1” – $1000/week. (you’ll find out what this is during the live training labs)

Then, once you start making sales, then you’ll need to deliver the products you sell to the people who bought them.

The way it works is beautifully simple…

  1. A person orders a product from your webstore…
  2. You get paid upfront…
  3. You buy the product from the supplier…
  4. The supplier ships the product directly to the customer…
  5. The difference between what the customer paid for the product on your store and what the supplier charges you for it is your PROFIT.
    The good news is that the fulfilment process requires almost no work on your part and doesn’t require you to talk to anyone or see or handle any of the products you’ve sold.

So at this point, you have your webstore, your products and you are successfully selling them and making money.


Once you have your core selection of products making money, then you need to optimize your sales processes to increase conversions and therefore sales and profits.

Kebo code lab have tested a huge number of strategies and “apps” over the past year and both founders and their successful students, have got this conversion process down to a fine art.

All you need to do is copy it.

This system uses 5 methods, which are all extremely easy to implement and using them will allow you to boost your profits dramatically.


In step 5, the aim is to rinse and repeat – and to go from.. $1000/week to $5000/week to $10,000/week and beyond!
(if you work hard and carefully follow their lead)…by retaining the most profitable products on your website, eliminating the ones that only produce small amounts of profits….

Then finding NEW winning products to expand your store and increase your revenue.

And that’s it.

The Kibo Code Quantum Training Modules

Module 1 – CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE: This module gives you classified training revealing every step of the Kibo Code system (an over-the-shoulder training’ style). It is essentially your introduction to the eCommerce trade.

Module 2 – STORESTORM: In this module, you get access to exclusive Kibo tools, resources, audio & video files, replays, Kibo Accountability Program, Contests, Kibo Kickstart, Kibo Live Event Information, etc.

And it’s also where you get live assistance to build high-converting shops that are tested and proven to convert cold website visitors into buyers.

Module 3 – HAND-PICKED PRODUCTS: This module reveals to you 5 hand-picked winning products to quickly start gaining experience, and most importantly, making sales and profits.

These are proven products marketed specially crafted for you!

Module 4 – PROFIT VAULT: This module gives you exclusive access to some done-for-you shortcuts, services, and products from Kibo Code’s secret repository.

Module 5 – TRAFFIC BLACK BOX: This module introduces you to some unique traffic generation methods which will bring instant traffic to your website from untapped sources, without any guesswork from your end.

(Hint: Google Shopping Traffic & Microsoft Ads)

REMEMBER: This time round, Steve & Aidan will put a major focus on FREE TRAFFIC with The Kibo Code Quantum which means that you won’t have to start with paid traffic.

Module 6 – ORACLE X: This module focuses on teaching you, step-by-step, the skill of product bidding or product research with the use of proprietary Kibo code software that will help accelerate more profits.

Module 7 – KIBO ACADEMY: Kibo Academy is the 24/7 support system (SWAT SUPPORT) operated by Kibo Code’s Quantum team of experts. This academy’s sole purpose is to help Kibo graduates clarify their doubts and optimize their performance.

Kibo Code Benefits


kibo code quantum system


As you know, traffic is the life-blood of any online business and unless you are able to generate targeted traffic you won’t make any money.

The good news here is that we use untapped sources of high-targeted buyer traffic (both free and paid sources) where you can place the products you are selling directly in front of people who are online, looking to buy them right at that moment


If you run (or have tried to run) an eCommerce business that sources products from China or other overseas countries, you’ll know first-hand that dealing with people over there can sometimes be difficult. One simple communication breakdown can result in thousands of dollars down the drain and a lost business. We don’t do that here. We only source products from US suppliers and to begin with we only sell these products to US based people. (And you can do this no matter where you live in the world).


This goes back to what we were talking about a moment ago. The big advantage with this model is that we don’t deal with inventory.

In every other eCommerce business model you need to buy inventory upfront – and sometimes a lot of it!

With private label, it may be as little as $200 or it could be as much as $2000 (or more) to get started.

With the wholesale method of eCommerce, it can also be hundreds of dollars to get started.

You don’t need to buy anything upfront which eliminates the risk of losing money on unsold inventory. If a product does not sell, we simply dump it and try another product. No wasted money.

Since there are no lead times and you can test products to see if they sell within super-short time periods of 48 hours or less, you are able to fill your store with top-converting, profitable products extremely fast.


And because you don’t need to wait for inventory to be created, sent and processed, this is the fastest online business model we’ve ever used and the quickest way to get cash in the bank.

It is also VERY easy to scale.


You can continue to work your day-job and stick to your current daily routine if you want to.

And if you already have an online business, no matter what it is… or even if you are running with another method of ecommerce currently, you can simply run this alongside it simultaneously.

Why Kibo Code is A huge success?

kibo code quantum free eBook

The secret is to focus on finding something you ENJOY DOING, while working as little as possible… while making as much money as possible.
What you should be aiming for is this…
✓ A true “lifestyle” business.
✓ Something that is fun, rewarding and enjoyable…
✓ Something that you can run in your own time, from home – with no boss telling you what to do…
✓ And most importantly makes enough money for you to do what you want, whenever you want – FOREVER
The system we are telling you about today ticks ALL these boxes.



Already have an online business, or are working on growing one?
If that’s you, then the Kibo Code model is one you should consider using to compliment what you’re working on, to:

a) Use as a form of diversification
b) Use as a ‘cash funnel’ so you can grow faster.

As we’ve already discussed, this model has incredibly high profit margins and can also provide a simple path to quick cash generation – something that almost every other business model struggles with.

We always advocate that you diversify your business activity and avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. This will allow you to do that in a way that has no negative impact on whatever other business you’re currently working on.

The key points here are…

You don’t need to ‘give up on’, ‘quit’, or even ‘set aside’ any other existing projects.

Setting up and running this type of business is fast and it only requires a handful of hours each week.

Funds made from this business can be funneled into any other business, to grow it faster.

If you’ve already got a business, then you’ll probably see the value in everything we’ve discussed better than anyone else because you know the challenges associated with your current business – and the holes that could be plugged by running with this business model in addition.

What If You’re Just Starting Out?

If you’re just starting out, then the absolute best way to kickstart your success is by using a tried and tested formula that GETS RESULTS FAST.
It’s not that you necessarily need instant gratification…

But it sure as hell helps motivation when you can be making money within a week or so of starting out.

In addition to that, you’ve also got a clean slate to work from, and a real roadmap to ensure you avoid pitfalls that you might otherwise encounter if you were to ‘go it alone’.

…and in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost of doing it by yourself.

What would it be worth for you to take a huge shortcut, and jump over all the hurdles we mentioned a moment ago?

If that sounds like a dream come true, then you’re going to LOVE what we’ve put together for you.

This is something entirely different to anything we, or anyone else, has ever done. It goes far, far beyond just a training program.

We’re so excited about this, and really hope you can join one of the live calls to find out more!

Remember, this is a strictly limited opportunity to get on a call and to learn more about Kibo Code QUANTUM, and to get ALL your questions answered.


2021 is well and truly underway. However, regardless of where you’re at in your business, you still have plenty of time to make this your best year yet, even with all the current turmoil.

Remember what you could gain here…

Unlike a regular rat-race day job, you do NOT have an income ceiling and can build this business as big as you want to!

You can build a true ‘lifestyle’ business. After you’ve done some initial groundwork, much of the “gruntwork” can be outsourced which means you’ll have all the time you want to pursue the things you’ve always dreamed about doing.
Perhaps it’s more time with your family, more time on the golf course, or maybe you just want to wake up each day without an alarm clock.

You get to choose where you are in the world. With a successful online-based business, you’re able to live wherever you want to. You don’t need to limit yourself to a 2-week vacation in order to get back to the office; you can simply take your office with you.

The point is this…
As long as you keep these three big life-changing realities at the front of your mind as you’re working through the system, you’ll find a way to push through.

So, What I Am Getting in Kibo Code Quantum Program?

here is short summary of what you are getting in this full-on mentorship ecommerce program.

  • Using the tools & software you get access to inside the Kibo Code program, you will get a generic website domain.
  • You’ll be fully assisted to build up a store with a preloaded site and (free) high-converting theme (which again, with the help of software, this whole process takes less than 60 minutes).
  • As a student, you’ll learn how to pinpoint profitable products using the new 2021 Kibo Code software (from a selection of about 3 Million items)!

7 Key Components of Kibo Code QUANTUM

kibo code quantum components

Let’s run through the SEVEN components of Kibo Code QUANTUM to show you how this all comes together and how YOU can take advantage of this incredible business model…

Kibo Academy

The first component of Kibo Code QUANTUM is the “Academy” which contains the core 8 week training program that’ll show you how to build your new eCommerce empire in record time.

Kibo Launchpad

The LaunchPad is your one-stop ‘operations hub’ that’ll allow you to build, manage and scale your business with machine-like precision.

Kibo Superstores

This is your DONE-FOR-YOU SuperStore, loaded up with 10 products that’ll allow you to go from START to SELLING in record time. It will help you to draw in sales, establish yourself as a market leader and generate consistent buyers and income.

Kibo Profit Vault

In the SuperStore component of the training, you’re going to get a series of 10 “Done-For-You” products you can set up and sell immediately. You will learn how to mine for gold and identify ADDITIONAL best-sellers from it’s repository of over 2 million products.

Kibo Accelarators

This section of Kibo Code QUANTUM is focused on one thing… GETTING WEBSITE TRAFFIC. Usually getting targeted traffic can be tricky but you’re going to get fool-proof plan that’ll allow you to reel in unlimited amounts of customers without any of the headaches that you’ve experienced before.

Kibo Powerlabs

A key focus of Kibo Code QUANTUM is to make the system as hands-free for you as possible and one of the ways you’re going to achieve this is with the PowerLabs – an additional suite of “smart” software tools included within the Kibo LaunchPad. These tools have been specifically designed to handle all the time-consuming and complex parts of the process and will allow you to shortcut your path to success, save you time and make you money faster.

Kibo Alliance

The Kibo Alliance is an exclusive support system where you’ll get assistance and help from kibo code dedicated team, along with fellow Kibo members.

The Kibo Achievements system is specifically designed to encourage you to take action.
The more sales and revenue you generate the higher the award you’ll get — and you’ll receive an exclusive badge which will be displayed next to your name in the members forum.

This will give you accountability, push you forward and help you build your business as rapidly as possibly.

Plus, as a Kibo Code QUANTUM member, you’ll also get a private invite to… Kibo Virtual Live Events (very few seats only!)

Kibo Virtual Events

As a member, you’re also going to get a FREE all-access pass to “Kibo 2021”

 The LIVE event and all the presentations will be held online.

At the event you will hear from…

  • A host of expert speakers (some of whom make up to $10 million a year) about how they achieved their success and the methods they used to get where they are today.  
  • Industry-leading eCommerce authorities who will share techniques and methods they use on a daily basis to generate tens of thousands of dollars each month selling simple products online.  
  • Successful KIBO students who have used training to overcome common roadblocks and obstacles and have subsequently created life-changing online businesses.

But it’s not all going to be about selling physical products online. You’ll also going to get…

  • Tips and tricks from sales and conversion specialists who will show you how to generate more leads and sales no matter what the market or model you are in.  
  • Proven tactics to dramatically increase website traffic which you can implement into any business or venture..  
  • Actionable growth strategies that you can apply with immediate effect as soon as the event has wrapped up. .…and much more!!

Kibo Code Quantum Program Price

You can obtain Kibo Code Quantum program by providing $997 for four months or $3497 as a single payment.

You can use Paypal and bank transfers to obtain this online training program.

To enhance the reliability of the training programs, this online learning program also assures their members 30 days money-back guarantee to the registered members.

Exclusive Kibo Code Quantum Bonus Package ($13,000+)

As above mentioned, in order to 100% claim Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s free bonuses ($13,000+ original price), you have to make sure to enroll from the Official Website Here.

Along with access to all the exclusive training and software, new students will also get these original bonuses below:

  • The Secret Live Mastermind (Original price $4,997)
  • Kibo Code Live Recordings (Original price $3,997)
  • 7-Figure Scaling Secrets (Original price $4,997)

These Kibo Code Quantum bonuses are completely free of charge and included in the original price of the program if you sign up from the Official website.

Our Verdict

Everyone has their own goals and objectives, the point is, when you own your own business, you have the freedom to choose where you want to be, and to play by your rules.

You can register this program using the special link below.

Get Access Now
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Disclosure Note : This article contains affiliated links so if you buy from these links we may get small commission from it, which helps us to keep information updated for our readers! Please leave your comment for further inquiries.

Disclaimer: Information given in this article is for educational and informational purpose only. Monetary and income results are based on many factors. Please use your own due diligence when it comes to making business decisions. Also we do not support any claims made in this program.

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