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Expensive, invasive remedies are experiments on your body – whereas I found a natural cure Exercises for TMJ Pain Relief after a chance meeting at a chemist!

There’s nothing pretty about TMJ particularly Jaw Pain.

If you’re suffering from it yourself, you’ll already know this.

TMJ can be a long-lasting and thoroughly miserable condition. It often begins mildly, but it rarely stays that way.

I visited TMJ forums and what I read scared the life out of me.

The medical profession is already well aware that any type of chronic pain can cause deeply felt mental health problems.

  • Rapid mood swings…
  • irritability…
  • anger…
  • crying…
  • intense frustration…
  • an inability to find any pleasure in life…

These are normal and accepted consequences of ongoing discomfort and pain.

TMJ is a typical cause of ongoing discomfort and pain – and we sufferers will eventually recognize both the physical and mental anguish listed above.

Some TMJ sufferers take mild antidepressants to deal with the emotional damage caused by unrelenting pain, popping, numbness, ear ringing, and facial distortion.

When I read the account of a young TMJ sufferer who had decided that if he didn’t cure his suffering within a month… that he’d end his own life… I could understand exactly where he was coming from.

Here are some of the different specialists that can get involved in trying to uncover the cause – and cure – for your TMJ:

jaw pain

general practitioner


facial pain specialist


orofacial surgeon

orofacial myologist



PRI physical therapist

Curing TMJ is as reliable as rolling a dice…

And the result?

It’s hard to describe how I felt.

What are Exercises for TMJ Pain Relief?

For a start, although this program is short, it’s comprehensive.

It leaves nothing to chance.

As I mentioned earlier, the program tackles all possible areas that might be causing your TMJ.

I never fully found out how my TMJ came about. But by performing exercises that tackled all possible areas, I clearly got at the one that was causing the problem.

At first, the exercise program looked quite a lot to me.

But you don’t do them all at once. In fact, you do many of the exercises only 3 or 4 times per week.

So altogether on any given day, you exercise for about 3 – 5 minutes.

I’m a little slow at these things and like to take my time. Even so, I rarely exceeded 5 minutes.

In fact, they’re less ‘exercises’ and more like ‘movements’.

These certainly don’t; they’re very easy – and deliberately relaxing.

The majority of these movements I did either while sitting watching television or standing in the kitchen cooking. The exercises are not intense. You just need to do a little every day.

And they focus on different areas:

  • The jaw
  • The throat
  • The tongue
  • The shoulders
  • The neck
  • The body (relaxation)
  • The mind (nurturing a relaxed attitude)

The beauty of these exercises isn’t just the simplicity of them. It’s that you can leave out ones that you prefer not to do.

Just do the ones you prefer.

There are four exercises concentrating on the jaw pain.

TMJ caused my jaw to become stiff and painful; the jaw structure came out of line, so it distorted my face a little.

The jaw exercises tackle the various jaw area pains directly and help correct the distortion.

A number of others focus on loosening and relaxing the throat and tongue.

I had never heard of throat or tongue exercises before. But the throat is closely connected to the jaw and should be exercised regularly. While the tongue is one of the main muscles inside your head.

Between them, the exercises not only loosen and relax throat and tongue they have the side effect of loosening up your shoulders and neck – and even opening your sinuses.

They’re stupidly easy. But also quite pleasant.

Then there are body movements.

These ones mainly target the shoulders and neck area.

Tension here is directly related to the jaw. These movements reduce tightness and stress – prime candidates to be causing your TMJ.

Breathing exercises

Something I didn’t realize was that breathing movements not only reduce physical tension; they reduce emotional tension too.

Emotional tension causes physical tension – and physical tension leads back to emotional tension.

They’re so closely connected.

And when your TMJ is causing mild depression, then anything that addresses emotional pain is very welcome indeed.

Followed by relaxation exercises…

The easiest of them all – which is saying something given how straightforward they all are – are relaxation exercises.

They were really nice to do. And I could see that the benefits of these would go beyond just relieving me of my TMJ symptoms.

The last two types of exercise were quite surprising to me. Until that is, they went and cured my TMJ…

Attitude exercises

This was an unexpected – but really eye-opening – surprise.

These exercises are just ways of thinking about your problems, your opinion of yourself and your opinions of others.

I don’t usually go in for this type of thing. But Christian’s ‘1 – 2 rule’ for example was particularly effective – and it had the side-effect of improving a couple of the difficult relationships I had at that time.

Communication exercises

Perhaps the most unexpected exercises for me were the communication exercises.

Talking, basically!

You can do this with a partner or a willing friend – doesn’t matter.

It’s not just jabbering on though. Christian explains the set-up and he gave me some guidelines for this.

It worked really well. So easy – and enjoyable with it.

All the exercises/movements were easy, relaxing and, often, really very pleasant to do.

Given the pain – and the state of mind – I was in at the time I was glad the program was so gentle.

And if there’s a type of exercise you’d prefer not to do – then you don’t have to do it. There are plenty of others to choose from.

This program got rid of my TMJ. Would you like to try it for yourself?

Click now and get your copy of the program…

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