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Traffic Ivy – Viral Traffic Platform to Increase Your Website Traffic Fast!

High Quality Traffic Is Either Expensive, Or Hard Work… Or Is It?

Are You Looking for REAL, Trackable and High-quality traffic? 

Do you want to :

  • Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic Using Massive Growing Network Of Blogs Spread Across 22 Categories
  • Beginner Friendly Way To See Real Results Without Any Learning Curve Or Risky Paid Traffic Methods
  • Post Your Content On 1,000’s Of Active Social Media Accounts On FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Reddit
  • Go Viral With Multiple People Sharing It On Multiple Social Media Accounts Within Our Huge Network
  • Community Driven Rating System To Guarantee You Only The Best High-Quality, Relevant Traffic Available

Web Traffic Problem – Are You Getting Real Traffic?

Web Traffic Problem is 2-fold Now!

First Problem Is The Ugly Truth!

52% of all web traffic is FAKE i.e. it is generated using bots.

Experts warn that uneven traffic, abnormally low time spent on a page, the bounce rates, the origin of the traffic, and unknown referrals are some of the most common indicators of bot generated traffic.

Fake Traffic Is A Much Bigger Problem Than You Think!

Here you can check Bad Bot Report 2018

Good Bots Include: Bots like search engine bots (6.6%) and monitoring bots are fine (22.9% good bots)

Bad Bots Are Trouble: If 28.9% of clicks on your site are fake it screws everything up for you (28.9% bad bots)

They Can Damage SEO & Web Reputation!

When a click arrives on your site and then leaves immediately is recorded by search engines as either a bot, or … they see it as your content not being worthy enough of the visitor sticking around. Since advertising networks consider fake views as a form of fraud, you might end up with a penalized website.

If the trend repeats, advertising networks could even blacklist or remove your website.

Plus Increase Hosting Costs & Messed Up Analytics 

Besides the fact that none of these clicks actually make you money. If you’re getting more fake traffic than real people you are spending more money, earning less and being penalized by Google and Networks…

Hey Are you hungry for REAL traffic that will convert?

Fake news, fake brands, fake medicines, fake currency, fake online traffic – everything is bad and, in some cases, even life-threatening.

But one thing for sure especially when it comes to anything online fake is unfortunately the new real.

Second Traffic Problem Is The Single BIGGEST Problem That Had Us Stumped Was Low-To-Average Quality Traffic.

And still, getting the right people onto my pages – people who were targeted, ready to share, opt-in and most importantly buy didn’t happen as often as we wanted.

I mean, have a look at your own traffic stats.

Sadly, usually we sees 1 – 2 % conversions. It didn’t seem to make sense. 

We tried a LOT of traffic methods, our offers and optin pages were great and the traffic we drove was pretty huge, and yet the conversions not exactly what we wanted to see.

So, What’s The Solution for this 2-fold Traffic problem.

That led us to the ONLY logical reason i.e. we needed to look at the quality of traffic.

For higher conversions, we needed the website visitor to be the right person ready to read, follow and take whatever action we asked them to on that page.

And most importantly we needed traffic is genuine and real.

What Is Traffic Ivy?

Traffic Ivy is a sharing platform where you can share your traffic and earn point and use them to direct traffic from other sites to anything you want (YouTube, blog, offers..) in any niche!

The more you share more you earn. It is really easy to and really beginner friendly.

Statistics are there, So you can see from where the traffic is coming and who is sharing your content.

Here’s How You Can Get Traffic Today!

Step 1 : Create Your Traffic Ivy Account choose your traffic points package below and your account will be ready to go

Step 2 : Login & instruct software about where to send your traffic using your traffic points, simply create a traffic campaign with the content you want shared.

Your content will be shared almost immediately as it’s displayed on traffic ivy’s internal marketplace.

In traffic ivy’s internal marketplace you can : 

  • Create Campaign – It’s easy with our step-by-step campaign wizard.  Post your content, choose how many shares you want and activate.  It will be displayed in the Traffic Ivy marketplace.
  • You’ll Get Real Shares – Your campaigns will be published on our network of WordPress blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn pages and YouTube accounts with traffic starting in minutes!
  • View/Rate Your Traffic – As your shares are being delivered, you’ll be given links directly to the page your content can be seen, then you can rate that traffic making sure only the best sites stay active.

If Your Traffic Points Run Out Get MORE Completely FREE Using These Simple ‘Idiot-Proof’ Steps:

Step 1 – Connect your social media accounts and websites

Step 2 – Collect Points for sharing relevant community content

Step 3 – Use Points on targeted traffic to your content & offers

Traffic Ivy Benefits

  • Get an endless supply of relevant content any time you need something fresh to share
  • Reach new highly receptive audiences in your niche
  • Get valuable exposure of your links, social media accounts, blogs, eCom stores and more
  • Fast, simple & easy to use with results you can see any track in real time.

Traffic Ivy – How Does It Work?


  1. Post Your Content Directly On To Massive Network Of Blogs & Social Media Sites (Get real links to see your shares!)
  2. (Optional) Get Even More Traffic By Sharing Other Members Content On Your Blogs Or Social Media Platforms Too!

And Rapidly Growing!The numbers below are LIVE, Updated Every Hour(NOTE: We’ve only JUST opened the doors at 9am ET, 23rd Jan!)

  • Live, active members who are part of our Traffic Ivy community !
  • Niche targeted, separated into 22 popular categories
  • Real people’s accounts, ready to make your content go viral

Top Marketers Love This PlatformWith many of them ready to click and share your content too!

Traffic Ivy is a complete game-changer for internet marketing traffic.

It’s a real traffic community that allows you to post your content on thousands of active social media accounts and earn traffic ‘points’ for sharing others. You can then cash in these earned points to get even more targeted traffic. 

You’re going to love how this works and be amazed by the amount of exposure you’ll get! 

>>>>> Grow your reach and sales faster with Traffic Ivy!

Traffic ivy | What’s Included?

1. IM Mastery Training

This Traffic Ivy solution is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to truly successful online marketing.   Yes, everybody needs traffic.  Without it, you’re website, store, affiliate offers or videos are just … well… lonely, and very unprofitable. 

However… as I said, it really is only one piece of the puzzle. 

Our training guides you through creating your own online assets (including setting up your own squeeze pages and if you choose, your very own blog!)

You’ll also receive a few extra downloadable bonuses inside the report which provides you with everything you need to make sure the traffic you’re getting is going to something that helps YOU profit, day after day.  

2. Easy Beginner Friendly Campaign Creator

Simply login to your account, click on ‘My Traffic Campaigns’ and go through our simple to follow campaign builder process.

If you’re not sure what type of content to create we’ve got friendly training materials for you access, showing you how our top members are getting the best results.  Everything is easy, step-by-step and created for you to just walk in and see results fast.  

3. Real Shares That Produce 100% Real Targeted Traffic

Today you’ll get your choice of traffic points to use on actual shares in our massive network, but that’s just the beginning!  You’ll be welcomed into our network of like-minded online entrepreneurs too. 

You can simply use your points, get your traffic and leave it at that…

OR, you can set the system into turbo mode.  Connect your own websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Reddit accounts and share other people’s content.  Every time you share, you’ll be earning more points that you can use for even more traffic. 

There are no fake bots, no hoping some kind of software kicks in and your shares go viral… 

This system means that all traffic you receive publicly posted shares on people’s social accounts, articles posted on multiple niche targeted blogs, videos uploaded to YouTube accounts and banners displayed on sites that will get you clicks. 

4. Major Organic/Search Engine Traffic Advantage

Google is always changing their algorithm, but one thing that never changes is that the more high quality, relevant backlinks you have online – the more love you’ll get when people are searching for your key terms. 

This gives you a hugely competitive edge for one of the most targeted types of traffic from the massive search engines – completely free! 

5. Trackable Traffic

If you’re sick of software that says you’ll get floods of traffic … only to end up with merely a dribble (if that!), then this is gonna surprise you – because not can you get as much traffic as you want, you’ll be able to see where every share has been posted and can click to go and see that post live. 

As your traffic is being delivered you’ll be given links to go and visit the exact page it’s been posted.  There’s no more crossing your fingers and hoping it works.  You’ll be able to see where every one of your points has been used. 

6. Blogging Benefits, Without A Blog

Don’t have a blog yet?  Or maybe you don’t ever want a blog… 

That’s ok!  You can create content or review articles inside Traffic Ivy, insert your affiliate/promo links and then publish it on our network of blogs. 

You can send the traffic to your own offers, use it to build your list or even your social media following!

7. WordPress Plugin

If you have a blog, you’re in luck!  You can really max out the benefits of the Traffic Ivy platform by uploading and activating our WordPress plugin. 

You’ll be able to automatically post content from the Traffic Ivy marketplace onto your blog for a constant stream of fresh niche targeted articles.

Every time an article is posted, you’ll earn points that you can then use to have your articles shared by other people automate sharing of your own posts for traffic after a 5 minute setup.

8. One Click Connections

You’ll be able to connect your blogs and social media accounts, then pick/choose and post content from the marketplace to get more traffic and content.  

There’s no fussing with messy copy paste confusion.  Just click a button, approve the connection and your account is completely set up to get you a lot of traffic!

Current integrations include WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Reddit.  Our developers are always up for new challenges too, so if you think of another network you think would be a great addition just let us know! 

9. Community Driven Rating System

We are dead against spam.  I use this platform myself, for my niche blogs and there’s no way I want to post rubbish on them, so to protect the integrity of the content that’s shared and the sites it’s posted to we have three valuable features:

1) Rating system, so you can review the share your received

2) User blocking/management, so you can prevent certain people or entire countries from sharing your content, giving you complete power of who’s sharing (or not sharing) your content

3) Monitoring & training by real people. You’re sharing content on your valuable assets, so we’ll do what we can to encourage the best quality of everything and do more training as things arise.

10. Complete Transparency

All stats are 100% transparent and updated in real time.  You’ll see our how big the network is as it grows, where the best places are to share your content on, how much you can/should be spending with our internal currency (points) which is live and available to check out any time.

Every share you get is not just getting you traffic, but you’ll get to see exactly where it was posted and by whom.  You can see how that promotion went and if you are not happy, simply block that traffic source from promoting in the future (or just post a temporary ban)

11. Featured Content

We have a section of the site dedicated to handpicked traffic campaigns that are available for you to share.  We’re looking for great content, excellent quality and of course a solid track record in the system. 

If we choose you, you’ll get even more traffic, leads and sales.  The power of this is that it’s NOT a paid feature.  You can’t buy your way into have good content to be listed here… It’s all about quality, so make it great, include your affiliate links, your backlinks, website banners, or whatever it is you’re using to monetize your content and get ready for the traffic!

Traffic Ivy – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to get started with Traffic Ivy?

A: Just an Internet connection. Traffic Ivy is fully cloud-based. So, just login from anywhere and start driving traffic.

Q: Can you explain this ‘points’ thing again?

A: Traffic Ivy is a collection of blogs and social media sites.  Our members (including you, if you like!) are rewarded points when they share your content on their blogs or social media pages.  We encourage good quality shares, giving them more points when they’re posting on great pages.  

When you purchase today, you’ll get access to our network of members who can share your content on our network of sites.  You choose how many points you want to reward them for sharing – and when those points run out, you can buy more – or, you can participate in the community, sharing other people’s content earning points for free. 

Q: How much traffic can I expect to get with 5,000 points?

A: Our platform works on a communal marketplace points system, so what you choose to spend it on really comes down to ‘supply and demand’.  Some shares are around 5, 10 or 20 points so for 5,000 points you c ould receive about 200-500 shares.    It varies greatly though on the niche your targeting, the amount of content already in that niche and the quality of your own content.  Good content gets shared much faster.

With the platform being so new, the actual point prices will fluctuate more than normal, so have a look in the marketplace to get an idea of what others are paying and then work out how quickly you want your traffic and pick your price. 

Q: What happens if I don’t want to share community content?

A: The community aspect is definitely valuable, but it’s not compulsory.  Some of our members choose to purchase points, rather than earning them by sharing content in the community.  If that’s you, I’d recommend grabbing the 10,000 point bundle when you create your account, because while you can buy them later, the prices are quite a bit higher. 

Q: Is there a limit to when I need to use my Traffic Ivy points?

A: No, you can use them whenever you need, spend them all at once or save them up for when you need a full on viral traffic explosion. 

Q: Is this like buying traffic?

A: You’re not required to pay for any traffic in our network, other than purchasing your membership bundle today.  You can share other people’s content on your social media pages or blogs and then earn shares of your own to be used on our extensive network of established niche blogs. 

Q: Do I get training and support?

A: Yes, you’ll get complete access to the traffic generation platform, plus video training, pdf reports and access to over 30 training sessions we’ve recorded together in our previous weekly live training workshops instantly available in your members area and in our friendly Facebook group.

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Here’s What Traffic Ivy Members Are Saying

For the first time, I can put faces and real names behind my traffic, thanks to Traffic Ivy. 

I know that there is a community of people interested on similar niches that I am, sharing quality content that I can benefit from and also willing to share my own content.

Traffic Ivy makes possible for me to discover new content from likeminded people that I can share in my own blog. Which means I can have daily fresh content without having to write every single day.

The best part about this is that not only do I get to share fresh content that I haven’t had to write myself. I also get to earn points for doing so and then use that to get traffic to my blog too!

Traffic Ivy is a sharing platform where you can share your traffic and earn points and use them to direct traffic from other sites to anything you want (YouTube, blog, offers ) in any niche.

The more you share the more you earn. Is really easy to implement and really beginner friendly. Statistics are there, so you can see from where the traffic is coming and who is sharing your content, and is totally free. 
I was pretty much amazed by this new system called Traffic Ivy

Alberto Santos Rocha

It was easy to implement, it took me few minutes to set it up with my social networks where I was able to see everything happening in real time, including the marketplace with real Traffic that converts.

I’ve been using it to promote my products because it is ready when I am and easy to follow.

Let’s just say it’s is a winning product that simplifies all the things I was doing before. So thank you Cindy and to of all your support team, I love you guys because you are helping me see real results in my online business, getting everything set up the right way.


Join Them Quick & You’ll Get These Added Bonuses!

Traffic ivy Bonuses

Bonus SaaS Access : A fully hosted done for you lead capture funnel. Just put your details in your profile and the entire system is branded to you.  

No Pitch Training Webinars : We’ll be holding a special live event showing you how to use your Traffic Ivy account to it’s fullest potential with some tricks our most successful members use

Weekly Training Webinar Archives : You can keep joining us in our regular weekly live training as well as having complete access to every training session we’ve done every week for the last 7+ months.  That’s 30+ no-pitch training events and counting!

Facebook Community :  Our Facebook community is one of the best.  With regular engaging posts, lively conversations and even competitions with prizes that support your online growth

PLUS [4] More Surprise Bonuses!

Here’s How You Can Get Traffic Today!

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Still Wondering If Traffic Ivy Is Really For You? 

Here are some of the ways our members are using Traffic Ivy to get bigger & better results in their online marketing! 

  1. Social Media Marketers – Make any content you share go viral, have hundreds of people share your post, linking to an article or twitter comment, or anything you want to get more eyeballs to.
  2. Affiliate Marketers – Create content, post it anywhere you like and send your affiliate link onto 10’s, 100’s or 1,000’s of sites with a single click.  It’s an affiliate marketers dream come true!
  3. Ecommerce Marketers – Got an E-Commerce store? Let Traffic Ivy members spread the word around. You can even put your product posts directly on their blogs or social feeds!
  4. Local Marketers – Traffic Ivy members can share your ads for any business, including local business. It’s far better (and delivers better results) than distributing pamphlets that no one even reads
  5. Website Owners – A website without traffic is like a car you never drive but pay for the parking anyway. You can display banners for more traffic points, or use your points for traffic to your websites.
  6. Bloggers – Using the WordPress plugin you can automate content creation and turn your blog into a viral traffic generation machine by also automating publishing of your new posts for more shares!
  7. New Marketers – You don’t even need to have a website to make this work and with the friendly support team, and a lovely community, you’re in the right place to make your startup thrive!
  8. Video Marketers – Our extensive network contains a lot of YouTube accounts, that you can upload YOUR videos directly to – and post whatever you’d like in their description!
  9. SEO Freelancers – We all know how much Google loves relevant, targeted backlinks in high value blogs… this is your ticket to as many backlinks as you choose, placing your articles on 100’s of blogs!

So now it’s your turn to jump aboard the best thing that’s hit online marketing in well over a decade.  You can join, have campaigns up and running and start getting real shares on real sites moments from now. 

Before you do though I want to remove all risk by offering you…

Traffic Ivy Price

Traffic Ivy works. Period! You’ll see real shares and more traffic to your offers shortly after you set aside a few minutes to create your first traffic campaign. 

However… In the unlikely event you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for we’re putting our money where our mouth is and backing it up with a full 30 day money back guarantee.  Simply contact our support team within 30 days, and we’ll refund your money.  We’ll be sad to see you go, but promise… we we’ll avoid drama or fuss.

You’ll get to reap the benefits of all of the traffic you received in those 30 days and have zero risk in the process!

Select Your Traffic Ivy Account Below!

Create your account today to receive [8] surprise bonuses including:

  • Weekly LIVE Online Training Workshops
  • Software & Training To Help You Turn Your Traffic Into Cash[
  • And 6 Added Extremely Useful (Mystery) Bonuses

You’ll Get Access To The Traffic Ivy Platform& Traffic Points To Start Getting REAL Traffic Today!

  • 2,000 Traffic Points – price $19.97 (one time payment, full access)
  • 5,000 Traffic Points – price $47 (one time payment, full access)
  • 10,000 Traffic Points – price $97 (one time payment, full access)
Traffic Ivy Price
Traffic Ivy Price

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>>>> Taking action now is your first step to doing the same and I’m very much looking forward to reading about how you choose to use your new-found traffic success stories soon!

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