Tone Your Tummy | AT-HOME Exercises That Cinch Your Belly Up Like A Corset!

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Tone Your Tummy – AT-HOME Exercises that cinch your belly up like a corset

Do you want tight tummy?

Scary fact: most “abs exercises” actually PUSH OUT your lower belly and make you look like you have a way bigger belly pooch than you do.

However a new sequence of gentle — almost fun — exercises have surfaced recently that a lot of folks are now saying is like cinching your belly up in a “corset”.

And really that’s exactly what it’s like, because these movements tighten and tone the layers of postural muscles that wrap around your tummy so they pull in your belly and instantly make you look slimmer.

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Tone Your Tummy – Puffy Belly Cure

Did you ever wonder why you can eat right, do tons of “abs” exercises, and actually feel like you look fatter in the mirror??

It’s so frustrating and so, so common. And the reason is simple.

Too much exercise. Too much sitting. Pollutants in your air, water and food. Stress. All that and more causes INFLAMMATION in your body.

Inflammation causes a “protective” layer of fat to form around your belly. It also causes “kinks” in the energy flow of your nervous system which makes your abs muscles go “floppy”.

=> Inflammation Belly <— WHAT HAPPENS

First thing you have to realize is that intense exercise may be the WORST thing for getting a flat tummy. In fact a gentle and soothing series of core exercises is usually much more effective.

Yet more important, the easiest way to flatten your belly is simply eliminating inflammation with the right blend of “super-spices” and other simple ingredients.

Two of my favorites are turmeric and a special oil that comes from coconuts. I blend them with some other powerful ingredients into a delicious tea. The ingredients are easy to find and you can make the tea in your own kitchen.

===> Drink this tea for a toned tummy

Tone Your Tummy – Tummy Tightener

1 serving in hot water tightens your tummy

Because this is brand new, you’re going to want to add this to your morning routine asap.

Drinking just 1 serving of this delicious “home brew” in hot water sets you up to flatten your belly faster than hundreds of sit ups.

In fact, it actually fixes the damage done by too many sit ups and other “abs exercises” so that you can unlock and release “protective fat” that you have been causing your belly to stubbornly hold on to!

=> 1 serving in hot water tightens your tummy

Plus, it’s super easy to make right in your own kitchen.

Tone Your Tummy – Kinks in your nervous system are creating “belly bulge”

Planks, sit-ups, crunches and a bunch of other popular abs exercises can actually force your body to store MORE fat on your belly if you are not careful.

As strange as it sounds, they can cause undetectable “kinks” in your nervous system that block the flow of energy through your core, causing your belly to get fatter.

Watch this clip to see why this happens and exactly how to avoid it, including a simple and delicious tea recipe that releases fat from your belly by undoing the damage already caused by sitting too much, exposure to pollution, stress, and especially too much exercise.

You see, restoring the energy flowing through your core unlocks and releases the “protective fat” your belly has been holding on to, so you can finally see the results you desire and deserve!

=> Avoid fat storage from planks, sit ups and crunches

BAD Abs Exercise

THIS “nasty” exercise puffs up belly fat

You’ve been told to do your “abs exercises” if you want a flat belly.

But did you know that more than one popular abs exercise actually puffs up belly fat, robs you of energy and can even cause pain and inflammation?

And then the inflammation forces your body into emergency mode — storing a “protective” layer of fat around your belly.

If you’ve been to an exercise class, got a workout program from a gym or personal trainer, or followed the advice of a fitness magazine, I guarantee you’ve done at least one of these “nasty” exercises.

So if you’ve tried to get a toned tummy before and been disappointed, now you know why.

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“Resistant” belly fat

If you’re getting frustrated with losing your belly fat, you may have accidentally stored a layer of “protective fat” that is immune to dieting.

It can be caused by a lot of things including too much sitting, stress, small injuries that you might not even notice, pollutants in your air, food and water, stress, and especially too much of the WRONG type of exercise.

Because all these things cause “inflammation” they can break down the flow of energy through your nervous system and actually trigger a layer of “dietproof” protective fat.

The blockages are like “kinks” in a hose. And working harder to get a flat belly can actually make them worse.

Yet the right kind of gentle exercise combined with an amazing “restorative” tea that you can make in your own kitchen have been shown to “unkink” the flow of energy through your core, releasing your layer of protective fat WHILE allowing your core muscles to tone up quickly AND naturally.

=> Solution to defeat “dietproof” fat layer on your belly

Belly Fat Trigger

SHOCK DISCLOSURE: Belly fat is triggered by THIS exercise

It’s now believed by top exercise scientists that the most popular “abs” exercise could actually make you store more belly fat.

Because it sabotages the muscular balance in your core, it “shocks” your nervous system, causes inflammation and actually makes you store a layer of “protective” fat around your belly.

Your body thinks it’s “for your own good,” no matter how much you hate how it makes you look or how it causes your belly to sag.

=> SHOCK DISCLOSURE: Belly fat triggered by THIS exercise

Now a sequence of GENTLE movements have been identified that actually tighten your tummy fast while they repair the damage and inflammation in your core.

When combined with a restorative tea made from specific anti-inflammatory spices, this sequence of easy exercises has been proven to deliver a flat, toned and tight tummy without intense exercise or depressing diets.

=> Tea + Gentle Exercises Are Reducing Inflammation for a Tight Tummy

Tone You Tummy – One Stop Solution for Resistant Belly Fat

It’s the first system designed to start by making you healthy on the inside — both emotionally and through a strong and balanced core — in order to make you visibly healthy on the outside too!

Tone Your Tummy works so fast and so well because it starts by restoring the energy blockages in your body, allowing you to utilize your abs muscles and develop a strong and beautiful core!

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