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The Wealth Compass | Reprogram Your Subconscious For Unlimited Abundance!

The Wealth Compass – Can this weird sound frequency Reprogram Your Subconscious For Unlimited Abundance ?

The Secret How To Discover The Unlimited Abundance and have everything Helps you rewrite the limiting and negative conditioning, programmed into your subconscious without you having to learn, anything.

In today’s fast-paced world, we juggle hectic lifestyles and irregular schedules, which completely turn our lives haywire. That is exactly what happened to me – before I realized what was happening, I was buried in unpaid bills and my bank account was in dire straits.

A friend told me about the concept of “natural state of abundance” and the Wealth Compass program, and how it could help me land on my feet. I was skeptical, but once I tried it, the benefits were significant and allowed me to make much-needed changes in life.

This morning when I woke up, I felt a change pulsating through my veins – I could literally experience it coursing through my body. Everything around me felt positively charged and I began to see things from a different perspective.

This has been made possible due to unlimited abundance in my life, an aspect that I recently recognized and embraced thanks to the Wealth Compass course.

The Wealth Compass Banner
The Wealth Compass abundance banner

Finding my natural abundance

I hated history in school. From early on, my history grades were always the worst. On the other hand I loved to read, so I did well in his English classes and loved classic literature. I couldn’t tell you details about World War I, but I could remember a historical fact if it interested me. That is when I realized, that if I am interested in a particular subject, then my mental abilities are automatically engaged. The key to my abundance lies in my interests!

Trying not to attract scarcity

If your nature is a begrudging one and you are convinced that you are doomed to a life of scarcity guess what you will attract? You will attract only more scarcity with a side helping of doom and gloom. I made this mistake and learned the hard way! Who would you want to work with or spend your money with, the person that is cheerful and thinks abundantly or the person that thinks there isn’t enough to go around spreads doom and gloom and barks at anyone that suggests the sun might shine?

What is abundance?

The abundance is a state of consciousness, an overflowing fullness regardless of how little you may have. To clearly understand and define the difference between the paucity and prosperity of spirit, you need to reflect on one’s thoughts and actions on a moment-by-moment basis. Self-loathing is a strict no-no when it comes to abundance.

How to find abundance?

I looked for my abundance by starting with interests and hobbies. For instance, you could make a very good living mining your desire to assist people by helping them find the exact thing they are looking for through sales. Let Wealth Compass guide you on how to “live abundantly” and thus attract abundance. It is important to believe in an abundant universe as it paves the way forward.
After Wealth Compass, I sincerely believe there is no scarcity in the universe, and that it only exists in our thinking, which in turn creates scarcity in our personal wealth. I realized that I have to change my thinking, which would affect actions, and consequently bring about desired results – thankfully I did and I am happier and more financially secure at the same time.

What is it about?

Self-respect and a sense of deserving, play an integral role in igniting and sustaining abundance. If you believe that you deserve something, you will very quickly attract a lot of what you long for. If however, your unworthiness overshadows your wants then you could be waiting forever.

I was astounded to know about my self-worth, which helped me to believe in myself. It inspired me to take charge, rather than asking – why me, and then playing the victim. Thoughts of scarcity would have made me needier, so even if I had everything, there will be emptiness on physical, emotional, and social levels.

While being financially secure does bring forth a state of abundance, it isn’t the sole aspect of it. Abundance means giving your last morsel and trusting there will be enough for you. Abundance means a big heart, a generosity of spirit; not counting or calculating.

With Abundance, you can have everything …

  • The Money…
  • The Freedom…
  • The Love…
  • The Health…
  • The Lifestyle……of your dreams and fantasies;
The Wealth Compass abundance banner
The Wealth Compass abundance banner

What is Wealth Compass?

The Wealth Compass Program is unlike anything else in the self-development marketplace. Because I’m not trying to help you “learn” how to manifest, anything. Far from it. You’ve been automatically manifesting your reality since…well… forever. Your subconscious has been pulling those strings… Without your knowledge… And frankly… Without your consent. Isn’t it time to change that?

The Wealth Compass introduces the revolutionary “Law of Attention”.

The Law of Attention will teach you to intentionally, quickly and easily access Your Natural State of Abundance… so you can FINALLY live the life of your dreams.

Using the highest quality guided meditations and scientifically-based brainwave entrainment…

The Wealth Compass will help you erase the old stories of scarcity and limitation…

And re-write a NEW story of Unlimited Abundance.

Learn Secret How To Discover The Unlimited Abundance and have everything Helps you rewrite the limiting and negative conditioning, programmed into your subconscious without you having to learn, anything.

>>>> this weird sound frequency Reprogram Your Subconscious For Unlimited Abundance ? (With NO effort at all…)

The Wealth Compass Program | How Does This Work?

Now, there is a structure to The Wealth Compass Program.

Each track is meant to be listened to once-a-day… For a week… Over 4 weeks;

One track for every direction of your life’s new compass. This allows the Theta tones to open up your subconscious… And give each track time to integrate into your conditioning… And rewrite your OLD STORY about scarcity and limitation.

And here’s why honoring the structure of the tracks is so important: You CAN’T Wake Up From The Dream… Until you first develop a relationship with your Natural State. Because you CAN’T tell the Truth about what’s REALLY possible, for you… And easily allow IN your Natural State… Until you have a relationship with it, first.

Of course, if you’re like how I was… When I first discovered this stuff…

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What’s Inside?

You’re going to want more guidance… Which is totally normal… And quite frankly… Healthy. Because there’s never any reason you should do something alone… That you’ve never done before. Now, I have a saying… And it helps me NOT get lost in my OLD STORY. The saying is: Results don’t lie. In other words… You, your conditioning… and your subconscious mind… Created what you are, do, and have… Right now.

Here are the four tracks that will help you develop, nurture, and empower your conscious-ATTENTION… instead of LETTING the past… determine YOUR future.

The Wealth Compass Program Includes:

  • Track 1: Your Natural State
  • Track 2: Feed the Good Wolf
  • Track 3: Waking Up from the Dream
  • Track 4: Celebrating Your Dream

By the end of your first week alone… You’ll be armed with the real-world TOOLS to quickly… and effortlessly…Stand toe-to-toe with your OLD STORY.

The conditioning that has tragically tricked you into giving away YOUR power… To YOUR creation. You’ll see through the illusion… And start telling the Truth about “reality” throughout the course of each and every day. And rather than giving your power away… Like when you get an unexpected bill…

You’ll SEE the opportunity to ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR POWER… And dissolve the limitation. And most importantly… For what might be the first time in your life… You’ll witness the magic and superpowers… You’ve always had at your disposal. And every time you SEE this magic… It’ll help you LET GO of your OLD STORY… And empty your backpack enough… For your NEW STORY to capture your full, and undivided attention. And…

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The Wealth Compass Bonuses

Plus, you get free bonus:

  • Bonus #1: “How To Become The Leader of Your Attention” (Video Training)
  • Bonus #2: The Wealth Compass E-Book
  • Bonus #3: The Wealth Compass Printable Attention Tracker
  • Bonus #4: The Wealth Compass Inner Circle

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Our Conclusion

Here are some pointers that I found to be useful, while embarking on this amazing journey:

  • Don’t focus solely on the literal expression of abundance, i.e. money, big ticket items. Yes, Wealth Compass does improve your financial situation over time, but qualifying the worth of something solely through a monetary filter will often keep you from the experience of feeling abundant. That is why I focused on what it means to be receptive to goodness and abundance in your life.
  • I decided my own limits – once my mind was made up, I felt more at peace and clearly chalked out what I wanted from life. It doesn’t mean you have to zero in on a scarcity mentality though.
  • Steer clear from media definitions and others definitions of what you need to be happy. The bigger, better, faster more crowds definition often is one based on entitlement and comparison more than a true connection with what makes you (and only you can know) happy.
  • Practice daily gratitude for what you do have, remind yourself regularly and daily of these overflowing non-conditional goodness in your life.
  • When you have feelings of unworthiness don’t ignore them. Instead acknowledge them and make an agreement with your better self to set them aside while you visualize your desires and dreams. To tap into the natural state of abundance it is necessary to overcome those emotions.
  • Your body doesn’t know the difference between imagination and actuality. Feeling it with your five senses and with your heart freely and clearly will help you materialize it in the outside world. Wealth Compass has let me explore this aspect in a wonderful manner.
  • Last but not the least, I make a daily practice of opening to the experience of receiving abundance, so you too should keep an active checklist of what the universe has provided since honoring your practice. The Wealth Compass has allowed me to find “unlimited abundance”, which you can do so as well, by opting for the course at a nominal fee.

>>>> Go ahead and try it!

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