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VERT SHOCK is a new system that YOU can use IMMEDIATELY to increase your jump a whopping 9 – 15+ inches.

All in less than 8 weeks.

VERT SHOCK is the only system I know of that’s PROVEN to boost your hops.

Regardless of your age… Height… Athleticism… Genetics…

Keep in mind those are 100% REAL results from real people just like you…

But first I want to tell you a little more about my VERT SHOCK system…

So far, I’ve helped over 20,000 people experience what I would consider the best feeling in the world…

VERT SHOCK Is The Secret Behind The World’s Top Dunker…

Maybe you’ve heard of Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington…

His dunks are casually featured in Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report.

He was on TNT’s hit show The Dunk King.

And I’m happy to call a him a good friend of mine.

Like I said, he currently holds the title as the World’s #1 HIGHEST Dunker.

Even though he may be considered the world’s top dunker, he wasn’t always flying around the world just to showcase his dunks…

And after using and mastering the 3 simple steps in VERT SHOCK, which you’ll learn too in a moment, he has taken his dunks to a whole new level.

50.1 inches to be exact…

And let me be clear…

If you follow this done-for-you roadmap…

Consisting of just a few simple workouts each week…

You can throw down your very first slam in less than 8 weeks.

Because this is an exclusive program only for those who want to be extraordinary.

Do you want to dominate your opponents and stand out in any gym you walk into?

Or do you want to be recognized at parties and social events as “the guy that can dunk”?

Do you want to make it to the next level and make your parents proud?

Or do you want to be the guy everyone talks about at school?

This Russian training regimen really CAN improve your vertical 9–15 inches in under 8 weeks…

vert shock player

Because it trains a unique subset of your muscle tissue which we call your ‘elastic fibers’.

And without getting into too much deep science they’re essentially the muscle fibers that turn your legs into rubber bands.

When you bend your legs, tension builds up…

And when you extend them it releases…

It’s all very simple…

The only way to increase your maximum vertical is to target and strengthen your elastic fibers.

Stronger elastic fibers equal more tension which equals a higher vertical.


If you don’t train using special exercises, you end up neglecting them…

That’s why you can work SO hard but never see any results in your jump height…

I wanted to find the best approach to gain the most inches on your vertical jump In the shortest period of time possible.

I even got a Professional Strength and Conditioning Certification in the process… that’s how deep I was into this stuff!

So as you can imagine, this has kind of been my life for the past 10 years…

And I wanted to put it all into an easy to follow plan.

That’s why I’ve spent countless hours compiling everything I’ve ever found on vertical jumping into a downloadable, done-for-you action plan which I’ve named VERT SHOCK.

It’s the only workout plan I know of that can guarantee you a dunk in just under 8 weeks.

And remember you don’t need to buy anything special to use Vert Shock

It can all be done from your home and you don’t even need access to a gym to use it!

Vert Shock is 100% Safe

Don’t let the ‘SHOCK’ part of the title fool you, Vert Shock is not only the most effective way to increase your vertical…

But it’s the safest.

Because inside Vert Shock you are not doing any heavy weight lifting – so it will not stunt your growth.

Think about it, does anyone ever go up for a dunk with dumbbells?

Or ankle weights, or anything like that?


And we want to practice how we play.

Vert Shock is designed to target your MAX vertical jump by activating your ‘elastic fibers’.

So that means no weights or other fancy equipment.

Because remember, weights alone will NOT strengthen your elastic fibers.

But here are the 3 very easy steps that will…

Check it out…


During the first 7 days of Vert Shock you will be introducing your body to the unique movement patterns and exercises of the program.

And I don’t want that to sound intimidating at all…

It’s not hard on your joints… it’s no more demanding than playing in a pick up basketball game or anything else you’ve probably tried.

In fact, it’s probably a lot easier. Remember, we’re going to be working SMART not hard.

Everything I’m going to be introducing you to is centered around unique jumping exercises combined with precise sets and reps.

This first step is called ‘The Pre-Shock’ phase and it’s designed to get your body ready to fly.

You will train 4 days this week for 30 minutes per session.

Even though it is only the beginning, most of our athletes already see a 3–5+ inch gain on their vertical jump in the first 4 days!


Step 2 of Vert Shock training is designed to really push the limits.

Here we ‘shock’ your body into jumping higher than you ever thought possible.

This is where the real magic happens.

You will train on average just 3 days per week…

For a total of 40 minutes per session.

Each of your movements will carefully target those neglected elastic fibers.

It is important that you explode on every jump during this phase of the program…

…this is how you consistently reach your MAX vertical jump velocity and strengthen those elastic fibers.

After these 6 weeks you will be leaping higher than all your friends ever thought possible.


The final phase of the program is the ‘The Post-Shock Phase’.

Think of this as the icing on top…

Where everything your body ‘learned’ in steps 1 and 2 becomes cemented in your muscle memory

Ready to be called on at any time so that you can rise up and throw down massive rim-rocking dunks on command.

You will train 4 days this week for an approx. 30 minutes per session.

We back off the intensity this week and allow your body to unleash a FURY of vertical jump potential.

This is the most exciting time of the program…

You will feel much lighter and springier on your feet…

Your strengthened elastic fibers will make it feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

Welcome to Dunk Life my friend…

Just to recap, Vert Shock can take you from zero to dunking in just under 8 weeks.

And remember it’s the only program of it’s kind…

Because it actually zeroes in on those elastic fibers in your legs…

Which can improve your vertical as much as 9-15+ inches in just a few weeks.

And if you’re ready, I want to send you an access code…

But before I do…

I need you to understand how seriously I take this program.

This isn’t one of those YouTube playlists where you can just watch a few videos… skip a few…

It’s a very clearly scheduled 8-week regimen.

Like I said earlier, this is not a complicated program.

And it’s not that tough (remember – we’re working smart, not hard).

In fact, it takes just over 90 minutes per week to complete.

But – you do need just one thing…

You need to WANT to dunk.

That’s it.  If you can promise me that one thing…

…I can promise to take you to the rim.

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Vert Shock Member SPECIAL (Lifetime Membership + BONUSES) Price

If you sign up for a risk-free trial of VERT SHOCK today, I’ll knock 50% off the listed price.

That means you’ll get instant access to everything inside the VERT SHOCK system.

AND you will get EVERYTHING all for the low, low price of only $67.

Click here to get Vertical Jump Training: Vert Shock

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