Underground Fat Loss Manual for Rapid Fat Loss

Underground Fat Loss Manual | Lose 13 LBS of Pure Fat in Just 28 Days!

The Underground Fat Loss Manual: Lose 13 LBS of Pure Fat in Just 28 days!

Why Did This Method Get Banned?

Did You Know Amazon Banned This Fat Loss Secret?

Fans are raving about this extreme fat loss program…

… so why is it banned on Amazon?

Thousands of people are using this unconventional method to get lean fast.

Is that why Facebook blacklisted this program?

Is there some reason why even Google doesn’t want this controversial method to see the light of day? Here’s the shocking reason why these giant companies are trying to silence this middle-aged personal trainer from Michigan…

In fact, the author of this book wrote his manual after dropping 13 pounds and getting down to single-digit body fat in less than a month.

If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, you’ll immediately see why it’s so effective. Unfortunately tracking down this book is no easy task. That’s because this book is now…

Due to the controversial nature of this program, it is no longer available on Amazon.
You cannot find this book at your local book store. Facebook even banned the author’s personal page!

>>>>>>>EXPOSED: Why Did This Extreme Fat Loss Program Get Banned?

But it gets worse. 

The author is getting heat for making this information available so he’s not sure how much longer this will remain online.

Which means it could be your last chance to grab the underground fat loss bible before it’s gone FOREVER.

Here are some contraversial facts he discovered for you!

Controversial Fact 1

You + Baby Aspirin = Six Pack Abs?

Warning:  The following fat loss plan is highly controversial.  

Did you know that chewing up a baby aspirin can help you burn fat?

Or that red licorice can actually boost your metabolism by 37%?

Controversial Fact 2

This 1 Food Fires Up Your Metabolism

Hey, quick quiz for you today…

Which of these methods do you think boosts your RESTING metabolism…

Eating low-carb foods
Drinking ice water
Scarfing down bagels and red licorice

Click your response above and then read every word of this info page to see the surprising answer…

Controversial Fact 3

Belly button reveals your testosterone levels?

Did you know that every extra inch of belly fat actually LOWERS your testosterone levels by 10%?

So if your waist is 5 inches bigger than it used to be, that’s a 50% reduction in your testosterone levels!

Make no mistake about it:  Excess body fat kills your testosterone levels.  So the fastest way to jack up your T-levels?

It ain’t pills, powders or patches.

The secret is getting rid of that excess belly fat.  Quickly. 

Controversial Fact 4

This candy boosts metabolism by 37%?

Did you know certain snack foods can actually INCREASE your metabolism?

Or that taking a baby aspirin at a specific time of day forces your body to burn fat?
Those are just a few of the tips revealed in this controversial fat loss article…

P.S. A middle-aged mom put these tips to the test. Her before & after pics will shock you…

Controversial Fact 5

A mom’s “fit bod selfie” causes DRAMA

After getting into the best shape of her life, a middle-aged mom woke up and snapped this selfie.

She sent the picture to a male friend and best-selling fitness author.

That’s when the drama started.

Full story here…

Underground Fat Loss Manual | What’s Inside The Book ?

The Underground Fat Loss Manual by Matt Marshall Book
The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Here’s a short list of what’s inside this book…

  • The 3-day jump start – how to lose up to 8.8 pounds in the first 3 days thanks to an unusual experiment
  • How to smash through the little-known “cycle of sadness” that keeps most people fat and unhappy
  • How to use alcohol (if you choose) to accelerate overnight fat burning
  • An all-natural method for boosting growth hormone by 512%
  • Why some of the world’s most ripped fitness models chew nicotine gum (this is optional, you do NOT need to attempt this controversial technique to get lean)
  • How to use “dirty dreams” for faster fat loss
  • Why chewing up a baby aspirin before your next workout can actually boost your metabolism by 37%
  • How a reclusive multi-millionaire figured out a strange “hack” that allows you to avoid the dreaded weight-loss plateau, and how you can copy this trick for free.
  • And much, much more..

Hands down, it’s the best damn fat loss book in the history of the universe. 

Grab it here before it’s gone for good…

>>>>> Get The Banned Fat Loss Bible!

Hear From Real Customers

“I’ve lost 50 pounds with Matt Marshall’s program. It’s oddly simple but very effective.

I’ve tried other methods, including eating on a timed basis, counting macros, etc. Nothing else worked for me until i found this.”

John, Allen Park, MI

“Just finished round one. 14.9 lbs lost in 21 days! Going for another round in 2 weeks.

I like this.😀”

Bill, Ohio

Down to 136.0 this morning!!!
So exciting!! 11 more pounds to go!! It just blown my mind that some time ago I was 180.00!!!

Thanks for such a great program! I don’t know what else to say!

Joy S. WA

So, Who is The Controversial Author here?

Matt Marshall, Author of The Underground Fat Loss Manual

Matt Marshall, is a certified personal trainer, author and founder of Fitness Under Oath/Underground Nutrition

Underground Fat Loss Manual Price

Underground Fat Loss Manual Price

Here’s Everything You Get When You Order Today…

  • The Underground Fat Loss Manual
  • The “Banned” Chapter 13
  • The 12 Minute Per Week Workout Plan
  • The Quick Start Guide
  • All The Cheatsheets & Tracking Tools
  • Access To The Private Member’s Group
  • Plus The Opportunity To Win Cash!

The regular price for this complete package is $97.00

But you get instant access today for…Just A Single Payment Of $37!

(Limited Offer Deal)


This Fat Loss program comes with 100% money back guarantee for 60 days! No question asked!

>>>>Click here to get The Underground Fat Loss Manual at discounted price while it’s still available…

FAQ’s For Our Readers

Still here? Ok, maybe you’ve got an unanswered question. Let the author tackle the ones he usually get…

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m old!

A: Yes, it will work for you. I’ve got success stories from 40 year olds, 50-somethings, grandparents and even guys in their 80s. So yeah, it will work. And don’t worry, I even used a big font in the book. :

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m a woman!

A: It will, but not for all women. See, most woman want to talk about losing weight… but they don’t actually want to do anything. But if you’re a “just tell me what to do and I’ll get it done” kind of woman, then yes, the plan will work for you.

You’ll find specific notes and instructions for women throughout the book.

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m a vegetarian!

A: Yes, this plan will work for vegetarians as well. I discuss specific instructions for vegetarians throughout the book.

Q: Will this work for ME? I’m very overweight!

A: I’ll be honest: When I wrote this book I mainly wrote it for people who were already in decent shape and wanted help getting extra lean. But over the years, I started getting success stories from people who lost 50, 60, 80… even 100 pounds or more with the strategy in this book.

Q: Will this work for ME? I have a specific medical condition.

A: I can’t answer that. You gotta check with your doctor.

Q: What if my computer gets struck by lightning right after I order?

A: After your order is complete, you’ll get a receipt emailed to you. If your computer gets struck by lightning or anything like that, you’ll still have that receipt in your email and you can always use that to contact me.

Get ripped fast with this unconventional plan !

>>>>Click here to get The Underground Fat Loss Manual at discounted price while it’s still available…

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