Watu PRO Create Quizzes, Exams, and Surveys

Watu PRO WordPress Plugins | Create Quizzes, Exams, And Surveys In Minutes!

Watu PRO for WordPress plugin is Premium WordPress Plugin To Create Exams, Tests and Quizzes!

You can create Quizzes, Exams, and Surveys in Any WordPress Powered Site within few minutes and manage everything from your WordPress admin panel.

Also you can collect contact data and user responses instantly.

What Is WatuPro Plugins?

Watu PRO is a multi-purpose quiz, survey, and exam software. You can use it in education, research, data analysis, contests, competitions, marketing, and to increase users engagement on your site.

Watu PRO is a plugin that runs inside your WordPress-powered site.

Watu PRO is mobile / touch – friendly. It works on all modern desktop and mobile browsers.

No high-level technical knowledge is required.

Here is Watu Pro Quick Getting Started Guide Demo Video:

What Watu Pro Plugins Does?

In One Sentence:

  • The core Watu PRO creates the quizzes and lets you see and manage the user results.
  • The Intelligence module adds smartness by enabling more question types, more flexible controls, and time-saving features.
  • The Reporting module adds charts and data mining features so you and your users can learn more from the submitted information.
  • The Play Plug-in adds gamification to make it all more fun and increase user engagement.

Watu PRO is Easy To Start With, But It Has Several Super-Powers:

  • The most powerful grading system in the WordPress world.
  • Enhanced role management that lets you spread the work on your tests with other participants.
  • Role or group management for quiz takers that allows you to fine-tune access to quizzes and exams.
  • Powerful answer calculation that lets you specify different rules defining how a question is evaluated and what points are awarded.
  • A Reporting module that can generate charts, data stats, and cross tabulation analysis on your surveys.
  • A large selection of free connectors and extra functionality addons: from conditional logic and likert scale maker to WooCommerce integration, PDF support, LMS integration, and bridges to many email marketing services.
  • And a lot more…

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Watu Pro Features List

  • Create and edit unlimited number of quizzes, exams and surveys. If you want to run an exam, you have an option to assign points to each answer. If you prefer a funny quiz, no problem, use the grades as quiz results. Need to run a survey? Assign same grade to all answers but collect the user data! And if you wish, redirect the user to a given URL that depends on their performance.
  • Single-choice, True/False, Multiple-choice (with possible grouping and Flashcards version), and flexible Open-end questions evaluating answers on the fly. You can create any kind of quiz or survey you can imagine. Even more question types are available in the Intelligence module.
  • Calculate quiz result (grade) based on points, percent correct answers, percent of maximum possible points, or performance per question category. WatuPRO offers the most elaborate grading system.
  • Copy quizzes and questions into new or existing quizzes. This way you can reuse your questions and mix them into different tests without the burden of re-creating them.
  • Import questions from CSV files in simple and advanced formats, or from text files in Aiken format.
  • Randomize questions. To avoid cheating you can have questions randomized every time the exam is loaded. The possible answers can also be randomized or be kept in the predefined order.
  • Pull a number of random questions. This way you can have for example 100 questions in the exam but let each user take only 10 or so of them, randomly selected. Or you can pull 2 random questions from each question category.
  • Collect contact details at the beginning or the end of the test. You can do this with or without requiring user registration.
  • Question categories and subcategories. You may want to show your questions grouped by category.
  • Question difficulty levels. Select which difficulty level to be active in a quiz. Limit user’s access per difficuty level. Create difficulty levels unlock criteria so quiz takers can unlock new levels.
  • Quiz categories and user groups. Organize your quizzes and users. You can also limit the access of different user groups user WordPress user roles to different quiz categories.
  • Set timers. Optionally you can limit the time to take an exam.
  • Printable HTML certificates. You can create personalized certificates that will be shown to the user who achieves certain grade. PDF certificates are available using the free PDF Bridge or with DocRaptor account.
  • Continue from the last time. Logged in users can leave exam unfinished and return next day or later. Their answers will still be there so they can finish the exam. This feature is disabled for quizzes with time limit to avoid cheating.
  • Rich text editor and media. Because WatuPRO works inside WordPress, you can use its rich text editor and media gallery to format the questions.
  • Right answer explanation/feedback. Once the user takes the exam, optionally present them explanation about the right answer to some or all questions.
  • Set conditional re-taking of exam – only when selected grade(s) are achieved.
  • Snapshot and table view from user answers. You can see exactly how they answered each question and how many points they got.
  • Export test results to CSV. Makes it easy to run reports from user’s answers. Great for surveys.
  • Send emails. You can have the exam results mailed to your users and to yourself.
  • Calculate cumulative stats from multiple tests and display conditional content based on the total user’s performance on them.
  • Search/filter/sort results. Find results of any exam limiting by email, points, grade, date, username or IP address.
  • Students login. Exam takers can login to see their results and take any other available exams. The same information can also be published with shortcodes.
  • Webhooks / Zapier integration. Send hooks to Zapier or other services. Other types of integration are available through free add-ons.
  • Reorder questions when you want to define the specific order they will be shown to the user.
  • Allow different user roles to manage the exams so you can have a member of your team take care for them without accessing the whole administration.
  • Optional reCaptcha or text-based captcha validation when exam is submitted to prevent spam.
  • Basic leaderboard shortcode to show the top performing users.
  • Question hints. Help your user answer the questions by enabling hints and defining the number of hints the user can use per quiz or per question.
  • Segment-based statistics showing how users of certain segment performed on the test.
  • Social sharing capabilities – you can generate Facebook and Twitter share buttons.
  • A shortcode generator makes creating all kind of quiz-related shortcodes easy.
  • Quiz design themes so you can change the way the quiz looks.
  • Quickly create Likert scale surveys via this free addon
  • Built-in LMS integration to the popular free Namaste! LMS plugin.
  • Send Tin Can / xAPI statements through the WP Experience API plugin. Learn more here.
  • GDPR compliance features
  • Super easy installation. It’s just a WordPress plugin so upload, activate and you are all set.

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Why Choose Watu PRO Over Other Questionnaire Plugins for WordPress?

  • It is frequently updated and always compatible with the latest WordPress versions. See our changelog.
  • We listen to customer’s feedback. Many of our features have been developed in response to user requests.
  • For more than 15 years we build software for education, testing, analyzing and collecting user data. As a result of this experience WatuPRO is probably the most versatile WordPress plugin in this space.
  • More than 4,200 customers trust us. Have a look at some client showcases and follow their success.
  • Priority support that never lets you down.

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Watu Pro WordPress plugin Modules

Watu Pro quiz plugin comes with 3 different premium modules for your different need:

You can separately purchase them as per your requirements.(Optional)

Watu Pro Intelligence Module

Watu Pro Intelligence Module priced at $47.

This module add Multiple Intelligent Features to Watu PRO like:

  • Multi-user management lets you allow teachers manage their own exams and certificates, or view all of them (per-role setting).
  • Create Personality quizzes where each answer is directly matched to the result. Here is a guide.
  • Create Myers-Briggs tests – a specific type of personality quizzes. Learn how.
  • Charge users to take a quiz or access a bundle of quizzes. Instant payment notifications with Paypal and Stripe are integrated. You can also add any other payment button code or manual payment instructions. You can also charge through WooCommerce using our free WooCommerce bridge.
  • Charge users for issuing certificates. This way you can have the users take the test for free but charge for issuing a special certificate or even include the quiz results in the certificate only – this essentially makes it a “charge to see results” quiz.
  • Let test takers choose a number of random questions to answer (global for the quiz or per category), or pull questions based on keywords.
  • Dependencies let you restrict access to a given test until the student has submitted other exam(s) achieving a given number of points.
  • Question banks: reuse questions from other tests. Questions are reused on the fly. The idea is that you can, at the same time, use one set of questions on different exams with different settings.
  • “Fill the gaps” questions. These questions are very popular in education, and not only. They let you present a text with gaps that should be filled by the end user. Check the Basic Exam demo to get a better idea about them – one of the questions there is “Fill the gaps” question. You can define multiple correct answers for each gap. You can also turn gaps into drop-down selectors.
  • “Sort the values” question type. Displays nice drag & drop sortable element on the page. The values are presented in random order and the user has to match the original order.
  • “Match / Matrix” questions. This question type generates a table and lets the user drag and drop answers to the cells in the right column so they match the values in the left column.
  • Slider / Rating questions. Outputs a slider that lets the user choose numeric value. You can set possible from-to values and assign points to them.
  • Manually edit submitted exam results. You can change points, mark questions as correct, and recalculate grades and certificates to already submitted tests.
  • Set minimum interval of time that should elapse before user can re-submit a test.
  • Advanced quiz settings let you fine-tune the behavior of correct/incorrect marks, the paginator colors, advanced question randomization, and more.
  • Run test in practice mode so users can train their skills without getting grades. These exams show the answers immediately after the question.

Watu Pro Reporting Module

Watu Pro Reporting Module priced at $37.

This module enhanced reports for your users like:

  • All time overview with a pie chart showing the number of tests attempted, certificates earned, skills practiced, and how they distribute by test category.
  • Full history of all test attempts with time spent, problems solved and results.
  • Skills/Categories report showing your users how they perform by test category and question category. The reports can be filtered by given percentage of proficiency and spreads up nicely by question category.
  • Usage summary and log with a bar chart showing number of tests attempted for every of last 12 months.
  • The reporting module is the ultimate addition for all kind of learning, education, and training sites. It will keep your users eager to come back and improve their skills.
  • Cumulative stats per question that show you how many users and what % of them selected each answer in each question. It also shows the number and percentage of correct answers to each question in the selected test.
  • Cross tabulation analysis which make Watu PRO perfect for running surveys.
  • View all answers on every question and export the answers to a CSV spreadsheet.
  • Pie chart by grade lets you have a quick look on how users perform on a given test. The chart can be published with a shortcode.
  • Pie chart on the front-end lets you show how user performed in each question category in their quiz attempt
  • And more pie charts and bar charts!
  • Plenty of shortcodes to display category stats, totals etc.
  • Google Analytics event tracking for starting and completing tests.

Watu Pro Play Plugin

Watu Pro Play Plugin priced at $37.

This module add game element and increase participation in your quizzes.

The Play Plugin for Watu PRO adds gamification element to your system like :

  • Enhanced configurable leaderboards. The Play Plugin for Watu PRO lets you create all kinds of leaderboards – global, per quiz category, per question category, or just for a single quiz.
  • More shortcodes. Shortcodes displaying user level, user badges, user points balance, reward items list.
  • Assign user levels. Levels can be assigned to your users upon achieving a number of points, % correct answers, completing all tests from a category, etc. For example you can create levels like “Newbie”, “Advanced user”, “Wizard” etc to encourage participation in your site.
  • Let users earn badges for total points collected, number of quizzes completed, etc.
  • Levels and badges get automatically assigned when the user achieves their requirements.
  • Manage Reward Items list to even further encourage the users to take quizzes. Reward items can be tangible or virtual and can be redeemed for points that users earn when taking exams. Learn how this works.
  • Get notified when a user gains a new level, earned a badge, or redeems a reward item so you can get in touch about delivery.
  • History of redeemed rewards so you can track who redeemed what and which items have been delivered.
  • Buy access to paid exams with points earned. Intelligence module also required.
  • Display bar charts on the “Final screen” showing how other users performed on the same quiz.
  • Earn points by doing various actions: logging in, posting comments, clicking on links.
  • Namaste! LMS integration: leaderboards can be limited to students enrolled / started a specific course, module, and/or lesson.

Watu PRO Plugin Price

Watu Pro comes in 3 different price package:

  1. WatuPRO – There will be a single charge of $47 and no monthly fees.
  2. WatuPRO + “Intelligence” Module – There will be a single charge of $87 and no monthly fees.
  3. WatuPRO Full Bundle – There will be a single charge of $137 and no monthly fees.
Watu Pro wordpress plugin price
Watu Pro wordpress plugin price

All products are instantly delivered after purchase.

All sales include:

  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year free upgrades
  • Open source code
  • UNLIMITED Sites License For Your Domains
  • Localization Ready
  • Lifetime license
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

This product comes with 60 days money back guarantee.. so If you are unhappy with the purchased plugins you can contact within 60 days from your purchase to request refund. and you will get refunded 100% of your paid amount!

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